ThrillMurray returns!

  • Miami Gators is a Back to the Future reference.

    • Yeah, Punk mentions Grays Sports Almanac, and you didn’t catch that, ThrillMurray? Get with the times. BTTF came out like 27 years ago. Holy fuck that was a long time ago. (Yes, I know this was BTTF 2, not the original.)

      • Matt

        Yeah, he must have NEVER watched BTTF. It’s not like he uses a BTTF reference like in every other video. Ahem.

  • roadhog29389


  • Smush1

    Amazing, how Baretts promo with the “Fight Club”-soundtrack becomes so much better than the original one.

  • The Dread E

    Didn’t think my love for Thrill Murray could be any greater, then he used Laser Cannon Deth Sentence. Day made, and I’ve only been up for five minutes.

  • Papa Squat

    your FAT!

  • eugenesteamboat

    oh, its sooo good!  Such an amazing way to start my day.

  • Lokk

    Yeah! thats the stuff! Really good!

  • Beebopadoomon

    Solid gold! More please!

  • Windjammer Bob

     Aaaaand the E already pulled the video, guess they were waiting for Raw in five minutes as well.

  • “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WWE.”

  • Good thing I saved it, as I do with Botchamania episodes. Real Player does have it uses.

  • Maffew mark

    I can go on YouTube and find full episodes of Raw, Smackdown, Impact and almost all Pay-Per-Views, yet it’s Botchamania and ThrillMurray they take down!


  • guest

    the funny part was when scott steiner said FAT! to rey 

  • Is there another link for this?

  • DM

    Maybe for Botchamania and Raw in 5 links, there could be a direct download option?

  • muslim extremist

    This isn’t botchamania who gives a fack about this lame shit.

    • Mean Gene

      Anyone with a sense of humor and a non-dickrider mindset etc

      • UMO Executive

         He must’ve activated your trap card.

        “Snark Bait Response”

  • guest

    the video is down… hope it goes up on dailymotion

  • Kirk Van Houten

    “b a star – shit in a car” is right up there with “Aw, throw it over the fence; let ARBYS deal with it” as the phrases by which I live my life

  • RAW: We’re so proud about our long and illustrious history, that we brag about it to no end…. yet constantly  forget everything that’s ever happened to the point where one day we’ll talk about how “No one ever managed to suplex Andre the Giant”.

    • UMO Executive

      They forget? what about you forgetting the difference between a scoop slam and a suplex.

      Which was what Hogan hit Andre with.

      • Thank you. I was just thinking, “Wait a minute, no one ever DID manage to hit Andre the Giant with a suplex.”

      • oops, oh well, you freaking get what I mean.

        Anywho, edited it.

  • Airaron32

     its gone

  • Wait… you don’t get the “Grays Sports Almanac” and “Miami Gators” references… yet you use a clip from Back to the Future II in the very same video? Wow.

  • YourR4ND0MHero

    MST3K “Werewolf” reference?? CLASSIC!! Not many people can appreciate that.

    • One of my all-time favorite MST3K episodes…

  • Removed!?

  • Legendary.

  • Khiel O’Berry

    The Dougie Is Not Stupid