I forget…is this guy a Yay or a Nay for the site?

  • Samuel Pooley

    I like this guy 10x more than the other Raw review.

    • not mues….honest

      Mues always firsts his posts on bm.com with something like this,
      ALWAYS.  If you’re going to pat yourself on the back all the time with
      shit like this make sure you write your comments with a different style
      and not just a name that follows a pattern so people dont notice. and this is still like a knife in my ears sorry. why 100 try-outs?

      nay nay nay.

      • septimar

        I pity paranoid conspiracy theorists like you. But whatever, you will think that I am Mues too. Just keep being delusional.

  • notBowen

    I hope this guy is paying you to keep posting this stuff.

  • eugenesteamboat

    its an “eh.” always happy to see a post, but Raw in five minutes is sooooo much better.

  • He needs to cut this down to way less than 10 mins.

  • Maturedsinner

    He’s alright enough to warrant being featured every now and then.

    Also, in reference to AJ’s back, it’s probably bent out of shape from all the people she’s been fucking to basically be the sole starring role of RAW for the past few months.

  •  Like Mues, but I love OSW. Plus, it’s not like you’re generating too much original content these days Maff, I say keep’em all. But having 43 different Raw reaction/aftermaths/reviews is a bit much. If you can get someone to do this for RAW and Smackdown (-Sigh.- and TNA if you must…) then that would be pretty coo’.

      But seriously keep OSW, love those guys.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       After watching the OSW No Holds Barred episode, I sought out all of their other hour-long+ videos and watched them, which is a pretty big compliment, as we could have all the 5-minute RDR videos in the world, and I wouldn’t be tempted to click on a single one of them.  While not quite as bad, I’m not a fan of this Mues guy either, and I completely agree that we don’t need umpteen different recaps or reviews of THE show that all of us can and have probably watched, especially when there isn’t anything new or all that interesting brought to the table, and there’s nothing here wittier than “I mean, c’mon, that sucks!  Right?  RIGHT?  I mean, come ON!”.  Yeah, there was some weak, weak stuff on the show, but if you were watching the show in the same room as the guy, you’d probably be telling him to shut up, because the stupidity onscreen is at least more entertaining.  Or you’d be asking him why he says the same thing EVERY SHOW.

      •   I did the exact same thing with OSW. I marathoned every episode and loved every minute of it.

        • Wow, thanks for your kind words guys. Really appreciate the support!

          • PlanBFromOuterSpace

            I’ve joined your OSW Facebook page as well and have been commenting quite regularly there! 

  • i say “yay”.   mostly just because i can watch raw in 15 min.  and actually be entertained.

  • randomguy1155

    this dude think its still 1990 where we cheer the good guy and boo the bad guy just because he said some bad words, this guy needs to get a clue, its a no for me.

  • Awdrgy

    Just a little too long & kinda..I don’t know, I mean, Wrestle Wrestle is more entertaining.

  • I personally don’t like Raw Reactions, my reasons are irreverent. 5 minute Raw is hilarious and Danny Damage’s Raw Rant is always a good read. I would like to see a Impact Review of some sort.

  • Meh, I’m impartial about the guy.

  • Personally I think it’s awesome. It has a very similar vibe to a political podcast I dig called Moment of Clarity. 

  • anubi

    i like how supernegative it is, its a great change i think.

  • Jay Sherman


  • Jay Sherman


  • 1 2

    This guy irked me – couldn’t stand the first one. Then he went away and I wanted him back. I say keep it, and please persuade thrillmurray to keep doing raw in 5 minutes. Wrestling fans are fickle.

  • People always boo the heel even if they make perfect sense. Any body remember muhmammed Hussan?

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

      The best heels ARE the ones that make sense.  What makes them a true heel is just the way they go about getting their way.

  • Hitmonchan

    Nay to Mues, Nay to Damage…

    YES! YES! YES! to 5SR!!!!

  • Danlesh

    Nay, if i’m gonna watch a raw reaction video, it’s gonna be Raw in 5 min. This guy is bitter but not in a funny way. Too much “i’m watching raw ironically, that means i’m smart”, there’s a million of reviews in that style and they are better.
    I like when people enjoy the good things and laugh and mock at the bad things.

  • Danlesh

    Nay, Too much “i’m watching raw ironically”

  • SAL Studios

    Nay, if i’m gonna watch a raw reaction video, it’s gonna be Raw in 5
    min. This guy is bitter but not in a funny way. Too much “i’m watching
    raw ironically, that means i’m smart”, there’s a million of reviews in
    that style and they are better.
    I like when people enjoy the good things and laugh and mock at the bad things. [2]

  • He looks like a douchebag, but his commentary is funny at points. I’ll give it a yay.

  • TheAtari7800Junkie

    It’s a Yay for me

  • Deadman Inc

    I get a lot of people don’t like it, but Mues is that asshole voice in my head that says exactly what I think while I’m watching Raw. I think it’s good because I identify with it, but I guess others just can’t stand it. I don’t know if Raw/Smackdown/whatevs in 5 Minutes will be coming back from hiatus, but I like this show enough to warrant me occasionally checking for new episodes. Perhaps Raw Reactions can be a fill-in for Raw in 5 Minutes and OSW can be a mainstay?

    Also, did anyone else notice on this episode of Raw that Show’s head strongly resembled a potato?

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       I understand the “he’s saying what I’m thinking” thing, but a lot of the time, the reason I’M not saying it myself is because no one really wants to hear it, or they’re either saying or thinking the same thing and it doesn’t go any deeper than that.  “This sucks”, I get it.  If it leads to interesting discussion or constructive criticism, that’s cool, but if it’s going to be 15 minutes of the same thing over and over, and then every episode is the same (I haven’t seen a lot of them, so maybe there are some better ones out there), then what’s the point, unless you think Raw sucks (as it sometimes does) and you just want to hear someone agree with you.

      • Deadman Inc

         Well, it’s kind of hard to be constructive about a product you literally have zero control over and when it’s bad. Nothing good is going to come from constructive criticism and nothing good will come from negative criticism. You’re probably right that it doesn’t create interesting discussion, though.

        • PlanBFromOuterSpace

          True, it’s not like WWE listens to the fans (which is well known), but there HAS to be something to talk about rather than just “This sucks, that sucks, etc”.  It’d be nice to have a little insight or a reason to listen to THIS review and not the dozens of reviews it already sounds like, as nothing seems to really set it apart.  Again, he’d be the guy you’re telling to shut up because he sounds like a broken record while you’re having a better time just dogging on it with your other friends.

      • 1 2

         I feel kinda similar – when he actually said something positive (praising the Sheamus/ Bryan match)  I felt like Mues was recognizing that his commentary is expressly negative, and playing it for laughs.

        • Whyalltheanger

          But who’s laughing?

  • Marc Mues

    Judging from the comments, I’d saw fans of BM have different tastes than my audience, most of them anyway. I appreciate those of you who do like my program, but I do, somewhat, understand why it may not be for everyone. Thank you being open minded and giving my show a try and considering it.

    • Hitmonchan

      Here’s a tip on getting approved by the ones who don’t like your reviews: kiss Punk’s ass 24/7 and over-glorify anyone that just debuted to the WWE from the indies or development.

      • Marc Mues

        The folks who strongly disapprove of my program, I feel, do so because I talk.

      • Danlesh

        way to oversimplified things in an arbitrary way, i’m not a punk fan nor a mues fan.

  • I’m surprised at the responses, I would’ve thought this’d be well-received on Botchamania.

    Mues gives a coherent review of RAW in 15 minutes, which could actually replace watching the show. I do agree with what he says, although he makes me feel worse about the current product. It’s skewed towards the negative and it’s a bit too gloomy/sarcastic for my tastes, but it is a very well put-together, accurate synopsis. I think the crowd’ll warm to it sooner than later. It’s a yay from me

    • Marc Mues

       thanks alot, man i really appreciate it

    • SAL Studios

       It’d be better if he was actually funny. But he just sounds like a butt-hurt wrestling nerd complaining that his favourite wrestlers aren’t all world champion at the same time. Raw in 5 Minutes > Jenna Morasca Vs. Sharmell > The Twilight Saga > This garbage.

  • I say Yay.  I’m not 100% crazy about him but he is growing on me.

  • The Daniel Tosh and Spoony comment made me chuckle because it’s true.

  • Super Dragon Dragon

    Definite “nay.” He never says anything very funny or particularly clever. There’s a Podcast called the Rundown Wrestling Podcast which has a good “Raw” review every week, but that’s only in audio format, obviously.

  • IKH5150


  • Nay. Mues is a cunt. 

    • Marc Mues

      love you too

  • Abc

    I tend to like these reviews, but def keep them to 9-10 minutes.

    As said before, Raw in 5 minutes is the perfect adjunct to the Botchamania series.

  • neo_raven92

    everybody dances better than Brodus Clay, so…

  • This is pretty good. Leave it on, but raw in 5 minutes is the best of the other shizz…I miss my dose of ryback unleashing :'(

  • thatguywhopoststuff

    “Kick her fucking head in!”

    Really? Really? I say nay to thee. . 

  • The_Stig

    Mues? Hell no. His tone always gets on my nerves.

    And Mues, dude. If you’re reading this. INDOOR VOICE, fella. Seriously. 

  • NOT Marc Mues

    A “yay” for Mues to be featured on Botchamania weekly.

    • Marc Mues

       lmao thank you NOT me

  • Kenshiro_UK17

    This goldust

  • Leon

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. YAY.

  • MrCharm69

    I already voiced my love for Raw Reactions before, but with all the negative comments I just thought I’d balance things out a little. YAY from me.

    • Whyalltheanger

      Nay, nay, a million times nay. Not informative, not funny, not interesting and the fact that he thanks people who post positive comments on his videos and patronises people who post negative comments makes him his own biggest mark.

      You can’t have an impartial assessment of something if the creator is reacting to people’s opinions of his work. This is supposed to be a balanced review process. The video is poor, your site is better than constant negativity. His points are only valid if you think 99% of Raw is shit. Which it ain’t.

  • johncenarox

    Yay. Why all the butthurt?