Just read this story about Low Ki and (yes) CZW in 2000. (After the jump)

People never really talk about it because they are intimidated by him for whatever reason.

JAPW and CZW had huge heat at the time, but CZW had shown interest in Ki, the Haas Brothers, and The Hit Squad, so they started using them all. As dumb as it sounds, it lead to one of the bigger dream matches in NJ indy rasslin at the time: Ki vs Ric Blade. They did like three matches total together: January 2000 in CZW, one for New Millennium Wrestling in early February 2000, and then one like a week later for CZW that was a ladder match between Ki, Blade and Mercury. Blade got hurt during the match (Low Ki had nothing to do with it either, Blade fucked himself up coming off a basketball hoop and putting Mercury through a table while Ki was selling *he actually did that back then* near the ring and couldn’t see what happened) and couldn’t do everything that was planned. Ki, being Ki, has always had to get his shit in. So the dude just starts flipping out in front of the crowd because he thinks it’s some kind of screw job/set up, with CZW trying to fuck him over for being a JAPW guy or whatever. Everyone is standing around wondering what to do because he won’t calm down. So security dude just decides “fuck it” and scoops Ki up in his arms, mid-tantrum, as if he were a child throwing a hissy fit and carries him to the back. The Hit Squad tried to intervene too, and got in a shoving match with security. Neither Ki or the Hit Squad were brought back.

For whatever reason CZW edited it off the video they sold and that picture is the only image from a forgotten moment in indy rasslin’ lore.

Thanks to nfm for the story and picture.

  • Batthink

    That image is GOLD.

  • Sounds like Low Ki alright. ┬áThat guy’s been a dick forever, never forget a story Sunny told about meeting him at some indy show on her old RF shoot where he came off as a total wanker and referred to himself only as Low Ki.

  • Meekrob

    “AAAHHHHHHH!!! I’m a WARRIOR, god damn it!”

  • “Low Ki immediately calmed down when he was given his bottle and burped by Monsta Mack.”

  • Sam


  • SAL Studios

    Well consider this was the guy that quit WWE because he apparently wasn’t getting pushed to the moon. He got an Intercontinental Title match at the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View yet thought he was being treated unfairly? He just sounds like a complete and total mark for himself, like a lot of indy wrestlers sadly enough and some “big time” guys too. That being said, I still enjoy his work.

    • To be fair, after being on SmackDown for 4 months, didn’t he only win one match? I mean, yeah, obviously a bigger man would have taken it in his stride, but considering that he’d been waiting to get to that spot for over 2 years at that point, only for him to lose week in and week out, I can kind of understand someone getting upset at that. So I can kind of understand his complaints, but really, he was making TV on a semi-regular occurance and getting in some good match time, so I don’t think the issue is as cut-and-dry as Ki being an egomaniac, but I think that certainly didn’t help him…

    • Abusoru007

      Definitely. I mean, there are many guys where took them years to really get going. The Miz is a great example of it. Look how many years that guy foundered in the lower midcard before getting anywhere. Bryan also wasn’t exactly pushed to the moon despite appearing in the Summerslam main event and winning the US Title. Dolph Ziggler had to endure being a caddie and a male cheerleader before getting a chance as a singles wrestler. Unfortunately, Low Ki doesn’t seem to have the patience of these guys.

      • Andrew Hernandez

         That seems to be the most practical explanation for what went wrong with Low Ki in WWE.

        I don’t doubt that Ki isn’t the most likable guy and has a big ego, but he’s worked his ass off to get to his level of fame, and that incident in CZW is not all there is to him.