Sadder than Brodus Clay not getting any votes on Raw, it’s Botchamania 215: ZanDig-Dug!


Chargeman Stage by Mari (Mega Man 5)

Highway Song by System Of A Down

Grandstand Theme

Boss Battle by Michiya Hirasawa, Kazunaka Yamane (Double Dragon II: The Revenge)

Mission 2 by Michiya Hirasawa, Kazunaka Yamane (Double Dragon II: The Revenge)

Coliseum Home Video/Silver Vision Opening Theme

Thanks to…

Pat Lucey for the ACH, Vega and Fitchett intro

Derek Morningstar for Ohtani and Edwards.

Mr. Charisma for SSW Power Half Hour

I used the CHV/SV theme as a (very small) tribute to Silver Vision who have separated from WWE after 22 years. Thanks for all the happy memories fellas, loved the opening intro theme.

  • I feel your shows lack explosions, lawls!

  • I didn’t get the “Don’t Youtube Chris Benoit” thing at the end?

    Another great show, that was 3 this week! amazing!

    • Sharpe puppy

      I have a hunch the reason begins with an I and ends in nsane Clown Posse.

    • Kyle Warne

       In the context of the joke It’s how the WWE feels

      • Sejanoz

         No, I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to avoid the song the Insane Clown Posse recently wrote about him.

        • PlanBFromOuterSpace

          Five years later, and ICP puts out a song about Chris Benoit?  Oooohhhhh, how controversial!  They’re like the TNA of rap.  I fully expect a song about the Dark Knight Rises shooting in 2017.

          That reminds me, have you guys seen ICP’s infomercials for the Gathering of the Juggaloes or their new album?  I can’t tell if it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, or if they’re doing some seriously brilliant next-level Andy Kaufman shit to see JUST how blindly their fans will follow them.  Color Me Badd reunion, Michael Jackson tribute acts, and Teletubbies covers?  Craziness…

          • Mike Johnson

            Calling ICP the TNA of rap is giving ICP too much credit. Remember the video maffew posted a few months ago of the Bizarre Wrestling Federation, that’s what they bring to the table. Shock rap for mental midgets that like black and white clown face paint. They’re fans work the graveyard shift at walmart. I’d rather watch every Russo written show consecutively than attend the gathering of the juggaloes.

          • PlanBFromOuterSpace

             Well, I just meant that they were a good 5 years behind in chiming in on the Chris Benoit thing.  Maybe if they hadn’t spent so much time trying to figure out how magnets worked…

  • Tony

    yeah, i’ll be honest, i don’t get the Benoit/Stevie thing….I know you were tweeting about it but i dont get the reference

  • John

    Loved the Jesus segment this time around, but realized something – I have no idea where that “huh?” sound at the end comes from. Should I?

  • Camdawg

    If I had to guess, I think the ending is a reference to WWF No Mercy where they replaced Big Show in all the storylines with Steven Richards.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       If I remember correctly, Show had been banished to OVW at the time for being fat.  Stevie was the weirdest substitute for Show in those storylines, and it makes me wonder why they chose him.  Hmmmm….

  • Sammmmmba Seeeeemba

    Silver Vision will always be remembered well, especially because we had the monstrosity of Euroshop (receiving the catalogue was like a time machine to what the wrestlers were wearing 6 months ago). I can’t think of a DVD I’ve ever missed out on, whether it was a gift for me or someone else, I’ve always found it stocked somewhere in the UK. 

    I can remember being crazy desperate to get the Eddie Guerrero DVD in ’04 for Christmas, still my favorite superstar DVD, and I think it was only released a month prior, so getting it was awesome, especially after the  wait I had for the Latino Heat Scarface shirt, which I was waiting for months for it to become available over in the UK.

    Let’s hope there’s an another no fuss distributor lined up.

    This is BM overload at the moment, but the quality is still great, good ending, can’t say I’m much of a Red Dwarf fanatic, but my sisters always watch it so I vaguely remembered the scene.

  • that ending was awesome and spot on.  keep em coming

  • Hey Zues!

    Loved the jeeeeeeeeeeeeezus! No f’n clue about the ending though.

  • beaverbutt

    Red Dwarf <3

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Nietzsche also said “And if you gaze long into a Joe Park, the Joe Park also gazes into you”.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Oh sure, I mentioned a Cornette/Heyman tuxedo match last episode, and you threw it in here, you glorious son of a bitch.

  • Wylthirsk

    lol at the grandstand music, that took me back 🙂

  • Like Martian tits from total recall, botchamania comes in trios! ….Yeah, I’ll stop now.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I don’t think we’ve seen as much Dan Spivey in all of the first 214 episodes combined!

  • Tomdelacroix

    “Jezus … Huh ? ” Where did you found that pic ?! 🙂

  • grievousgeorge

    Never saw Silver Vison

    • grievousgeorge


  • Does anyone know what happened after that guy got his eyes blown out by that botched explosion? I’m sure he was alright, otherwise I don’t think Maffew would have put it in, but man that looked bad!

    • He was fine, he wrestled the crazy COD match immediately afterwards. The explosion was supposed to be used in the match.

  • mrchopper


  • Not so noble

    That version of the “jesus-bit” was superb!

  • Cjalston82

    Thank you Maffew for another great botchamania. Your choice of music has been godly for the last 5 episodes.

  • Liam Barrett

    That may very well be the DARKEST ending to a Botchamania there has ever been.

  • I AM THE TABLE!!! LAWL!!! F’n things made of steel! 

  • So do we get the Match of the Day theme in 216?

  • CaptainPuertoRico

    Best. Ending. Ever.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Those first couple of IYH clips were great, botches be damned! I don’t know why Bret Hart was fighting was fighting white Nick Fury, but whatever.

    I have such profound memories of WCW’s lack of production values, even in their heyday, that I thought your soundtrack was the actual music they used to intro the Great American Bash. USA! USA! …

  • Bigelowcory

    Is there enough footage for a Botch Cara special yet? 

  • Now that ending was cheesey!