The video so bad, it got Goldust fired, Botchamania 206: RygarBack!


Title Screen by Lyndon Sharp, Matthew Simmonds (Micro Machines)

Story by Atomic Hanada (Fighter’s History 2: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!)

The Battle by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)

Frosty Village by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks to…

ThaFrigginCaptain for the awesome Abe’s Odyssey/Zandig mash-up.

ToxicZeroNumber for the fabulous ending

Does the audio sound choppy to anyone else? It’s driving me mad, yet other people seem to think it sounds OK.

  • mrchopper

    Woo! This is so damned fast it’s like that episode of South Park with Obama winning the election.

  • Sir Harry Flash


  • Jsunalec

    Thank you soooo much for the oddworld reference. That made my day.

  • Glad to see Matt Hardy Supporting Reby Sky anyway

  • ZerickX

    nice botchamania, at the layala part, don’t see any botch, tha’ts the hangman’s neckbreaker, rick rude’s finisher, she did pretty well actually.

  • Not a smart mark

    Bruce Hart was a World Champion?

  • johntcole

    Maffew you make me sad putting Tensai in the “boring” catagory.  The mere fact that WWE is booking him as a strong, dominant heel is a huge step forward for them.  I know you could argue they should have given that role to someone else but for now I’m supporting him soley to encourage WWE to keep doing role for most of their heels.

    • CleverTrousers

      The thing with Lord Hentai though is he really has zero personality, like Goldbe- I mean Ryback. He’s got the monster heel thing going for him which is good but otherwise he’s just A-Train wearing stupid face paint, speaking broken Japanese, and hissing a lot.

      • Not a smart mark

        Don’t forget the Green Mist™

  • The audio is definetly stuttery…especially in the opening CHIKARA promo…Great as always though

  • You give Fozzy a bad name!  He’s the best Muppet!


    • Joe Petrow

      That was before the rise of Puppet H…

  • The audio is definitely choppy. Good episode, though.

  • Lord Gook

    During the Cena/Lesner match there’s a spot where John is thrown to the barricade. Just beforehand you can hear one of them – Brock i think – say something along the lines of, “going to the wall.” Just in case you missed it and may want to use it in the future.

  • woooooo

    That convinced me to never go to a pro wrestling syndicate show ever.

  • Brian

    I hear choppy audio as well, Maffew

  • Xuwboss

    Omg the ending made me almost piss myself

  • vance almighty

    Am I the only one that thinks Ric Flair’s schtick is just… stale? It got old in WCW, and to see him doing THE EXACT SAME THING in TNA makes me sad. He should have just retired after Wrestlemania. :/

    And I don’t know why they’re pushing Lord Tensai so hard.

    • johntcole

      You could argue they should have given the chance to someone else but I’m just glad WWE is back to giving (re)debuted talent a huge push to make them, ya know, LOOK CREDIBLE.  That’s a step up right there.

  • BigBoyMatthew

    The ‘OH MY GAWD!’s was my favourite bit! We’ve all thought and said that through every female wrestling match.

  • FCT

    Mark Haskins: DAT CHARISMA!


  • Sloancore

    Did you see the botch at the start of Lockdown?  As Gunner is coming throught the curtain, you can clearly see RVD and Anderson standing next to him.

  • Rafamills

    The ending made me laugh hysterically.

  • CleverTrousers

    Not only is that one of the greatest ending of any Botchamania but it is also one of the most hilarious Botchamanias in recent memory.

    The Space Mountain and Fozzy comments are right up there with “You fucking cunt!” directed at Kidman’s failed shooting star press in Botchamania 55.

  • I freaking lost it when that guy barfed at the end, I mean, he basically gave himself a concussion right?

    • Plus, Balls being Balls, it’s entirely possible he was on heroin or crack or meth or heromethack.

    • Papa Squat

      was the guy with the chair marty Janety?

  • Weezel365

    1: That was… goddamn… possibly the worst women’s match I’ve ever seen. Thank God I didn’t have to see all of it. 
    2: That was also one of the best Botchamania endings.

    • UFIA

      Given that one of the competitors was Spyra Andover, that really is not shocking.  She should have stuck with being the fifth ringpost.

  • Jacob

    Funny how no one ever mentions that the Allstate Arena isn’t in Chicago. Anyway, the Arena itself is built for an AHL(minors) hockey team(the Wolves), so it doesn’t even have a capacity of 20k. Come on, Punk, you should know that. Especially since the Wolves, for the longest time, were more popular than the Hawks. Then Bill Wirtz died, and we held parades.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Every time I see that Willy Wonka set for the Taz entrance, I think it’s the Snake Pit set.

  • Jimgnarkill

    I thought Laylas hangman neckbreaker was awesome at the time.

    We were all like ‘Brutal’.

  • Outsider

    2 botchamanias in 1 week yyyyyeeeeeaaahhhh

  • taranaich

    At first I was sad, since Lord Tensai was dubbed boring despite Matt Bloom being a very talented big man (only in wrestling can a 6’8″ 300lb bald giant in kanji makeup be boring).  But then I saw the Abe’s Oddysee gag, and I was happy.  Then I saw Spyra Andover, Reby Sky and Shelly Martinez in the same match, and I got rather sexually confused.  And then the “What’s Opera Doc” ending, and I was happy again.  But still a bit sexually confused.

  • Mister Forth

    Bryan needs someone to do a “kill the wabbit” reference so badly now.

  • Outsider

    lololol grab dem cakes i would’ve haha

  • Jm42445

    The Taz-oompa loompa bit cracks me every time

  • Tussler21557 i have an entry for the next botchamania, go to 5:15, Kozlov goes over the top rope, lands on his feet, and leaps because he was supposed to fall hard and failed, when my family saw it, my dad fell out of his seat laughing as the stupidity of Kozlov

    • ShuckyDuckyQuackQuack

       Also right after that was one of the worst Pedigrees I’ve seen not involving Kevin Nash.

  • Slambino

    As a result of you swerving us with a Mongo siting – I give you – Mongo vs Reggie White 

  • FatBastard

    Man, that Micro Machines music is awesome and fits botches a lot, you should use it more often, for a section or something.