I’m surprised as you are that I was able to make a twenty-six minute video the same week as an eighteen minute video. I keep notes on EVERYTHING.

These videos still somehow manage to make Eddie Kingston look like crap though.


Central Park In-Game by Matt Gray (The Last Ninja 2)

Shaking Hands With The Devil/UN Squadron by The Smash Brothers

Title by Geoff Follin and Tim Follin (Plok)

Matryoshka Dance by SNK Playmore (The King Of Soundtracks XII)

More CZW Follies From 2006 (it’s hard to put in video or text form how convoluted Last Team Standing was)…

April 15, 2006 – Any Questions?

Was advertised as having a main event of The Blackout vs ROH stars (hinting at Homicide and The Rottweilers or The Briscoes). Main event ended up being The Blackout vs. The H8 Club and the completely unknown debuting Canadian team of Christopher Bishop and Lionel Knight. (Maffew’s Note: That’s the part of the video where a fan shouts ”WHO BOOKED THIS SHIT?”)

May 13, 2006 – Best of the Best 6

This was deemed as a CZW vs ROH tournament, as the famous war between the 2 promotions was occuring at the time. Both companies had shows booked for the 13th of May, with CZW taking the afternoon slot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ROH taking the night cap in Edison New Jersey. CZW assured its skeptical fans for weeks prior that there would be adequete time to travel to ROH in New Jersey and that the show would not run long. CZW then put on one of the worst tournaments in wrestling history, as well as numerous non tournament bouts just to screw over ROH and, unintentionally, the very fans who came to support CZW that day. After a while, many fans decided to leave before the show was over, and headed to Ring of Honor. At the Ring of Honor show that night, a CZW staff member was quoted as saying “what does it matter, they’ll keep coming back every month”.

Also, the tournament was promoted as all matches being “TLC-legal.” Then none of the tournament matches used any weapons, aside from the BOTB trophy.

(Maffew’s Note: BOTB VI is around five hours long ON DVD. Being there live must have been something else.)

July 29, 2006 – Tournament of Death 5

Backyard wrestlers George W. Baus and Joe Gacey debuted to face off in a “Chris Cash Scholarship” tryout match.

Gacy lacked the grace of Baus and was seen struggling to remove his jumpsuit on the ring apron. Now with his jumpsuit wrapped around his ankles, Gacy continued to stumble during his attempted entrance through the ropes eventually forcing Baus to assist by pulling him into the ring.

Baus’ stardom surged after his victory over Gacy, but was ultimately defeated by WHACKS in his third and final CZW bout. (Maffew’s Note: Gacy still wrestles for CZW to this day. He’s a bit better.)

August 12, 2006 – Trapped

The entire card took place with the octagon Cage of Death surrounding the ring.

Main event consisted of Forefathers of CZW: Justice Pain, Nick Gage, Eddie Kingston vs The Canadians: Kevin Steen, LuFisto, Frankie The Mobster, El Generico vs Blackout: Ruckus, Sabian, Joker, Robby Mireno in an “All Out War”. During the “match”, numerous turns occured with both the wrestlers involved, and the crowd confused as to what was going on.

During this match, Lufisto pins Kevin Steen, her own teammate, to become CZW Ironman Champion.

Nick Gage uttered “Thanks… For BUYING MY SHIRT AND PUTTING MONEY IN MY POCKET” to the paying fans in attendance.

This show marked the in ring return of The Wifebeater…for some reason. (Maffew’s Note: It’s actually a good show, despite the sillness.)

October 14, 2006 – Last Team Standing

In a match against Drew Gulak and Andy Sumner, Nick Gage came to the ring with dinner he purchased from Burger King and happily ate his meal on the apron as the match was going on. One of his burgers was knocked into the crowd by Justice Pain during the match, infuriating a hungry Gage.

The H8 Club was scheduled to face off against the Kings of Wrestling in the Tag Team tournment finals, but Pain announced that Nick Gage had left the building. His replacement was Human Tornado, who had already lost a match in the tournament and had no prior history with Pain. Once Pain realized this, he walked out halfway through the match. (Maffew’s Note: Gage was apparently messed up in more than one way at this point according to his brother, so every thing Pain was saying about his brother caring more about getting a Whopper than wrestle had bits of truth to it. Allegedly.)

The Original BLK OUT interfered during BLK OUT’s match, which set up a logical feud over copyright. What defied logic was for The Great Blazini to debut during the same segment with no build-up or explanation as to who the hell he was, mess up a dive outside twice, not get caught by an angry BLK OUT and subsequently never mentioned again (before returning in Feb. 2007 and being just as bad).

October 15, 2006 – Fear

Held in a field that was hosting a small fair at the same time, a bloodied WHACKS was seen buying funnel cake after his match.

November 11, 2006 – Night of Infamy

The night of Claudio Castagnoli’s final match in CZW. At the time, Castagnoli had signed a contract with WWE and was finishing up his independent wrestling obligations. Castagnoli was one half of the Tag Team Champions with Chris Hero, and rather than send off Castagnoli in a blaze of glory, CZW booked The Kings of Wrestling to lose the belts in what essentially became a handicapped match with Castagnoli facing off against Sabian and Robbie Mireno, who rarely wrestled at that point. Castagnoli was pinned and did not get a farewell speech. This development infuriated CZWFan hammerva, who slapped a support beam and stormed out while pushing chairs and screaming “This is bullshit!” towards the ring. hammer swore he would never return to CZW again.

HammerVA returned to CZW the next month and all was forgiven when he apologized to the support beam.

After his WWE deal fell through, Castagnoli returned to many of the independent promotions he had previously participated in, but he has yet to have a match in CZW.

December 9th, 2006 – Cage of Death 8

Most notable for being the Cage of Death with the longest cage set up (1 hour, 45 minutes). Reason being that the structure was made almost entirely out of wood, so the assembly crew could not practice setting it up before hand. Another contributing factor to the elongated set up was that each part of the cage had to be assembled one at a time, piece by piece, using only one nail gun, and one set of “cage of death assembly instructions”. These instructions were neatly hand written on the back of an Oregon diner placemat (100% truth).

Around 1:30, with a restless crowd, the Cage of Death was finally ready to begin. What followed was one of the biggest series of botches and blunders since the main event of CZW: Take 1. Over the course of the next 10 minutes (the shortest COD to date), the live fans witnessed the original match of John Zandig vs. Lobo vs. Nick Gage, with the loser ending his career, some how get changed to include female pro wrestler LuFisto. This confused fans greatly, as LuFisto had absolutely zero connection, storyline wise, to 2 out of the 3 competitors In the ring. The feud she had with Nick Gage, which was started just 2 months prior, and was forgotten about the very next month, was so hastily put together that it left many fans in attendence curious as to why she was interjecting herself into the cage match at all.

Due to the cage being made almost entirely out of quickly assembled plywood, the structure was not that strong, and most certainly not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the competitors bumps ( which weakened the cage with every bump). This, combined with the fact that he had gained 50 or so pounds since his last match-up, resulted in Lobo falling through the floor of the cage while walking on the outside wooden planks set up against the apron. Fans, upon seeing Lobo suddenly disappear out of the ring via the floor, were instantly confused when they saw him walking around the outside of the cage. The trouble would not end there for Lobo, as the cage door was assembled wrong, leading to a struggle to pull it open for a minute and a half before breaking the door open, with the help of security, and performing the matches final bump (a DVD off a scaffold onto a barbed wire net) and ending the carrer of John Zandig…until 3 months later when he main evented a barbed wire match after Necro Butcher missed his flight)

Show is also notable for Eddie Kingston breaking his ankle taking a back body drop.

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      they’re originally from the CZWFans wiki (R.I.P.)

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        • It’s dead mate. A pity as there was far more hilarity (and CZW shooting itself in the foot) to be had. Hopefully, some kind school has archived it?…

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    You’re SURPRISED you could get this much material out of CZW? The talent pool is so shallow that a gnat could go wading through and the water would barely covered his ankles.

    Hell, I haven’t wrestled in four years and I could probably put the tights back on and get booked there…

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    I love these. Maffew, do you have the full CZW Follies stored somewhere? I can’t find it anywhere now that the CZW Wiki’s been deleted.

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    “These videos still somehow manage to make Eddie Kingston look like crap though.”

    No no no, it was painful enough seeing the likes of Quack and Kingston botching or being botched against  in the last video I don’t think I can take more.

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    Did I hear the commentators correctly when I heard someone say that one of the Dead Presidents had hit someone in “the back of the forehead”?

    Also, what was the ratio of tables breaking on the first try to tables NOT breaking?  Watching CZW on here is like playing a tables match in a video game, where you can try to put your opponent through a table all day long right from the opening bell, but it just won’t work until you’ve hit a finisher first or something.

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    What kind of person becomes a CZW fan? I’m sure there are a few good moments, but it really just seems like backyard wrestling done indoors.

    side note, did anyone else see the girl in the “Fear” clips wearing the BLK OUT tshirt? So Classy!!!

  • the botch at 5:10 is easily my favorite, I cant stop laughing

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    It’s too bad you can’t use ROH in your videos, Cause Steen just had the most epic fail of a heel turn ever at best in the world, through no fault of his own mind you.  Steen went so far as too yell FUCK NEW YORK in the Hammerstein and the people STILL cheered for him.

  • Interesting note about 06 is Eddie Kingston said that the reason 05 was so better then 06 was booking change,  Kingston mention this in shoot that was include in Smart Mark’s best of his.   Book went from Maven Bantley to lobo but I could be wrong or remembering it wrong.  Kingston was on them hard about dropping the ball on ROH feud.  I never knew about zandig story mention in CZWMania 2005 or way claudio left czw.

  • Dat C64 music…