• Opening vids are always good for BFG. I laughed when Chavo appeared because I forgot he was with TNA now. My reaction: ”Oh it’s Chavo.”

  • Zema Ion lost the X-Division Title to Rob Van Dam. Questionable ending aside, RVD was sharp and Ion did his damnedest to make him look good. RVD was super-over with the initially loud crowd which made for an entertaining spectacle…even though RVD needed the X-Division Belt like Hogan needed a sex tape.

  • FROM THE ISLE OF SAMOA THE SAMOAN SUBMISSION MACHINE SAMOA JOE vs. Magnus was sweet. Crowds always love Joe and they love him even more when he’s beating credible opponents (and not losing). Every match and promo Magnus has increases his credibility, so more power to him.

  • Daniels & Kazarian vs. Team Mexico vs. Team Might-As-Well-Team-Up-We’re-Doing-Fuck-All-In-Singles was a mighty match with four people who have wrestled each other hundreds of times and also some Mexicans. Those Mexicans happened to win, good for them. Daniels, Kaz, Styles and Angle have helped boost the tag team division to respectable lengths but they can’t wrestle for the belts forever, so I was happy The Mexicans won in a good match.

  • Rockstar Spud and Marty Scrull got name-dropped and appeared on camera. I missed Scrull initially, which is amazing considering he’s the size of a takeaway van. Them appearing on TV is good news for all of us.

  • Sting & Bully Ray With Facepaint vs. Aces & Eights was decent enough as the match was a backdrop to the unveiling. The good guys lost (after Bully shockingly DIDN’T turn on Sting) after another member put Bully through a table. Hogan slowly came to TNA’s aid and managed to get one of them, ripping off his mask to reveal…D-Von.

  • The crowd’s reaction to this will live with me forever: As his face appeared, the entire crowd shouted ”Deeevonn!!!” in the same way Buh Buh would do in the Dudleys. After that initial shock and subsequent shots of shocked faces from Sting and Bully Ray, they bust out a ”This is Awkward!” chant and TNA cut to Borash backstage. FUCKING HILARIOUS.

  • Austin Aries dropped the title to Jeff Hardy in a good match that had nothing wrong with it…but still felt odd. A lot of reactions I’ve read have been overwhelmingly negative to this due to Hardy’s past incidents (like this one!) but Hardy has looked his best since his career high (hur hur) of 2009. He’s also a bigger draw than Aries, sad but true. Aries had a fun run with the big belt but it’s not like he had a long-running feud or anything that defined it as an epochal reign. Hardy is the champion now which validates the BFG Series and gives us Aries/Hardy/Storm/Angle/Ray/Whoever matches on the top.

  • Calling James Storm vs. Bobby Rooo ‘good’ is an understatement. They’ve had the best feud in wrestling the last two years, which ideally would have ended at Lockdown. However, Storm needed time off for injuries so the conclusion looked to be bittersweet as Rooo lost the belt to Aries instead. At BFG, a line was finally drawn under the feud with Storm unquestionably getting his revenge. The easiest comparison is the tremendous Texas Death Match between Storm and Chris Harris (watch here) but Storm and Roode have improved so much over the years and the audience was so into it that that comparison doesn’t do that justice. Amazing spectacle, the only negative being that it exhausted the crowd for nearly the entire card. My current pick for Match of the Year but please don’t have them wrestle each other for like a year. Crying shame it didn’t go on last.


  • The Tara vs. FuckSpellingHerNameRight was…just there. The match was nothing special and the crowd realised only Tara had a personality. Tara won the match and the belt.

  • After watching the MV package of the Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow feud, I had no idea who was supposed to be the heel or face. The crowd didn’t seem to know either, responding to the match with bewilderment. The whole feud has been too self-aware for me as it’s TNA parodying TNA. TNA is renowned for hiring guys famous in other companies from other decades rather than making their own stars by signing the best indy wrestlers. But then surely Ryan is the face because YAY INDY and Ryan’s been selling his 87% shirts on Twitter? Er, nope it was Al. The guy most famous for being in another company in another decade. Ryan wins due to Matt Morgan returning and kicking Al’s head. Whilst this was happening, some guy with a Sonic Retro sign gawked for the camera. This gave me more fun.


  • Every time Hemme appeared on camera, she looked like she’d been abruptly cut to and she was just winging the fact she wasn’t ready. Her scary grin was reminiscent of Tony Blair.

  • I don’t watch Bellator so when people kept on mentioning King Mo, I thought they meant the guy who used to tag with King Mabel.

  • If this was old TNA, King Mo would have become the Tag Team Champions at this point.

  • Kazarian’s botch was god-damn crazy. He attempted a Frankensteiner off the apron but Hernandez didn’t swing enough with it, so he had to take the bump himself and Kaz went -splat-

  • Chavo using Eddy’s name to get a pop after his match (due to the lack of heat for the two mean beating four of the most over guys on the roster) was stomach-churning in it’s patheticness. Chavo’s been riding his dead relatives for so long his surname should be Chavo Guerrero Von Erich Jr.

  • After winning the belt, Tara introduced her boyfriend to the crowd:”You may have seen my boyfriend on TMZ!” which immediately made me think ”Hogan?!”

  • Sadly it wasn’t him. It was a ”big star” from Big Brother (talk about a fucking oxymoron) called Boo who had a nice body. Crowd made zero noise for his debut, expecting some background information or more detail. Realising nothing was forthcoming, they assaulted him with ”WHO ARE YOU?” chants. Wrestling fans by and large don’t care about celebrities from other shows as they’re there to see wrestlers. To debut Boo in front of a live-crowd with no build-up or explanation on a PPV is old-school (2006-2010) TNA.


  • Everyone I’ve spoken to about this show seems to *want* to shit on it. Never mind the fine matches and performances throughout the PPV, let’s focus on the shitty portions (which did exist). There will always be shitty segments or matches or something you don’t agree with in wrestling, it’s supposed to be varied. Whether you choose to ignore them or not is your choice, not TNA’s.

  • TNA has been on a very positive run these last few months, to the point where they put out a PPV that is merely ‘good’ and people fall over themselves to declare the run ‘over’. TNA has been so bad for so long that you’ll either accept it’s watchable now or you’ll never accept them. So this review is redundant as most will have decided before they watch this show if they’ll enjoy it or not.

  • Meekrob

    Tara’s boyfriend’s name is not “Boo.”

    • Shazamonyou

       Oh it definitely fucking is now.

    • Xtremeb4

       who cares what his name is?

    • D-Wayne


  • well said. People just shit on tna and im sure they havent been watching lately. It’s pathetic how loyal some fans are to wwe, remember, wwe is a corporation, they couldnt care less about you. I’m a wrestling fan not a wwe or a tna fan, so im gonna watch the show that gives me better wrestling, between those two it’s tna at the moment.
    Best promotion is still PWG though

    • Liam Barrett

      “Remember, WWE is a corporation.”

      Yes, because TNA is clearly some sort of hippy commune.

      Moving on, this was a good show.

    • “It’s pathetic how loyal some fans are to wwe, remember, wwe is a corporation, they couldnt care less about you.”

      Explain how TNA isn’t corporate. They’re actually MORE corporate than WWE, at least WWE is family-owned and run by people who have been part of the wrestling industry for decades. TNA may have been founded by the Jarretts but it’s funded by Panda Energy, a bunch of suits. Also, criticising TNA is NOT, as you appear to believe, exclusive to people who like WWE. Every wrestling writer/fan/pundit worth their salt would not be delusional enough to think that either WWE or TNA is incapable of doing anything wrong. Hell – Maffew went as far as to write a ‘wrong’ and ‘wrestlecrap’ section! What you have displayed in your biased post is more commonly known as a pathological defence mechanism and it has no merit.

      Just to prove my point further – I enjoyed the show, but I I have a major reservation about the booking of the main event. I think they made a massive error by taking the title from Aries and TNA continues to get cold feet when booking first-time face champions. They choked with Bobby Roode last year and they seem to have lost their nerve again with Aries. But I can’t and won’t criticise the match quality, TNA just let them go out there and have great matches with no limitations. That’s exactly what they should be doing and exactly what they weren’t doing just a few months ago, so TNA deserves massive credit for a pretty astonishing turnaround in quality. I just think it’s a shame that they don’t have the confidence to create their own champions, at least not without turning them heel before or during their title reigns. It’s a massive problem TNA has and their continued reliance on former WWE mid-carders and main-eventers remains a huge barrier to their progression as a company.

      And I don’t accept the argument that “Jeff’s the better draw, so obviously he’s the better choice of champion”. Hardy became a draw thanks to WWE. TNA is ten years old now, if it can’t work out how to effectively create its own stars on par with imports from WWE/WCW/ECW after that time despite having many of the same bookers, then it’s clearly failing in that area.

      Again, your insistence that there’s no issue here and that any legitimate attempt to analyse and criticise this is just a bunch of blind WWE marks looking to shit on everything is not doing TNA any favours. I want TNA to succeed, it’s good for wrestling if they do, but I’m not going to pretend there aren’t problems when there clearly are. Hopefully one day you’ll understand this concept.

      • And don’t forget Jeff has been taking about going back to WWE to make more money when his contract’s up. And the talk about him winning the BFG series and the title was hugely infuenced by this.

      • Jeremy

        Stupidity is in your genes I see.

    • And I’m sure if TNA cared for the fans, they would have had Pau Heyman lead the ECW faction in 2010 and give the ECW tribute more meaning. This didn’t happen because Dixie didn’t want to give Heyman creative control over hiring and firing people, because she feared Heyman’s crusade of ‘losing the old guys and keeping the young guys,’ that they would lose their “Golden goose” Hogan and his way of keeping old guys and not bothering with the young guys. Hogan’s philosphy, “WCW 4 life, brother!”

      TNA is a wannabe corporation , anything WWE does, TNA will attempt the same thing.

  • Nrblank

    Tara boyfriend is Jesse godderz, also known as mr. pectacular, some ovw scrub. He doesn’t look like anything special, especially since him and Tara look the same size in that photo.

  • Ed

    I think the problem a lot of people have with this show, mine included, is that what we see coming next doesn’t feel very exciting. Jeff Hardy as champion doesn’t sound very exciting and the build for Aries vs. Hardy wasn’t very good. Devon in Aces & Eights is meaningless and got exactly the reaction it deserved. The show was good in a vacuum, what’s coming next feels mediocre. 

  • I didn’t watch the PPV, but I read the review of what happened, usually I hate TNA for when they never know how to do big things on this event, other than someone “turning against” the fans. And I will always see the flaws in TNA, but this show, especially when I watch it match by match, gave me no reason to judge by the negatives. Devon being Aces’n’Eights member kinda gave me a, “oh, hm” reaction, especially he being off my radar due to him talking about his sons, but I should’ve known better. Because the other BIG thing TNA knows what to do for this event is mention someone is leaving or is “done” with the company and return on this night…..Example the painfully obvious Kevin Nash’s contract expiring the day before the 2008 event.

    Hats off to TNA for giving me something truly unexpecting, not the biggest or greatest turn of events, but unexpecting none the less. Everytime I read someone leaving a company or blast a head of a company, I always think it might be a work, and wonder when a company would use this to their advantage, (Example being Triple H said to win the title at WM24 a week before the Orlando event)  Well, now TNA has utilized it effectively that it would only be re-wrapping a christmas present for next year and we already know that getting the same thing would only leave a bad taste in our mouth, sadly odds are we are getting the same thing though.

    TNA will always give matches for this event, but since everyone knows, the fans will always have WrestleMania as the template to go off of and expect TNA to do something that will shake things up, let’s just hope it is something different and non-cliche.

  • My only problem with the PPV is a problem they’ve had a while in TNA, Hulk Hogan.

    Like others have mentioned, TNA have this issue with holding back their home grown stars with imports of old. 

    I know that everything was building up towards the unveiling, but Hogan drawing all the focus away and onto him again and again just seems sad and depressing to me.

    His march down to the ring with the same left-block, right-punch nonsense five or so times took forever and looked incredibly tacky,  I honestly can’t believe there are grown men that get on their feet and cheer for that shit.

    All the wrestling on the show was once again very entertaining.

  • Fake Diesel

    I have a hard time watching TNA because I am having an incredibly hard time getting behind the Aces and 8s storyline. I didn’t like the Disciples of Apocalypse back in the day, and I sure as shit don’t care for some rehash of it now. 

  • Being a ‘Murkun (because I don’t follow Sub-Par Lament and Briton governors), Hemme’s smile actually reminded me of Tim Curry. God bless Tim Curry and his signature shit-eating grin.

  • ultrascum

    I thought it was a great show! I can honestly say I was entertained throughout, and when I wasnt, well then the crowd filled in (such as with the ‘Boo’ reveal. btw, you know that guy is a wrestler right? been in ‘yay indies’ and everything so they say).

    I also liked Aries subtly mocking Hardy with teasing throwing the shirt in the crowd, just like Jeff did during ‘The Event’. Well I thought it was a dig at Jeff anyway.

    Yes I really liked Bound For Glory, and whats more I liked RAW too, so this was a good week for mainstream wrestling wasnt it?

  • ultrascum

    I also liked that the front row was dominated by Great Britain and her Colonies.

    • Mongo

       You mean America?

  • 25:17

    After winning the belt, Tara introduced her boyfriend to the crowd:”You
    may have seen my boyfriend on TMZ!” which immediately made me think

    My stomach hurts out of laughter… AHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!

  • MANnY

    In the picture with tara and boo, the guy in the wife beater made me laugh and i spit my drink out . … yeah…

  • Codster9

    Chavo would’ve probably got a better pop if he did it for Pepe’.

  • grievousgeorge

    It’s Tessmacher Maffew. Guerrero is not related to Von Erich

    • mrchopper


      • grievousgeorge


    • Mongo

       Wow, autism much?

      • grievousgeorge

        Autism has nothing to do with this

        • Mongo

           So lighten up, if you want facts go somewhere else, it’s a joke, the whole basis of this website is that you have a laugh, not to run around correcting hyperbole; that sucks the life out of everything amusing.

          Meet some real people?

          • grievousgeorge

            I know and hang out with a lot of real people. What hyperbole? The whole basis of this website is to have a laugh as long as the joke makes perfect sense. In this case you don’t. Now that sucks the life out of everything amusing and those are the facts that you can clearly find here

          • danny_hax

            It WAS a joke. When the von erichs started dying, the fans would pop just because their name was von erich. Take lacey von erich for example. She hped that just cause her name was von erich that she would get a pop. Maffew used a metaphor comparing the von erichs to the Guerreros in terms of trying to get a pop because of a name. You ruined a good joke. Grow a damn funny bone.

          • bloodstock pussyclarts

            “I know and hang out with a lot of real people.”

            thats p impressive man

  • Mcpeepants

    Still say Bubba should have been part/the leader of A&E.

  • Wrsisyphus2

    Hernandez fucking up a bump and almost getting someone else hurt? What else is new?

  • Bomb eh

    I think it’s time ‘Impact’ (cuz we all believed the name change when Mic declared it) wrestling drops the Hogan/Sting GMing. There are plenty of stars who are over at this point, we don’t need half of Fall Brawl ’95 trying to tell us who to cheer and who to jeer. If Angle and Styles are willing to step back to bump up the tag division, Borden and Bolea should be willing to step back as well. I’m glad we’re not stuck with more geriatric main events, but I think the product is good enough now to lend itself creedence without the help of yesterday’s stars. I appreciate a certain dedication to the cause, but they have their own stars now. This was a solid ppv, wrestling-wise. I’ve read so much hate on it that makes no sense. Shitting on this company today won’t fix your Russo hate from yesterday, so take a pill and just enjoy it.

  • Sharpe Puppy

    People should start chanting “Savage/Steamboat” during Al Snow’s matches.

  • dwarzel

    “When people kept on mentioning King Mo, I thought they meant the guy who used to tag with King Mabel.”

    You mean this isn’t the case?  I don’t watch TNA, so this is what I’ve been assuming.  I am absolutely serious here.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       And why not?  We need look no further than the “TNA is renowned for hiring guys that were famous in other companies from other decades” discussion.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Kurt Angle had a lot of great matches with Eddie Guererro.  Kurt Angle has also wrestled Chavo.


    i watched a TNA ppv and…..and….and IT WASN’T BAD! 

    • I NO SOLD

      holy shit did i just type that?

  • There should be four categories the next time you make a rant:





  • There should be four categories the next time you make a rant:





  • Danlesh

    I liked the “Kurt hacked my twitter” sign

  • Overall, I enjoyed BFG. I would’ve liked to see Aries and Kaz/Daniels retain, but that’s by the by. Storm/Roode was a great match, and I’m kind of enjoying the whole A’s & 8’s thing on a basic level. Samoa Joe finally looks legit again, Magnus didn’t look weak losing to him, and the Knockouts belt is finally back on someone who can finally wrestle as opposed to someone with a sweet rack…

    Only thing I can really, truly criticize is RVD going over Zeema Ion. What on earth does RVD need the X-Div title for?
    Kaz’ botch was pretty horrible, too; poor guy.