Everybody else and their dog has an opinion on PPVs when they occur, so I’ll be doing these as opposed to typing lots. Besides, when it comes to TNA PPV, it’s always a case of ”These (x) matches were worth watching, the rest was meh.”

1. The Batman & Robin titles

2. Christopher Daniels’ face after winning the Tag Belts

3. TNA using Comic Sans for a Brooke Tessmacher promo.

4. Jeff Hardy’s Neon Gang Facepaint from Batman & Robin (more BaR? Hell)

5.  Austin Aries feeling the need to bump OFF THE TOP ROPE BACKWARDS INTO THE GUARD-RAIL.

Honourable Mentions…

-Kaz/Daniels vs. Joe/Aldi was very good.

-Kim vs. Tessmacher was built up well (Tessmacher pinned Kim twice on TV) and like all of Tessmacher’s matches, was far better than it had any right to be.

-Devon vs. E and T was made enjoyable by E and T’s silly antics. They’re not to everyone’s tastes but they make me laugh.

-Aries vs. Ray was excellent, aside from the bump mentioned above.

_Angle vs. Styles was also top-notch, even though those two could have a great match before their morning coffee.

-Roode vs. RVD…Roode was good, RVD can seemingly only do the same moves/spots he’s been doing for years. He gels with people the same way oil gels with water.

-I forget everything else. Still, not a bad PPV!

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  • Yes! I’m the second to comment!


    If you wanna include a botch, see the last spot of the Aries/Bully Ray match: Bully sets Aries for a Powerbomb, and Bully sells a facebuster, but Aries missed the call -resulting in Bully Ray just fallin’ on his face-. Aries saved the spot slighty at pulling off the Last Chancery Lock for the win

    • Three matches ended via botch. RVD flopping through/onto ladder, Ray flopping and Andrson/Hardy. And even that was kayfabe.

      • vyleside

         I wasn’t sure if aries was a botch, or if bubba was going for a falling
        powerbomb,rather than being facebustered. I figured I’d give them the
        benefit of the doubt seeing as aries landed on his feet, not his arse,
        as a face buster would demand.

  • Croc

    The Neon Gang was in Batman Forever.  That’s the Golum Gang Leader.

  • Agreed in that it was quite a good PPV, compared to what they’ve been churning out as of late. Big props to Aries for that bump, I jumped up and shouted pretty aggressively at my TV when he fell, the mad bastard!

    That was MOTN for me, followed by AJ/Angle of course. I didn’t mind watching the Roode/RVD match either, was a lot more eventful than I expected.

  • Bully Ray vs Austin Aries was the best TNA match I’ve seen all year (but I have only seen about 4).

  • Esquirexx

    So people really buy and enjoyed this pay per view

    • Esquirexx

      So people really bought and enjoyed this pay per view?

      • Kyle Warne

         Maffew didn’t TNA pay per views can’t be purchased in Britain

  • Mr. McMahon

    Joel Schumacher = Vince Russo

  • I disagree that RVD can’t gel with others in TNA, and I don’t think he does nothing but the same moves and spots. I enjoyed his Sacrifice 2010 match with AJ Styles, and he’s had some good TV matches with the other X-Division guys.

    There have been times where he hasn’t performed to the best of his abilities, but I think now, he’s more motivated than ever and wants to end his career on a good note before he turns 50.