…for that Kobe Bryant joke (and then using #VoteForLinda as a hashtag on Twitter, apparently)


Shame really. The idea of a manager having a microphone during matches is a good one, sadly it went to a guy who couldn’t think of much to say. I fear for anyone associated with The Prime Time Players, that’s Goldust *and* Washington gone now. They need a T-Shirt with a checklist of fired wrestlers on the back, like Orton’s old Legend Killer design. Which reminds me, when was the last time we saw Mason Ryan…?

  • Well that’s…er, well it’s not good…But it’s not exactly the worst thing to happen, maybe they’ll get someone to essentially roll with the same gimmick. I doubt it. You’re right though, it was a decent idea.

    • Hitmonchan

      WWE bribed Twatter to suspend his account

  • randomguy1155

    Cant really blame the PTP for him grtting fired, the words came out his own mouth, but i think its stupid he got fired for that. So much for freedom of speech.

    • So much for freedom of speech.” You don’t have freedom of speech when you work for a PG-orientated company! That’d be a great way to argue it though. ”Fired for making a rape joke? I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA!”

      • So WWE doesn’t allow Rape jokes, but they do Rape our minds and love for wrestling by shoving Cena up our faces, which is technically the same.

        • Jay Sherman

          …not really, no.

        • UMO Executive

           Why do wrestling fans hate logic so badly?

          • let’s put aside what I said regarding Cena for a second. The only thing I’m wondering is why they have to fired someone for staying in character. Why can’t they just make him pay a fine and tell him not to tell that kind of jokes anymore?  Is not like he failed a drug test.

          • UMO Executive

             No backstage pull and no relevance on the card.

          • UMO Executive

             Oh yeah forgot to mention he doesn’t have the support of someone significant backstage like Vince or Triple H or he may have had at one point and lost it. Might explain why he lasted this long.

          • I guess you’re right.

        • /facepalm

      • Randomguy1155

        and yes im vary aware that wwe is pg but im aslo free to my opinion, and its not a american thing its a human thing lol

      • Randomguy1155

        and yes im vary aware that wwe is pg but im aslo free to my opinion, and its not a american thing its a human thing lol

      • Hitmonchan

        This is where us Americunt reconsider Parliament centuries after we revolted against it.

  • Darwin

    Dey took his job!

  •  Well, I for one couldn’t be happier that AW is gone. Now I can get to listen to Michael Cole putting Charlie Sheen and Tout over plus Jerry Lawler suppressing his perversions uninterrupted.

    • UMO Executive

      To be fair perversion wasn’t originally apart of Lawler’s onscreen character and is only good in very small doses.

      • motherfunker

         But it’s part of his real life character and it’s anything but small doses.

        • UMO Executive

           Even if it is apart of his character in real life (or not) it’s still not a very good aspect to his on screen persona.

  • Randomguy1155

    yeah because only vince can say “keep it up my nigga” and nobody even think twice about it, i never really liked TNA but now is a good time to try it out.

    • UMO Executive

       Yeah because Vince firing a wrestler who was never really over for making a bad joke is a perfectly logical excuse to watch TNA and not because you want to see something different which is a more realistic excuse.

  • Hitmonchan

    *insert Michael Hayes jokes here*

  • Uncle Cletus

    I’m really not bothered. For someone booked exclusively as a talker he was pretty underwhelming. Only thing that’s a bit weird about it is that they would book him on 3 Raws/Smackdowns between making the “joke” and getting the chop.

    • Desicas

      I think they kept him on for those 3 episodes to finish setting up the Kofi/Truth PTP match, since AW did the whole water throwing bit to get Primo and Epico DQed.  I’m probably just pulling that out of my ass though.

  • Nice find, I thought it was Cena that said the line, but the hypocrisy isn’t going to be that convenient.

    Personally, I thought AW’s “Get back to your corner, Taco Bell” comment to Epico/Primo/Rosa a little while ago was a lot more offensive than an almost 10 year old rape joke.

    I guess I should just accept that I’m never going to understand the people who feel the need to censor everything.

    Vinny Mac can mock an elderly man’s (JR) illness yet you can’t say anything worse than “ass” because children are present for a show that’s backbone is FIGHTING and somewhere, some ignorant, childless, meddling cunt flap of a human being is going to flail their arms in the air because someone said a naughty word when getting his arse kicked on a fictional entertainment show on TV.

    What a great species we are…….

    • UMO Executive

       Difference is Vince likes JR and JR could care less about people making fun of his Bell Palsy compared to all the other situations Vince has put JR is which he’s actually gone on the record with not being to big on.

  • Matt in Peckham

    Shame, I thought the AW / Prime Time Players deal was starting to relly work and I hated it at first.

  • SuperChris

    there is an “official” highlight of this promo on youtube but wwe cut off big show’s verse