Raw 27/2/12 In Brief!

Still surprised Evan Bourne is in the WWE Intro. Like, to begin with, not just because of legal highs.

Rock/Cena MV package has the Jimmy Hart version of Requiem for a Tower playing over it.

The World Champions Punk and Bryan are being used to build the Long/Ace feud? Oh this company. I’m glad I didn’t watch the SUPER SMACKDOWN SMASHING GREAT.

WWF cool ten years ago: I’m gonna kick your ass because I’m the best!

WWE cool in 2012: I’m better because POLITICS TWITTER INSIDER REFERENCES.

The Punk/Jericho interactions finally built on the existing interest in the match rather than take away from it. There was still too much I ROSE TO THE TOP BECAUSE OF MY SKILL AND OVERCAME BACKSTAGE POLITICS AND TRIPLE H IS A TWAT dialogue, but like the non-stop references to Twitter I’ll just come to accept it.

So it’s Henry Rollins vs. Fozzy at Wrestlemania then. WE’RE GONNA HAVE A TV PARTY TONIGHT (in this very ring).

Bryan/Punk had a credible match but when it’s their third in three weeks and built around everything else BUT Bryan/Punk it was hard to care. If they have The Dynamic Dudes vs. Doom at Wrestlemania, this Ace/Long feud will be worth it. I’ll settle for Kenta Kobashi vs. Norman The Lunatic too.

The photos used for the HHH/Undi match-up are YEARS old. Look at them!

They treat Undi/HHH as a very important match. They have out-of-character/real soundbites from other wrestlers talking about how important it was (they were right, it saved last year’s Wrestlemania being the worst Wrestlemania), but having the out-of-character stuff mid-way during Raw is so jarring, just like whenever they use kayfabe terms or refer to being ”held down” and such. And they have John Cena and The Rock talk about how manly Undi/HHH was! These guys are main eventing Wrestlemania and WWE puts them together? What the hell happened to this company’s organisation skills over the last few months?

Triple threat tag team title match between Swagger/Ziggler vs. Epico/Primo vs. Truth/Kingston was a lot of fun. Team O won and just as I am about to type ”These are a good bunch of people to start building a division with”, Kane comes down and chokeslams a member of each team.

Abridged Michael Cole moment:”Kelly Kelly tweeted *display of twitter message appears on screen* and you can see this Twitter message by ignoring what’s on TV and log onto your computer or iPad or something OOPS never mind the match is over, Kelly Kelly won so don’t bother The Miz vs. John Cena is next.”

What purpose does The Miz serve in 2012? ”I want to go see WWE live and see the guy who talks about being crap and undeserving all the time?”

Jerry Lawler:”That was a great victory for Cena as he was going against a very determined Miz.” Determined? He lost in 4 minutes! This is the absolute main problem with WWE that makes me not care about 90% of their roster. I’ll save it for a later blog/rant though because The Rock is next to be typed about.

Oh wait, Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry (is he still injured? I don’t know what’s real anymore) vs. The Big Show & Sheamus. Cody shows a video of Big Show losing to Floyd Mayweather to mock him and also tries to make WWE look ‘with it’ (Twitter!) by mentioning Mayweather and his fight soon. He then runs away and lets Mark Henry get pinned. Sadly Henry gets pinned in LESS THAN A MINUTE so yes, he must be injured. I know Henry isn’t being pushed as the unstoppable monster anymore but that was still amazingly short-sighted. Maybe I’m biased because I love me some Mark Henry but this company needs jobbers or Ted Dibiase Jr. immediately. At the very least, Rhodes/Big Show should provide some entertainment at Wrestlemania because Rhodes is so damn good right now.

The Rock talks and has the crowd in the palm of his hands (and the back of his wrist).

The Rock is The Fonz and the rest of the Raw roster is…the rest of the characters not named ‘The Fonz’ from Happy Days. His delivery and presence only demonstrates how wooden and fake everybody else sounds.

The Rock says ”babyface”. FOR THE LOVE OF-oh he namedrops Randy Savage and Roddy Piper, s’all good.

John Cena comes out and says he doesn’t need notes on his wrists, making Rock’s muscles swell like a fucking Dragon Ball Z character. Cena then says ”The Rock doesn’t care if this company closes tomorrow.” How is THAT any way to have a feud? ”I’m more of a company man than you”?  All it sounds like is ”My films were less successful than yours.”

Maybe WWE secretly wants the crowd to boo The Rock because ‘he left’ but they don’t seem to realise that most people don’t care, we’re just glad he’s back, making a load of money doing what he loves and still able to be entertaining. Cena wants us to boo him for doing his job? Fat chance.

Also of note: If Rocky was reading notes from a wrist, it must pain Cena to know Rock was still able to deliver his dialogue better than him.


Eve just laughing at Kelly Kelly’s Saved By The Bell-esque acting skills


If you ignore the YOU LEFT, CHEER ME INSTEAD side of it, John Cena was on fire tonight. Especially ”Tweet about that”.

Tag team divison liiiiivveeesss.

CM Punk/Jericho finally confront one another as they should be doing.



Me realising how many CAPITAL LETTERS I use to ILLUSTRATE MY POINT when I am FULL OF TEA.

Only Veterans/Part-Timers/GMs/Tits are getting a push.

The company has their big stars pinned on a weekly basis (Mark Henry, The Miz).


  • Alex Dino

    I think Jericho botched his lines

    • maffew

      Really? How so?

      • bleh

        Also Lauranitis said again WWE In-verse

    • Aubin

      If I recall, Jericho flubbed a word or two, as did CM. But Rock did as well. Nothing botch worthy though.

    • Butterpecs

      If you wanna gather all the extremely minor verbal slip ups that has happened in WWE, go for it, but there are much better things to botch about.

  • Rod Lightning

    I don’t think I understand. What exactly is your opion of Twitter, Maffew?

  • Pól

    John Cena is definitely getting the best of The Rock/Dwayne Johnson/Rocky Maivia every week. Whether that’s the plan or not, I’ve loved seeing it. Cena’s on fire at the minute, and really took The Rock apart this week. I didn’t think they’d get me interested in this match again after the terrible lead up to/execution of Survivor Series, but I’m excited about it again. I would really love the crowd to completely go against the grain and cheer for Ceena, but it’s not going to happen.

    • Aubin

      Yeah, I was watching it the other night and after Cena came down and said what he had to say, Rocky had NOTHING. It was kinda hard to watch. Cena REALLY stuck it to him and Rocky just went through a “I have nothing witty to say so CATCHPHRASE, KICK YOUR ASS, INSULT YOU LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD, KICK YOUR ASS, CATCHPHRASE~!!!!!!!!!!!”

      I don’t know WHO I am cheering for anymore, I don’t even know if I care for that matter.

      • maffew

        These are two very interesting perspectives that are completely different to my own, but appreciate the nonetheless. This site is finally getting debates/arguments, huzzah!

        • Kirkenburger

          Whenever I see you post something showing excitement, I always envision it in your soft spoken, semi-awkward British way of speaking. Never change you bastard.

  • Robnek

    Fucking twatter shite.

  • masked superstar 3


  • Todd

    Uh…just so you know, Cena totally won that verbal exchange.

  • Wiggles

    Lets get MaffewLovesTwitter trending

    • TerranRich

      Oh, and “MaffewLovesTwitter”? *pauses while gesturing with his hand* Trending worldwide!

      Seriously, the pandering was too much to bear.

  • grievousgeorge

    Stop complaining about Long/Ace. It will be five minutes and then we’ll move on to better matches

  • FCT

    Last year’s WM the worst aside from one match?

    I see you and raise you WMIX.

  • Mr. Chopper

    As much as I really, and I mean REALLY, appreciate a Black Flag reference (particularly TV Party, which makes me want to send you my entire government cheese ration for this month), I’ve always thought Punk was more of a dead ringer for Mike Patton. Greasy slicked back hair and all now.

    And you know what, Newcastle? TV PARTY IS TRENDING WORLDWIDE RIGHT NOW.

    • Alan

      lol. yeah. actually, a buddy of mine who is a HUGE Patton fan said he heard an interview where Punk credits his slicked back style to Mike Patton.

      • maffew

        As a Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Fantomas fan, I feel foolish for going with Black Flag. I think my right brain wanted to make the TV Party joke before consulting the left brain. Mike Patton in my mind’s eye will always look like how he did in the video for Epic, so I blame that.

        • MrBungle


        • GenuineFiber

          I am straight, and I would have sex with Mike Patton in Epic.

        • LCS

          It’s ok. I wonder if Michael Cole is going through a year long “Midlife Crisis”

        • N. Gaijin

          Not to mention wrestling already has a dead-ringer for Rollins in Lance Storm.

          Most of the interviews I’ve seen he refers to Gordon Gekko as the primary influence for his hairstyle, but he’s also made mention of Patton on twitter once or twice.

  • Alan

    It’s sad that Punk and Bryan have had 3 matches with each other in 3 weeks and we’re building towards Jericho/Punk and Bryan/Sheamus… I mean, shit, with 3 great matches with mostly controversial endings, it really seems like they’d be building up to something interesting, like Punk vs Bryan to unify the fucking titles just like I thought they should’ve been doing since TLC. But instead they’re building Long/Ace, which will probably be more of a Santino/Otunga match.

    Cena’s been in top form on the mic lately, and Rock has been as disappointing as the year long buildup itself. I find myself torn between do I cheer for Cena (who I despise) because he’s ripping the Rock for being an old has-been movie star, or do I cheer for Rock because I hate Cena even though Cena’s been owning him…. then I remember that I really don’t give a damn about Cena/Rock because it’s two guys I’ve never really cared for facing off in a match that’s basically another permutation of Rock/Hogan (or even HBK/Hogan). No thanks, I’d rather pay attention to guys with a future who don’t already have more attention than they deserve.

    • UMO_Grunt

      With future endeavoring and ragequits happening at a alarming pace and for various reasons who can you say does have a future?

  • Rafamills

    Luckily, being there live, I didn’t hear all the twitter talk (other than when they mention it on the mic).

    I felt like an idiot though when I realized the camera was on me during the Rock’s promo. While I was texting.

    • TerranRich

      FOR SHAME!

      Oh, and “FOR SHAME”… trending worldwide right now!

  • Samuel

    So I am supposed to get behind watching Cody Rhodes fight because he… runs away from fights? They had the same logic with the Barrett Garage. Dusty should be slapping his child upside the head for agreeing to do that shit. What a threat to the Big Show, it’s… a guy who runs away from him!

    Twitter mentions suck, suck, suck. It can never be said enough.

    Another reason to show why Cole sucks, not just as a heel but in general: “Or like Ali versus Frazer!” and King telling him he was a moron.

    • Scott

      Would it be believable for Rhodes to stand up and fight the Big Show straight up?!?

      • Samuel

        Could he not try to use his superior heel smarts to trick an advantage? As opposed to running away or running into a giant.

        • UMO_Grunt

          Do like Hogan at Hog Wild and get Big show distracted them clobber him with the IC title?

  • crazyacea

    Oh lawdy this RAW.

    I really loved the Jericho Punk segment. Besides a few fuckups they really did what WWE has failed to do recently, have a promo which builds on a feud well without resorting to any crazy/stupid matches or dialouge that is more complex than “I dislike you for X reason” “I also dislike you for Y reason” “lets fight!”.

    I agree that Cody Rhodes is looking good, and that the three tag teams we saw on RAW could work towards making the titles matter again.

    The Rock huh. Now this is coming from someone who never rated the Rock too highly and has disliked Super Cena for a while: The Rock was exactly how I expected him to be – his old self, only worse.

    When you try and hype up the crowdy Rocky style, you’ve gotta look badass (and not only to the crowd, but to the people at home). The Rock had nothing to say in his promo, lets face it, Cena’s dig at the people champ last week was actually pretty good – but when you try to come back to that with ‘I didn’t mean it literally, you guys still love me right!? This is my home’ it just felt a little bland.

    The Twitter thing was nice at first, all ‘hey cool I can talk to my favourite superstars!’ Hell I even got Twitter for WWE (like the sellout I am). However when a majority of Dwayne’s promo was just ‘Cena sucks lol, KUNG POW CHICKEN LETS GET THIS TRENDING, tweet tweet did I mention Cena sucks can you SMEEEEE-‘etc, I could really smell the flaws that people point out about WWE nowadays.

    If you’d had showed me the past 2 episodes of RAW having never watched it before in my life, I would have sided with Cena in an instant. I dunno what to think.

    • GugoBYW

      I agree 100%.

  • Benn

    More than once last night I kept asking myself if they were really just going to do a month long promo to limp into Mania. It was nice finally seeing the “best in the world” take on the Punk/Jericho match. I have no idea if Kane is going to just start destroying the midcard again, or shit all over the tag division, or what. Maybe I’m an attitude era oldguard, or maybe I’m right, but I am completely for the Rock right now. Cena’s impish “I’m about to misbehave” smile on his way to the ring was enough to make me wanna throw stuff.

  • Croc

    I suppose they can get by with using an old photo of the Undertaker until he debuts his “Red Bubble” look at Wrestlemania. If WWE really wanted the fans to boo Rock, they would probably have him brag about how much bigger he is than the WWE and the fans. Even then, most would still probably cheer him over Cena. Love reading your blogs Maffew.

  • crazyacea

    Also. Jericho did botch in his promo. A few times, but the best one being:

    “Standing infront of you, is the literal, UNDESERVED, undoubted, best in the world, at everything I do.”


    See 11:40.

    • Samuel

      i thought i heared that! thank you!

  • Chris C

    All this breaking Kayfabe recently has been pretty obnoxious. It’s like Russo is secretly writing for them.

    • I feel like CM Punk’s worked shoot over the summer is responsible for WWE Creative thinking that it is okay to break kayfabe.

  • Ryyu

    Rock Didn’t impress me tonight, fuck all that Words on his wrist thing thats so far from important its not funny, just that he repeated a hell of a lot of what hes been saying for a while now, Most of his promos are just getting the crowd to chant one liners and catch phrases, Compared to this time last year hes way, WAY down, especially if this was ment to be in retort to Cena’s very good promo last week, If rock had cut that promo 14 years ago he would have been crucified. He needs to cut the stupid fucking jokes and get serious, at least Cena or who ever is writing for him has realised that a promo of one liners and just saying bitch and making the crowd chant naughty words does not a promo make. IWe want WM 17 Rock back, not the Tooth Fairy Rock.

    Mind, neither one of them is really doing good, they are both just burying each other and trying to make the other look stupid, which does fuck all to help either of them, Punk and Jericho/HHH and Taker make it sound like two massive wrestlers were clashing to prove themselves the best, Rock and Cena are making it look like which one of them is the biggest bitch. SS proved that you CAN fuck up a Rock build, making the opponent look like trash turns people off, they dont want to see a nobody fight someone they like, or to give it its full name “a Lesnar/Hardcore holly match”. Can’t they come out and cut promos on why they will WIN A WRESTLING MATCH and HOW THEY ARE A BETTER WRESTLER THAN THE OTHER and get off this Insider/Twitter arsery and build the personal beef two people who will wrestle each other, I keep having to remind myself this is a match and not a Debate with a vote at the end of it.

    Mind, ill still buy it, Im weak and want to see the EPIC Kelly Kelly vs Eve match which will likely herald the end of the world.

  • Trey

    “The company has their big stars pinned on a weekly basis (Mark Henry, The Miz)”

    Wait…..Miz is a star?

    • MrCharm69

      Tony Chimel: “No, not a star, a WWE SUUUUUUUUUPERSTAR!”

  • MrEvilPiggy

    The Rock’s promo Notes were on the inside of his left Wrist, not the outside of his right as the article implies

    As seen here – http://www.wzronline.com/photos/photos-the-rocks-wrist-from-raw-last-night.html

    Cena has got the best of Rock here, Rocky fumbled his way through the rest of his promo after Cena left, other than that, i agree with the article, oh and did anyone notice how out of date those sit down interviews were for the Taker/HHH video (Punk’s T-Shirt, Cena’s Shirt etc).

    • Steve

      Someone pointed out how mad Rocky was, and anyone who has seen him act knows he doesn’t have that range. Seemed genuinely mad, and it showed afterwards.

  • Ted

    “Also of note: If Rocky was reading notes from a wrist, it must pain Cena to know Rock was still able to deliver his dialogue better than him.” I agree with you there Maffew, I rather watch Rock’s promo over any of Cena’s promo any day IMO, i find Cena just unbearable, I’m looking forward to Punk V Jericho.

  • WalterKovacs

    While the entire Smackdown live show was basically worthless, the Bryan/Punk match at the end was the best of the three, as they actually gave it time. While it was ‘used’ to further the Long/Ace story, in that case, it was more that the Long/Ace story was used as an excuse to have a non-finish in a champ vs. champ match. Which, is historically what happens. Most old school unification matches would end in contraversy so that no one goes over, but both sides look good and a good match was had. If nothing else, they have hopefully given people an appetite for a legit feud between the two after Wrestlemania when one of them will likely have dropped the belt (Bryan), and then the draft can put them on the same show (as if they even need that as an excuse).

    • Steve

      I agree about the Smackdown being the best of the three. The two biggest problems I had with the Raw match, besides those stated in the article, were how they kept switching over to a camera shot of the god damn announcer tables while the match was happening and that there were two commercial breaks during the match.

  • K d and coke


    • TerranRich

      We comin’ for YOU, nigga… Su-per Dra-gon… Jeff Harvey… How much does this guy weight? HA HA HA… Wanna play 21? FAKKIN’… *whooooommm*

      Sorry, every time I hear one of the quotes in the Botchamania intro, my intro obsessively has to finish it to the end.

      • TerranRich

        My mind*. Ugh, long day.

      • CMfunk

        you forgot nash’s “play” after HA HA HA 😛 but i agree. i do the same thing

        • TerranRich

          Ah, that’s what he says. Where is that from, and why is that in there?

  • WeezeL365

    Everything Maffew said as well as what everyone else has said in the previous comments is right… but what *I* want to know is, specifically since Jericho is saying it now in addition to Undertaker and HHH: What the hell is up with these guys saying that they’re “the last of an era, the end of a generation, the last of a dying breed”?
    Yeah, we KNOW the Attitude Era is over. It’s BEEN over. In a way, that’s s’posed to be a GOOD thing. Instead of working with each other, you should be passing torches on to younger talent. At least Jericho is going to be working with CM Punk, but ya listen to that promo Jericho cuts, he says he was “one of a select few” who went out around the world and honed his craft well before coming to the WWE…
    . . . WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK CM PUNK AND DANIEL BRYAN DANIELSON ARE?!? That’s exactly what they’ve done for the past 12 years!

    #hypocrisy trending worldwide

    • Bryan and Punk don’t smash their noses on tables nor try to keep kayfabe alive since they’re always making references to wrestler’s personal lives.

      You tell me when the Attitude Era wrestlers got over by saying “hey, I use the internet, and I know a lot of IRL dirt on this guy”.

    • WalterKovacs

      In Jericho’s case, he’s talking about how he went through territories, wrestling in Canada, Mexico, Japan, ECW, WCW, etc. Most of the people now either come up through development (Rock, Cena, Orton, etc) or they have been around the Indies (Punk and Bryan). But the indies aren’t like the ‘old days’ of a bunch of seperate terratories where you need to learn a whole new style to fit in every time you move. The learning opportunities for wrestlers have changed. Vince has more or less destroyed the old system which used to exist which would allow people to build themselves up so that when they get to the WWF they are ‘ready’ more or less. Now, they either get picked up and thrown into development, get debut’ed too early, and all seem more or less the same and a bit green, or they get scooped up out of the indies, and they try to force them to go into the same WWE style the development guys do. There are some exceptions, as Japan and Mexico still have their terratories, but it’s no longer mandatory that someone work their way around and hone their skills before being called up, now they just have to get signed to a developmental deal.

      Now, Jericho’s complaints are in part a work, the problem won’t be solved by complaining about it, but instead for veterans like Jericho to teach these young’ins from his own experience. If you can’t give them the experiences that lead to your knowledge, you can at least try and pass on that hard earned knowledge and hope they can still implement it.

    • UMO_Grunt

      Jericho’s comment that they’re the last of a dying breed probably stems from the fact that Jericho,Triple H,Undertaker,Big Show & Mark Henry are the longest tenured superstars that still wrestle for the company.

      As for working with new talent you clearly have a selective memory Jericho,Triple H,& Undertaker have worked with and put over new talent numerous time. Triple H & Taker don’t
      have to pass the torch when they’ve already done that a long time ago.

      As for what Daniel Bryan & Punk are? Two guys who are only relevant due to circumstance and nothing else if we’re splitting hairs.

  • It’s sad that even when Cena owned The Rock face to face, that ownage was overshadowed when Rock pointed out the obvious. Cena always talks shit but never makes his words into action. For example, calling out The Rock via a UK radio talk show that nobody here in the States gives a shit about, possibly not even the British living here.

    It’s sad how Cena can be so proud of instigating a man who gave it all to a company that competed with another who had Hogan and the nWo. Cena will do anything to get the people emote negative feelings towards Rock but like you said Maffew, it doesn’t matter if Rock stayed or not, because Rock’s job is to ENTERTAIN, and unless I’m wrong, wrestling is a sport-like physical form of ENTERTAINMENT.

    • UMO_Grunt

      Rock instigated this feud year’s ago when he talked shit about Cena at the HOF ceremony I find it funny that people seem to be eschewing the idea the Cena’s wrong to push back against the Rock even when he makes legit criticisms against Rock. But conveniently go silent against the BS Rock says about Cena even when most of what he says borders on childish or plain bullshit.

      • http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/wrestling/849554/John-Cena-blasts-former-WWE-champion-The-Rock-for-focusing-on-Hollywood-rather-than-his-fans.html

        Check the date. It was from March 13, 2008.

        What date was Wrestlemania held in? Oh, that’s right, the 30! And the 29th held the HOF ceremony where Rock made a remark about Cena.

        Don’t try to degrade Rock when Cena’s the childish asshole who wants to provoke The Rock (or Dwayne, whatever people call him nowadays) to get back at him simply because Rock’s not interested in wrestling anymore, especially facing (and probably hired to lose to) a moronic man-child like Cena.

        • UMO_Grunt

          Yeah Cena’s the man child who comes up with such childish and juvenile insults like frutiy pebbles and Kung-Pow bitch. Hating Cena is one thing kissing Rock’s ass is another and also stupid. If anybody’s degrading anybody it’s you degrading Cena all for the enviable prize of kissing Rock’s muscularly toned ass.

  • WWE puts so much time, effort and television into promoting Twitter, and why? They aren’t making any money off of it… it’s just a bunch of fans tweeting back and forth to each other. When they show up at #1 for the week, who outside of the company and it’s fan base gives a shit? They must think some random 16 year old girl is sitting there going “Damn, this WWE stuff is popular on Twitter… I should invest four hours a week, plus $60 cash a month into watching it!” That’s sad, because I can guarantee that isn’t happening. No one is watching professional fucking wrestling because it’s #1 on Twitter for the week of February 26th. They aren’t watching it because one of their talents is featured on TMZ, either, or because Chris Brown says something about one of them, or because one of them is in the #1 movie in the world… Christ, you’d think the ass load that WCW spent to promote itself all over the place, all while hemorrhaging money, would teach tell these idiots something.

    Now TNA (I say “now” but really, this has been going on for a while) is riding Twitter’s dick, just because WWE is doing it. Surely they must KNOW that WWE is going to be more popular than them on Twitter, so why purposely compete in a battle you can’t win?! *rips out hair* If you must ride the social media bandwagon, why not go to Facebook? Aside from the fact that Facebook has obvious advantages over Twitter, it’s like WWE selling out Madison Square Garden and TNA trying to do the same. Meanwhile a bunch of hungry fans sit inside the Staples Center having no attention paid to them and no fuck given about them.

    • WalterKovacs

      I do think there is some logic to the Twitter thing.

      Twitter is, in a sense, the new ‘water cooler’. While during the Monday Night Wars, people felt they HAD to watch the shows live (either flipping back and forth, or watch one, tape the other) so that they could talk about it with their friends the next day … Twitter creates a similar situation. The only way to really understand the context of tweets about a live show is to be watching along. So, it could concievably be a way of trying to create a desire to watch it live instead of DVR’ing, or streaming, or just reading the spoilers. It won’t bring in new viewers, but it could push people who do watch anyway, to do so live and maybe more often.

      I don’t know if there is any way to gague that success, but I could see that as being the twisted logic behind it. Get people on twitter talking about the show as it happens, and it creates a sort of social drive to watch the show live, and thus help ratings (if you are a Neilson house) and get additional chances to hook you with the show itself, push merch, PPVs, etc.

      • Samuel

        WK – The problem with the Twitter watercooler thing is that it won’t create an immediate spike. If done wrong, it attracts no new viewers. If done right, it will slowly seep into the system and more people will slowly start to get intrigued by a friends tweet one week, wonder why this is trending the week after, see one more friend get excited by another thing the week after that, maybe check out the show on the 4th week and from there maybe WWE hook them in, maybe they don’t usually sit down to watch TV on a Monday, maybe they just pay more attention to a wrestling fan friends tweets for the week or two after that and then maybe they watch again on the 7th week and oh that cliff hanger was actually pretty interesting, I wonder where they are going with it and they check it out the 8th week…

        WWE Attitude was so much better than WCW/NWO for about a years worth of television before they caught up in the ratings war. They need to remember this. They need to remember that people don’t just turn on and instantly become fans, hell people don’t just turn on in the first place – they have a hell of a stigma of ‘what they perceive wrestling to be’ before they even turn on that one time. But they need to make talking to your friends about it cool again (which they can’t do with MICHAEL TRENDING TRENDING TRENDING COLE) and hopefully start to see the trickle in, coming to see legit human guys like Punk or Bryan to watch and be interested in.

        • UMO_Grunt

          Replacing Micheal “Trending Trending Trending Worldwide” Cole

          with The Rock/Dwayne Johnson and your cooking with gas.

          Jesus Christ Rock hyping twitter trending got tired fast.

    • Samuel

      A quick history lesson.

      Dave Lagana, now head of creative at TNA, was a producer at ROH about a year and a half ago. During this time, he started a podcast called I Want Wrestling in which he’d chat to former WWE writers (he was one for most of the 00s) and more importantly, started the hash tag #iwantwrestling. It caught on, first with pissed off wrestling fans and then just with wrestling fans. It was a hashtag that wasn’t going to take WWE’s bullshit and but also highlighted the good stuff. If you still search #iwantwrestling on a Monday night instead of #WWE or #RAW then you can see a hell of a difference between wit and understanding of wrestling fans. It actually encouraged a lot of people back into wrestling (it was never going to be for new fans, twitter can only have the scope of people who, for example, enjoyed Royal Rumbles when they were ten, saw one coming up and decide they’d watch and read twitter at the same time, using twitter as an easy guide as to keeping up with storyline.)

      And then WWE jumped the bandwagon. And Lagana got the TNA gig, folding up the podcast. And now it seems that the majority of the tweets I see on a Monday are “OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT TWITTER I DONT CARE WHATS TRENDING I JUST CARE ABOUT JOKING AND ENJOYING RAW WITH OTHER LIKE-MINDED FANS”. I think we can still get back to that stage, or some sort of mutated version of it.

      The main problem then, is that the WWE think there is money to be made in fans enjoyment of twitter but don’t know how to grasp it. As WalterKovacs suggests, it is the water-cooler effect. My suggestion would be to stop making it uncool: Stop the commentators ever talking about it and have honest twit stats/announcements come up on screen i.e. no-one gives a fuck if Kelly Kelly is trending, but if #PissBreak is trending at the same time… Michael Cole only ever trends for ‘bad heat’, so instead of putting his name up, why not put #ShutUpCole instead. Graphics have got to the point where they are better than ever: why ruin a match spending forever talking about an announcement or twitter when you could be calling a match and you could instead have a graphic roll across the bottom of the screen?

      The way to encourage people to do this and still keep it cool is subtlety. That means no Michael Cole. If they want to bury something, give it to Michael Cole and ask him to pretend its cool. But WWE doesn’t usually do subtlety well…

      On the other hand, Lagana did twitter right the first time, I trust him to do it again at TNA.

      • UMO_Grunt

        “If WWE wants to bury something, have Micheal Cole pretend it’s cool”

        Seriously what is it with anti Cole marks and bad logic.

  • Sei

    Rock got owned last night. He couldn’t remember anything as cena was leaving lol.

  • aldo montana

    So I’m gonna watch a Kenta Kobashi match instead of Raw next week, all the major Wrestlemania matches are set into motion now, and even if the Rock shows up next week hes just going to talk nonsense and homophobic slurs.

    Any outside the box suggestions on which match?

    • And you expect Cena to not do the same?….

      Oh wait, that’s right, the whole GLAAD scandal.

  • Adam

    I’m sure glad to see kane back to his roots…kicking everyone’s ass for no reason. Kind of stupid how they ended the embrace the hate angle so abruptly, but it really was just an excuse for kane to mess people up. Love it. And as for the Rock getting owned, I really don’t see it. Maybe I just hate Cena so much that I can’t appreciate anything his says, but when he reverts to his tough guy accent, he exemplifies his phoniness and proves the Rock right. At the end of the day, this match isn’t going to live up to the hype because neither of these guys can carry the other.

  • shaqsonville

    Ha! Ace fell on his arse! Best bump he’s ever done


    Apparently, according to the dirtsheets, Rock’s promo was supposed to be inferior to John Cena’s, like a handicapping system to help Cena get the upper hand for Mania.

    • Pól

      I heard that, but I really doubt it. It’s like a little kid losing a game, throwing a fit, and saying “yeah, well…I let you win anyway!”

  • lk6

    It seems that the WWE know they fucked up with this feud (especially with Survivor Series execution/ending) and now they’re booking Cena to balance things. (just like JAYZUZ said)

    When he came out during Rock’s promo, I went Booker T “OOOOOHHHHH MAAAAAH GOOOOOODNESS” and expected a fight or some intense debate… but he simply said some shit and left. What?!

    Also, how the fuck did Cena know Rock had shit written on his wrist?

    • N. Gaijin

      It wasn’t particularly well-hidden, before Cena came out I caught myself rubbing my eyes a couple times wondering if The Rock had gotten a new tattoo (that’s not a joke, I was honestly wondering what the hell that was on his wrist).

      • I actually thought he was doing the Stone Cold “looking at my watch” thing. I didn’t know that he had something written on his wrist.

        But then again, we will never know what exactly was written on his wrist. Maybe it was the basic material that reminded him what to say about Cena. Or maybe he scribbled something that timed Cena coming out to confront him.

        but after all, it’s wrestling, scripted before aired. It could be that Rock scribbled something random per the storyline and have Cena point it out. Since Rock’s an A-list actor, that “genuine angry look” that people keep pointing out is how he sold the reaction.

    • UMO_Grunt

      Why have Cena and Rock brawl live with Wrestlemania a full month down the road. You usually do stuff like that the week before the big PPV not a month.

  • N. Gaijin

    No surprise, I’m with Pol, Aubin, and Ryyu on The Rock/Cena promo.

    I’m wondering if the reason Cena’s looking so much better to me in these promos has more to do with how poorly Dwayne’s been doing. Until recently, no matter what Cena has said to The Rock, he still comes out and says pretty much the same thing he always does (I’m better because of the people/The people like me because I’m not a lady/TRENDINGTRENDINGTRENDING/You suck/CATCHPHRASE/TRENDINGTRENDINGTRENDING), and it just feels so half-assed. This last promo was even worse because after Cena left, Dwayne just got pissed off and angrily tripped over his catchphrases.

    • If we compare on how they’re delivering their reasons to hate one another, then they’re both equal.

      If we compare on how the fans are eating their material up, then Rock has the bigger edge over Cena.

      If we compare their rivalry between HHH/UT and CMP/Y2J, then they’re the ones doing it better despite repeating the same story all over and over again. But the reason why their material has gotten so stale is because of these two major factors:

      1: Rock’s busy in Hollywood and needs to take advantage of the little spare time that he gets to run his charity center, take care of his daughter and rest. Having to go to the WWE only to cut a promo because the fans bitch about him like a kid making a fuss to obtain a candy bar is pointless.

      And 2: this rivalry should have concluded at Survivor Series. Both Cena and Rock had tenures in that particular city, and besides, Survivor Series hasn’t had a decent main event since… hell since its inception.

      • Continued…

        I seriously don’t get why this whole storyline revolves around Dwayne Johnson’s decision to be a full-time actor. Let’s be honest here. His departure benefited the other wrestlers that were slightly lesser known because of Rock’s popularity. Rock leaves, and poof! You now have Brock Lesnar becoming a popular wrestler. You have Eddie, hell you even had the complainer himself, John Cena, getting the fans behind him.

        Same goes for Cena. If he leaves, he’ll indirectly (and involuntarily) give the others backstage to go for the top as long as the WWE decides to push someone else other than CM Punk. But knowing Cena, he’ll stay in the WWE and accept any storyline that benefits him and his character concept because he’s lazy and complacent.

        • UMO_Grunt

          This storyline has more to do with Rock slighting Cena years earlier seemingly out of jealously than Cena highlighting the painful truth that Rock went to hollywood to cash in on the success of his name sporadically returning at random to promote a crappy movie he’s starring in or co-starring in (which tends to not be as crappy as the former) and then lying about how he “specifically” came back for the fans.

          As for Rock’s departure giving the midcard room to grow don’t buy that at all. Triple H,Austin,& Undertaker where still hanging around at the time Brock,Eddie,JBL, Cena,Benoit,Angle,Batista & Orton where coming up so that’s giving Rock way too much credit where it’s not due.

          And If Cena did convince WWE to push someone beside Punk who’s a 3-time world champion (along with the fact that he wouldn’t do or be able to do that in the first place) don’t know why that’s a problem Punk may have his fans but a ratings magnet he is not.

          • But HHH went in a major burial streak during his stint in Evolution,and Undertaker was more or less a top midcarder at best, especially from 2004 – 2007. I’m not saying Rock should get all the merits, but when he left he left a space for people to occupy.

            And Rock, jealous? Doubt it. And about the movies, Rock doesn’t return to promote them, but the company does, as well as CM Punk and Cena always mentioning his past roles as the tooth fairy and shit.

            To me, Cena’s the one being jealous, since he’s the one with the mic, trying to garner people to turn on The Rock, but failing miserably because from what I know, a proper wrestler must ENTERTAIN the fans physically and verbally, and Cena can’t do either well unlike his predecessors.

      • UMO_Grunt

        I’d understand having the match at surivior series you know if the last few survivor series actually had some decent/strong matches on the card who’s crappiness wouldn’t be further highlighted by having a match of that caliber on the card. And if WWE still considered Survivor Series the 2nd biggest PPV of the year which we all know they don’t.

        As for fans eating up the material The Rock is an attitude era golden child of course the fans are going to eat up everything he says even when it’s childish,redundant,unfunny, lacks weight and looks like shit compared to what Cena said this week and last week.

        • And yet they ate Punk’s generic “I’m a wrestler, you’re an entertaining corporate asskisser” promo off despite him not being any era’s golden child, right?

          • UMO_Grunt

            It was something different along with the fact that many people were pulled into for the sole the belief that everything Punk was saying was completely legit and zero scripted.

    • Rude Awakening 69

      Triple H faces at the end of the blog, are funny as fuck!

  • asdf