Predictably, WWE killed the YouTube link quicker than George Galloway killed the respect people had for him.

Dailymotion is the McDonalds of video-hosting sites. It’s not made very well but if there’s nowhere else open…I’ll use it.

Thanks to…

PWG Spy for another fabulous intro

Brian Cage for doing said intro

Clint for the PRIME ring break

Repost Man for PWG clip

  • Where’s the “[something] more than a [something] it’s botchamania 212: [subtitle]”? You’re killing me here!

    Any who, Great as always.

    • “Injured more often than Rey Mysterio, It’s Botchamania 212: ’till it goes KLIQ”

      • Thank you.

      • mrchopper

        Ha. You live what I live in.

  • Dat ending. Dat damn ending. Absofuckinglutely hilarious.

  • Awesome DBZ ending. Maybe the people at TeamFourStar can learn a thing or two from you Maffew~

  • Jblhsggt

    Poor Z Barr :(. Lol!

  • Ballz

    Thanks Brock, you’ve saved Summerslam. 

  • mrchopper

    The whole Bork – Trips match was peppered with called spots. Watch before Lesnar throws HHH into the steps…. Loud as fuck you hear Trips grunt “REVERSE” as he grabs him. Thing is, they made a thing of being able to hear the dialogue in that match to heighten the story (much like with the last Taker – Trips match):

    HHH shouting “This is WWE, Brock, not UFC!” leading to Lesnar removing his gloves and reverting to a traditional wrestling style;
    Lesnar smashing his guts into the announce table and walking around bendy muttering “NOT MY STOMACH! MEEEEEUUUHHHH!”.So were these called spots supposed to be heard? Has this shit gone meta?

    • 1 2

       Maybe just too much Botchamania, but I heard a hell of a lot of spots called throughout Summerslam – Kofi telling D Young “Okay, we going home now” and Kane repeatedly asking D-bry “you okay man?” after a suicide dive. Still enjoyed it mind you.

  • Eric Botchoff

    Wow, Impact Wrestling must be improving! Only 1 botch and no insipid Tazz commentary? FAKKIN BOOLLLSHHETTT!

  • JP317

    Wait people respected George Galloway, even after Big Brother?!

    • Dirty_Dave_Delaney

      Or even before Big Brother?

      • JP317

        Fair point. But to be honest I hadn’t really heard of him until I heard my mum and sister talking about that cat bit.

        • He’s basically a Scottish Ken Livingstone, playing the Islam card and sympathising with extremists to get positions of power in cities with large segregated Islamic communities. To be honest, the cat thing was probably the most endearing thing he’s ever done in his life.

  • Any chance of a non-DailyMotion of this? Their videos always stutter/skip for me and to d/l the vid is 2 Gigs. Side note – I had no idea each episode was 2 fucking gigabytes.

    •  Don’t pay attention to the 2GB thing. Just download it like normal, the files are usually just 50MB or so, 2GB is a lie

  • Christian Harper

    I think the WWE pays a guy to just search for “Botchamania” every 30 seconds

    • Hitmonchan

      Might as well rename it to Botchaslam, Botchaseries or Ready to Rumble.

  • Dso78

    what’s the song around 7:00?

    • Underbotcher

       Metroid for the NES

  • Jbedsted

    Im looking for the song at 5:05. I know I’ve heard it a long time ago but just cant quite put my finger on it.

    • It’s the Steel Samurai theme from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

      • Jbedsted

        YES! Thats right! Thanks.

    • Seanisa4letterword

       Steel Samurai theme from Phoenix Wright

  • Weezel365

    This is, without a doubt, the best B-A-M in a long time, as in, it legitimately made me laugh out loud several times

  • Hitmonchan

    Anyone noticed that on every 25th anniversary of the Big 4 PPVs Big Show had a match for either the WWE or the World title?

    WM25: vs Cena vs Edge for the World title.

    Survivor Series: vs Mark Henry for the World title

    Royal Rumble: vs Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan for the World title

    Summerslam: vs Cena vs Punk for the WWE title.

    • Joshua Ross

       Well deduced sir.

  • PorkPiePusher

    Great work with the recent manias, but this ending was garbage.

    Mucho love for hang the DJ though.

  • this is a great lol, funniest one ive seen for ages! Well done Maffew

  • Zer0FiveSeven

    I’m certainly no fan of Brooke Hogan, but she played that fall off like a champ. Also, that Summerslam band was terrible. I guess that’s how the song goes, but why would anybody want to hear them sing the same chorus 85 times like that?

  • Sam Panico

    Man, from 5:30-5:50 or so, I’ve never been more proud of my wrestling career. No BS – this really is a highlight! Thanks, Maffew! – Shirley Doe

  • grievousgeorge


  • Kenny N.

    I feel honored.. I was on botchamania! I was one of the fans who sent in an awful dancing video. God did that guy suck!

  • Kl23332

    thank you maffew

  • BigJim3rd

    What’s the song during the rib around 12:00 ? Never knew what was that song.

  • grievousgeorge

    Who’s Davey Richards? What game is that clip from? Which CZW wrestlers were fat? What DBZ episode was that from?

  • I don’t get the Timothy Well thing.

  • Ysman

    >that the smiths song

    good show maffew, good show

  • Tremour

    We miss Madame de Staele

  • MrCharm69

     Off Topic (but worth it for the comment by “The Big O”)
    The article and text should definitely be paired with audio/video of Ziggler yelling “All. Night. Long!”

  • Armando Payne


  • Z-Barr was very funny.  I remember that was because he said over or more over then I think Tracy smothers.  Something along those line.  I remember that was so funny.

  • Norm Connors

    Wow!  I think this may be my former company’s first appearance on Botchamania!  Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Anon

    What’s the game at 8:16? I remember it, but can’t remember the name exactly…

  • Shinpeiro

    Panic by the Smiths. Wow, 2 of my greatest loves finally together. 

  • Muffin Man

    fuck, that Ireland in the 70’s bit had me absolutely dying lmfao