Thanks to the good people of /wooo/, the Botchamania Fanpage and The Freakin’ Awesome Message Board for their contributions to the King of Trios ending.

  • Gordon_1

    Thank you. Direct link please?

    • mrchopper

      Huh? Just click the Dailymotion logo, noob.

      • Gordon_1

        I need the entire link for downloading intentions.

        • mrchopper

          What entire link? DM obfuscates the direct link to the .swf. Most video downloaders will just need the link to the page.

          • Gordon_1

            Which doesn’t seem to work, no matter which downloader I’m attempting to use.

          • mrchopper

            Works fine on – the very first one I checked.

          • dennett316

             Worked fine for me using DownloadHelper on Firefox.

  • Super Dragon Chant, Fucking A

  • I know Jericho’s “Watching right home!” is going to be in a future episode

    •  I was at Raw monday night, I can assure you they were chanting Ko-be Bry-ant

      • fair enough, I told you I didn’t hear the whole thing, you can see how Bry-ant sounds like fired when someone talks all over it. It’ll probably still make an appearance.

  • mrchopper

    Maffew – the last five or so BMs have all been stuttery for me. I think it’s when the project is getting rendered that it’s messing up, probably because the CPU is getting used by something else. What I used to do is kill everything
    in the Task Manager not necessary for Windows to run (obvious things like wi-fi and AV) when rendering, then giving “Above Normal” priority to the video editor when outputting the final file.

    But I dunno if that’s much help to you.

    • dennett316

       No stuttering on this video mate…I think the problem is on your end.

      • mrchopper

        0:08 into it – you not get that pop or stutter on the music? It’s less noticeable in the rest of the video, but a couple of the earlier ones were jittery for quite large portions of them. He even asked if people were noticing it.

        • Joshua Ross

           Sounds like you need a decent computer.

          • PlanBFromOuterSpace

             I think it’d be so much easier if everyone’s computer just learned how to speak American.  Obviously.

          • mrchopper

            Core i5, 8GB RAM, SSD… Yeah, I could probably do with a decent computer.

        • dennett316

           No, not noticed anything like that.  Maybe it’s more noticeable through headphones?  I watch on my main TV, and mostly pay attention to the visuals, so perhaps it just passed me by?

    • That… isn’t how video rendering works. Sure, if you’re streaming video live then your CPU needs to keep up, but rendering something like this it has a particular way each frame wants to look and it’ll spend as long as it needs making it happen. If Maffew’s processor is getting hosed by something else it’ll take longer for him to make, but won’t make the video any more or less jittery.

      • mrchopper

        You try recording audio on a crappy machine that doesn’t have the processor scheduling set to “background services” and get back to me. I’d wager it’s the method in which program he’s using renders the audio, probably after the video rendering has been completed.

        • As someone who has a good few hundred videos under my belt, done on a computer that until 6 months ago was a pretty crappy machine, this is me getting back to you. Recording something and rendering something are very different, and we’re talking about how his video has rendered. You actually used the sentence “I think it’s when the project is getting rendered that it’s messing up”. Combine that with a good load of the other comments here saying they don’t have a problem, and you might want to look at if there’s a problem at your end.

          If you’re using Chrome, there’s been an issue with the built-in flash rendered for a month or so now that’s been causing problems with videos on blip and youtube, and probably elsewhere, really nasty slowdown that’s more noticeable for the audio issues it causes than the actual video. Just a suggestion obviously, if you’re not using Chrome then obviously that won’t be it, but we can probably troubleshoot for something other than rendering issues that don’t make sense and don’t affect anyone but you.

          • mrchopper

            I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox and on three different machines. Watch the latest BM, particularly the Extreme Reunion section and see if you have any pops or stuttery moments. It’s really noticeable in the newest one.

            Because I don’t know what editing software Maffew uses I can’t say if the problem’s with the whole file (i.e. both video and audio mess up), or just the audio. Some video editing programs with render video first, then do an audio pass, then interleave the two. It’s certainly not unheard of for the picture to render fine but the audio have pops. I used to have to do a lot of work in After Effects and Premiere (at Uni) and would almost always prefer to do my audio editing in Audition rather than in-house, as it were.

            I only bring this whole thing up as Maffew asked a while back if anybody noticed any problems with the latest uploads. But it seems the majority don’t – only about three of us.

    • FigmentImage

      Haven’t noticed any problems with stuttering audio/video, but on a technical note… Botchamania has been in serious need of some audio balancing for a LONG time.  This video was the worst in a while… one segment would be so quiet that I had to turn my speakers way up to hear it and then the next would damn near knock me out of my seat.

      Seriously, it’s like a “whispers and explosions” movie in here sometimes.

  • Xusername62x
  • Xusername62x

    download link

  • EricGeneric

    Just out of interest, who is the other announcer with Tazz during the Bull Buchanan v Mike Awesome match?

    • SAL Studios

       Mark Lloyd

      • EricGeneric


        He must have been announcing during my sabbatical from wrestling. 

    • Samwise

       Kevin Kelly, an annoying squealing pig of a commentator.

  • Billyfillyfoo

    Can someone explain the Chikara King of Trios with Dee Dee, an apple and Diamond Dallas Page?

    • Dagreeno

       Not an apple, it’s a small round green vegetable….need I say more?

    • It would also help if you referred to him as DDP for the sake of the gag.

    • CanDes

       D(ee) D(ee) Y’Apple P(ie)

    • OG Man

       I don’t know the King of Trios, but the 2nd one is D, D, P. (Dee-Dee, DDP and peas)

  • Uncle Cletus

    I marked out for Knuckles/Jaysus

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    How was Hornswoggle not on Team Bastard?

    • Mikeludkips

      He’s the bastard son of Vince McMahon.

      • PlanBFromOuterSpace

         And he was CALLED “Little Bastard”!

      • Greavous

        False!  He turned out to be the son of Finlay!

  • Xusername62x

    Raw-less version Available on Youtube World Wide

  • TPlush

    I’m assuming the end of Hardcore Justice will be on there. And how did team living things not have the broom and/or Pepe?

  • that was the best ending in a long time lol

  • I had to screencap the WHO What Ware King of Trios team. Too F’n awesome RSPW Lives!!!

  •  Loved the Sonic & Knuckles JESUS Gag, I’m amazed WWE hasn’t resorted to selling Half of their game Separately just for More Money

  • Jeff Harvey

    I think anyone who is a fan of botchamania should start chanting Super Dragon at live events

  • Nolo King

    Funny, but the ending was awful, lawls

  • CleverTrousers

    Several laugh out loud moments. Well done Maffew.

    Big ups to Referee Robinson for the sell of the year.

    • Uncle Cletus

      I miss the days when WCW refs routinely sold better than the wrestlers

  • Randomguy1155

    Poor dude, they are never gonna get his name right. kinda reminds me of gregory irons……

  • Minutemedic2

    God, what the fuck is up with making us watch the same goddamn fucking Twix commercial FOUR times during this video? It also disables your ability to exit out of the fullscreen mode when it plays. How about hosting Botchamanias on websites that don’t shove a fuckin commercial in every five minutes? JEEZUS!

    • mrchopper

      As somebody who has clearly not yet found AdBlock, both myself and Mr. Sandow pity you.

      You’re welcome.

  • grievousgeorge

    Fuck ads

  • why is the flv file 2 gigs? its usually under 100mb?


  • I’m in the questionable position of having been in the crowd for two events featured in this Botchamania. Do I get a prize?


    anyone know the name of the theme used at 00:57 – 1:50??

  • kmfcm

    King of Trios ending = best ever