It took five hours and three Roger Moore films for this bastard to upload, but here it is. Enjoy.

It’s not on YouTube as both WWE and the BBC attacked the video as soon as it was uploaded.

  • Jenny

    Why would the BBC attack it?

    • Direwolf

      Because of the Blackadder footage?

    • Angie

      ‘Blackadder’ is tagged so presumably he used a scene from the series without permission and BBC contested it.

    • patrick

      most likely due to the ending.


  • Rob

    The Blackadder clip at the end.

  • Tim Sillery

    I don’t get the Stan Hanson botch?

    • Dave

      It’s spelled Hansen

  • mussolman

    What’s the story behind the random chants at Gulak?

    • I wouldn’t mind a little back story on that myself…

      • Bubba

        Yeah, I’d like to know about that too. I found a site that suggested Gulak’s heel character had been mocking “CZW legends” for ages and the crowd was sick of it, it might be related, not sure.

        • Thumper17

          Yeah, I too would like more insight on this Gulak incident.

          • Chris Harrowitz

            Whitney Houston clap clap clap clap….There is no backstory to these chants. I was there and we were just bored trying to entertain ourselves. And we laughed

    • hitmanricks

      I’d like to know too.

  • John

    I know you’re doing your best to get the vids up Maffew so this isn’t a knock on you, but 3 ads in a 15 minute video? Good God Dailymotion sucks.

    Now I want to go play some old school Madden.

    • Josh

      Yea, the ad every 5 minutes is the worst fuckin thing to happen to Dailymotion. They kill the flow of the video too.

      • me

        adblock anyone??

        • Usually I go with adblock as well but when it comes to the Botchamania site and YTMND i disable it since their adds help pay for shit. I suppose on here if i really wanted to I could just go pick and choose which adds to enable but that’s too much trouble.

    • Scott

      I was going to say the same thing. I knew that one theme was from Madden, I can’t remember for the life of me if it was 91 or 92.

      • Mac WB05

        92, second video game I ever owned.

        • It’s actually from the SNES version of ’93

          • Scott

            You are right, it was 93. The one thing that I remember from it was that the LA Raiders were listed as Oakland, and the New York Jets were listed as New Jersey.

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    Madden AND more Kirby’s Pinball Land? Six-year-old me approves heartily.

  • NJ

    Holy fucking Diddy Kong Racing music out of nowhere! And then suddenly Vinny.

  • Aubin

    I agree with sheiky baby, besides that ending, everything was great. PLUS five stars!

  • Sin Cara’s Knee

    Is it me or Colin Delaney is, well… FAT

  • Mister Forth

    Laying the pipebomb on BBC. Great video.


    as we have to pay funding for the BBC why the fuck do they get to stop anyone using footage?

  • Andrew

    Otunga? Boredom?

    That can’t possibly be Colin Delaney, he can’t grow a beard.

  • Hmm

    No Taker saying Wrestlemania is April 21st during a serious promo instead of April 1st?

    • Poopstain

      I agree, that was awful, I’m amazed it didn’t make it to Botchamania yet.

  • UMO Grunt

    It’s kind of weird to see Rowan Atkinson talk when he’s not playing Mr.Bean

  • Adrienne

    Thank you so much for calling out Booker T for that commentary, it was ridiculous.

    • TerminalStench07

      Seconded. That shit nearly gave me an aneurysm.

  • Jan

    Funny Botch at the CZW show is that the german flag is botched… the flag there is black-yellow-red… the german flag is black-red-yellow …

  • Scott

    I have a legit question…

    How the hell does “something something” translate into a Cena Sucks chant?!? LMAO!!!


    I was expecting a “Braden Walker” chant at the end.

    Didn’t come though.

  • kmfcm

    I lost it at “GIIIILLLLLBERG”

    best part

  • Nick (Healthy) Mondo

    Thanks for the upload, I really cried of laugh with the Drew Gulak segment

  • MLister

    I Love it when some True Wrestling Fans get together and Chant some Nonsensical Stuff

  • S

    Kinda boring ending. :I

  • tmxicon

    Good to see TNA distinguishing itself… by doing the exact same schtick that WWE does with Twitter. Hold on while I find the nearest Cornette face.

  • Dasyati
  • Wirehead

    Maffew it makes me sad when you say Otunga and Laurenitis are boring. Maybe one time but I think they’re both entertaining now.

    • PorkPiePusher

      agreed, i love otunga, i mean: the bow tie, the travel cup of doom, the legal advice, the four moves of doom, the randomness of his booking – he’s epic!

      • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

        He’s like a muscular Carlton Banks.

        I’ve thought for years that they should have a heel lawyer, in the vein of IRS. I’m liking what they’re doing with Otunga, even though his booking is utterly random (last time I saw him, he was busy squashing the shit out of Big Zeke).

  • andyy

    MAFFEW! Important “VIRGIL” Update for you. you HAVE to hear this

  • SilentChaz

    Tsk. Tsk.
    The BBC watermark suggests that you don’t OWN the BlackAdder DVDs.
    For shame.

    I think the Taz/BlackSnow/Cole commentary segments are boring, overused and lazy; they don’t work well in the videos…
    Maybe we should keep a transcript of the worst commentator rantings on another part of the site:
    “Crap Commentary Collection”.

    Saving only the most embarrassing/dumbest/hilarious rants for the Botchamania videos themselves.

    Otherwise- I’m loving the videos Mr. Few. Looking forward to the next one as always.
    Many thanks.

  • PalaceOfWisdom

    What are the songs from 5:32 and 8:44?

  • wat

    I would be appreciative

    if I didn’t have to watch a “wet nose to wiggly butt” commercial every 3 minutes.

    Vimeo maybe?


  • Serp


    THE “Bobby…..ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” running joke hath returned! Puts me on the floor EVERY time. I can now continue to exist for just a little while longer.


  • robert

    i didn’t get any ads during the video. YES! YES! YES!

    excellent vid as always, maffew. and i love the booker t commentary. he’s dusty rhodes’ black cousin

  • Yapapi

    I also want the backstory on the Drew Gulak random chants

  • Inkallim


    There are a couple of videos on youtube taken by someone who was there with Shane Douglas if anyone wants to go look for them.

    Similarly to Maffew as I’ve not been paid to advertise his event I seem to have forgotten the links to the videos which has a lot of information about said events.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Thanks for the new post, Maffew. That’s a lot of Roger Moore.

    What’s his gimmick now, “Desperate” Shane Douglas?

    That Booker T commentary made my head hurt when I watched the show, and I’m still jaw agape.

    Today’s ending: Botch and Botchability


  • Jayboog

    Ah Maffew My Botchomaniacal Bard!!! Thank you for ending our dry spell!! I placated myself with ghosts of botches past. Look for a UMO sign at the smackdown after mania where I will be watching that horrific ten man tag they have set. Keep up the great work.

  • CMfunk

    that song was definitely from madden 92, but it may have been used in 93 as well

  • neematode

    Eric Young needs to make crimson tap out ASAP

  • MLister

    A Super Dragon Chant? OH SHIT He’s Back

  • neematode

    Also its wrong the BBC take something down considering the licence payer paid for the show to be made in the first place, so anything made by Auntie should be free for all.

    Its something I dont get actually. The BBC gets money from (almost)everyone with a TV in the UK, but then SELLS the shows on DVD back to the people that paid for them to be made? Or am I missing something?

    • si

      In a sense, you are right. But people are so fucking stupid they will still go out and BUY the DVD’s. Can’t blame the BBC but the dumb pricks who buy them.

  • Revolverman

    You know your fucking rambling when COLE is putting you down for talking about god damn nothing.

  • Ryan Sommerer

    I am surprised that you have yet to put Mankind being chokeslammed through the cell by Undertaker in one of your videos. Because technically…it was a botch. THe cell wasn’t suppose to break.

    • Well yeah it was a botch, but I mean, it’s one of the best-known botches in wrestling history so Maffew probably figures that everyone’s seen it already.

  • Mike

    My god I fucking love the music choices in all of the botchamanias

  • Did anyone else notice the guy with the black tights that said Ryback on them?