Moving quicker than a Nun’s first curry, it’s Botchamania 209: Cheech And Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs.

TableofJapan backup

Vimeo backup

This was uploaded yesterday, but I waited until today after attempting to upload an American-Friendly version onto Dailymotion. After waiting hours for the thing to upload, Dailymotion then rejected it. Which is a first. Hopefully the Vimeo link works better for the Yanks.

And while you’re here, what do you think of the potential NEW intro, based on WWE’s newest version?

  • megahom


    Seriously, this friday at work just got 100% better. Thanks Maffew!

  • I like the new intro, all the favourites there.

  • Vimeo is coming through nicely. Thanks for the hard work.

  • MediocreMarvel

    209 is a dead link

  • Jason Bassett

    209 is been flagged….both of them, for that matter.

  • Am I the only one who properly heard Lawler say “freakin'”? Everybody kept saying he said “fuckin'”, but that wasn’t the case. Listen to it carefully.

    • Maturedsinner

      Am I the only one who properly heard Lawler say “suckin'”? Everybody kept saying he said “freakin'”, but that wasn’t the case. Listen to it carefully.

      • mrchopper

        Am I the only one who properly heard Lawler say “humping'”? Everybody kept saying he said “suckin'”, but that wasn’t the case. Listen to it carefully.

        • SAL Studios

           Am I the only one who properly heard Lawler say “hugging'”? Everybody
          kept saying he said “humping'”, but that wasn’t the case. Listen to it

          • Chalmer316

            Am I the only one who properly heard Lawler say “juggling”? Everybody kept saying he said “hugging”, but that wasn’t the case. Listen to it carefully.

          • InverseTwo

            Yeah, ok guys. This shit stopped being funny before any of you idiots even replied to it.

            And by the way, Lawler did say “friggin” So this is a Botchamania Botch.

            Actually there’s two of them in this video, mostly because Maffew is British and dosn’t know anything about American dialects and phrases.

            “Friggin” is often used instead of “Fucking”, and the other is that Big Show said “I could care less.”

            Yes, we all know that the phrase doesn’t technically make sense, but that hasn’t stopped about 80% of americans from using “I could care less” often, as a phrase that’s gotten shortened from “I could not care less”, mostly due to a more southern influenced way of saying it.

            But basically, in the video, Maffew sounds less like he’s pointing out a legitimate botch and more like he’s just playing grammar nazi.

          • SinClaira

             No, it doesn’t make sense, and 80% of people who keep saying it are being unintentionally ironic. Pointing out when someone says the complete opposite of what they meant is not being a “grammar nazi”.

  • CMfunk

    hahah LOVE the ending!  batman animated series was the best!  and i loved that episode “almost got em”

  • johntcole

    Seriously Maffew lay off of Sin Cara a bit.  Making fun of his botches is fine but to say he’s an overall terrible wrestler when Great Khali and Big Zeke are RIGHT THERE?!?!  Come on.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       But they WEREN’T right there.  Well, they weren’t there botching it up anyway.  How often are those guys really around?  Anyway, as far as MITB goes, I was expecting highlights of more Tensai botches.  Dude just about killed everybody with powerbombs, he didn’t have a single one in that match that didn’t look totally uncomfortable.  It hurt to watch.

  • The Great Gonzales

    I’m sorry I have to stop at 0:45 and say that the Albert Camus intro KILLED me. “Give your life meaning” this is the greatest intro ever! 

  • Leon

    Oh, thank the LAWD! Thanks, Maffew!

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I mentioned this on the Facebook thread already, but in the buildup to episode 1000, which CZW wrestler is going to job out to all the legendary unbroken tables and sheets of glass of Botchamanias past?

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    How about “uMo: What the World is Botching”?  Maybe if you do an old school episode…

  • Xusername26x

    I got a version on youtube without the Aj clips its still good

  • Mean Gene

    New intro needs earthworm jim font, and it also needs to be BETTER THAN THAT SHIT

    • Anon

      Everyone’s a critic

      • InverseTwo

        I have a question for you. Do you know WHY “everyone is a critic?” Or where the saying even comes from? Because everyone that watched any form of entertainment is a critic just by applying their own personal experences behind what they see and perceive.

        The phrase “everyone’s a critic” doesn’t deserve the negative connotation it has and that you’re using. Everyone IS a critic becuase everyone has a right to make a critique.

        Especially if that critique is justified. And i’d sure as fuck say it is, because that new intro honestly does really fucking suck.

  • Paul

    The fact you used Thomas & Friends song makes this my favorite..

  • taranaich

    Love. Let me tell you how much I’ve come to love you since I heard “Thomas the Tank Engine” playing during Botchamania 209. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin
    layers that fill my complex. If the word ‘love’ was engraved on each
    nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one
    one-billionth of the love I feel for Maffew at this micro-instant. For
    you. Love. LOVE.

    • Gi_leonheart

      Looks like AM got bit by the love bug.

  • CleverTrousers

     This was a pretty god tier botchamania i must say. however i’m a fan of the current intro, dat production value. in the end it doesn’t much matter which intro you use, i’ve been watching since the original three and i’ll be here till you decide that you are tired of crying yourself to sleep at night after every monday night raw.

  • Hitmonchan

    Dislike the new “intro”. Improve it by adding newer, memorable botches and Booker T’s crazy analogies similar to how OilBacon did it with his “Booker T Botchamania intro”.

    Also, fuck CM Punk. If anyone deserves to face The Rock, it should be his true successor in over-selling-like-a-fish-out-of-water, Dolph Ziggler. But first, the bookers need to give him more than 15 minutes with the gold.

  • Hitmonchan

    Th-th-thomas the fuckin’ Tank Engine?


  • Scott Steiner’s tonice butt

    Like my nickname?

    • Tonice butt

      Damn, the email I use won’t allow me to change my nickname: “scott steiner’s tonice butt”

  • Johnny Ace’s scooter

    As much as I love the effort of the “new new” intro, the current “new” intro hasn’t been topped and should not be replaced.

  • Qrocafella

    Loved the River City Ransom music used!  Keep up the awesome work!  Loved the new intro also!

  • Prefer the current intro.

  • Rassle Ka King

    I’ve been cracking up all night thinking about the “Show me your butt!” bit. The fact that I live only a half hour away from the Swiss pool of Cedar Rapids is icing on the cake.

  • Carterricks

    The old Thomas the Tank Engine theme “made” this video.

  • randomguy1155

    “i could care less” isnt a botch, its just how its said in america.

    • Dylan

      Just because uneducated people say it does not mean it isn’t a botch.

    • Guest #3000000

       Please stop making Americans look stupid.

  • Hiiiiii

    The new intro needs some of the Botchamania sayings (“HE GOT A BICYCLE!”) with a vocal effect on them to make them sound sort of ‘in the distance’, if you will. Other than that – gold!

  • I like the old intro way too much to change it. It got me hype with all the catchphrases. 

    Anyway, the vid is deleted in my country (USA) and the backup is CZW 2007. So, I can’t watch it. 

  • swaavey

    you missed when jinder mahal said “i dont care if its the 999th episode of raw” on the 1000th before the surrounded kane

  • Muzza_H16

    Maffew… I’m really disappointed. There’s one amazing moment recently that you haven’t put in yet.
     Crowd – “LET’S GO ZIGGLER!!! LET’S GO ZIGGLER!!!!”The King – “Wow… listen to this WWE Universe chanting Lets Go Shaemus”You have to put it in 210 😉

    • Muzza_H16

      Wow…. that didn’t post the way I set it out. But you’ll get it. From No Way Out. It was hilarious!!

  • Oerjan9x

    I miss the part where fans start chanting TNA at the ref bump in the cm punk vs cena match

  • K7

    What is the music list for this one? Can’t view the youtube link in the US.

  • hbk is creepy looking nowadays. he looks like a 12 year old girl with the face of a 60 year old man.

  • Uncle Cletus

    Did anyone notice Dolph and Christian botch the finish of the MITB match?
    Maybe not as obvious as some of the other misses but something went awry 

    And Albert throwing Ziggs over the table should have been included for awesomeness 

  • Tmacman

    Heard what really wasn’t a botch, but something a bit odd that probably shouldn’t have been mentioned in the way it did, on Smackdown (there’s nothing else on right now), Cole saying RAW 1000 was the highest rated episode of RAW in 10 years…Which is 2002…Post attitude era…Which means a HUGE milestone show failed to pick up the ratings of a regular episode from 2002? That sounds like a marketing failure, or a dim sign of how WWE wrestling’s popularity has gone down.

    I know it sounds very “glass half empty” but come on.


  • Cjalston82

     Botchamania with Skitchin music………just awesome.

  • CornetteMark

    I was talking about RAW with a buddy of mine today, and then totally realized that, “HOLY SHIT! There’s probably a new Botchamania up!” I was not disappointed. Also, dig the hell outta the old intro too much.

  • MurpHimself

    I was watching live when lawler said nobody announced cashing in mitb before. I immediately started cracking up and saw rvd in my head going “huh”? Yeah, the intro lacks awesomeness with no audio clips.

  • The current intro is epic. Please don’t change it. The ”New” has only pictures and no words. Honestly, it sucks.

  • Jay Sherman

    It stinks!

  • Moist369

    New intro looks awesome, but it needs Sheik shouting FAK at the end.

  • Coryvaughan2486

    i love the thomas the tank engine song!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Pablo R. Sánchez

    good intro, but I didn’t see Mr. Botchamania (AKA Sabu) on it

  • zero82390

    re-post 209 cnt find it newere plz!!

  • Gnexpress65