Heavier than Paul Heyman, it’s Botchamania 216: Pinkie Sanchez Goes To Hollywood!

Thanks to…

My Chikara spy for Ebessan intro (something I thought I’d never see)

The various YouTube channels already watermarked on the CM Punk footage.

Marty Scurll for existing.


Dr. WILY STAGE 4 by Yuko Takehara, Toshihiko Horiyama, Makoto Tomozawa (Mega Man 7)

Haunted House BGM by Koji Kondo (Super Mario World)

Blockbusters Theme

Main Title by Kazumi Totaka (Wave Race 64)

Fat Wario by Kozue Ishikawa (Wario Land II)

Francis Battle by Naoko Mitome, Chika Sekigawa (Super Paper Mario)

Mouthful of Shit by Chumbawamba

Dave Chappelle: Fuck yo couch (Baltimore Mix) by DARKWESKER08

  • #JeffHoardy

    •  TNA likes to rip-off popular shows so much, maybe they can repackage Jeff with a gimmick based on Hoarders or Hoarding: Buried Alive. They can film vignettes of him in a dilapidated house full of trash piles, feces, and broken furniture, and Jeff Hoardy can feud with wrestlers who attempt to throw away one of his pieces of junk.

      Name’s Russo, BTW. How ya doin’?

  • One of the best endings I’ve enjoyed for a BM in a long, long time!

  • NightshadeEx

    I love the ending. LOVE.

    • Subways are a helluva food.

      In before Maffew goes into Brit mode and starts attempting to correct me.

  • Homage to Wave Race yeah I Heard that


    Maffew, will you ever sell out on us and go PG? If so…WE COMIN FOR YOU AND YOUR DAMN PG VIDEOS!!!!!!!

  • Finally, a new Botchamania! I was going to buy weed from the Dominicans below my building.

    • CHUD

       Below your building? Do they live underground?

  • Tumblr is taking over Botchamania. 

  • Stevel12

    Yea that ending was amazing. 

  • CleverTrousers

    AHAHAHAHA dat ending. top notch maffew. 

  • I love botchamania. So much.

    Somewhat related question.. what game is the Chikara ad’s music at the start of the vid from?

    • Sejanoz

       It’s from James Pond 3: Operation Starfish.

      • Awesome thanks much!

        • Sejanoz

           You’re welcome.

  • JD

    maffew i have a request, for the next botchamania could you use music from a game called the adventures of alundra, very good game that no one seemed to play.

  • PalaceOfWisdom

    Where can I find the pic at 10:08? Ive only seen it cut into 3 parts

  • tmacman

    Interviewer: Why did you destroy Miz’s couch?

    Ryback: Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!

  • Boy Fem

    Can anyone tell if Taz if desperately trying to get Realty TV star de jure over or if he’s subtly mocking the product? This reminds me of that one episode of WWECW where it was Batista vs Kane and the fans were chanting boring and Taz remarks, “Boring, This is anything but boring”. I know Tenay certainly doesn’t even bother to phone in TNA’s nonsense the way he used to when the product wasn’t as good.

    • ultrascum

       lol havent seen anyone use the term ‘de jure’ outside discussions on paradox forums concerning CK2.

      (which is Game of the Year by a long way in my house)

  • Adam Curry

    Cocaine is a heel of a drug…

  • Ian

    Excellent! Great job Maffew.

  • Interesting to see the second angle in the Punk incident. So he gets forcibly shoved twice by some twat on his right side, then the guy behind him accidentally catches him on the shoulder putting his glasses on and Punk levels him. I still think Punk should drop the belt as punishment (and to keep Ryback strong), but hopefully the guy shoving him will face some sort of penalty if he hasn’t already. God knows where security was, though.

    • ultrascum

       Oh yeah, Punk was literally under a physical attack the whole time. Tough spot to be in and it SHOULD have been fine to do, except unfortuantely he entered a part of crowd populated with a high concentration of dickheads.

      Ridiculous that poeple think this is OK. Ive been watching some of the old (1999/200 era) episodes, and they were in the crowd all the time, and noone attacked them, or pushed them.

      They would touch them, but none of this jostling and pushing at all. There are episodes in the Invasion  (or just before)when DDP was being HATED with seruious heat everytime he is featured, and hes sitting in the crowd at one point keeping an eye out for ‘Taker, with fans all around just chilling.

      What has changed these days? Do all these dickheads think they are MMA tough and think they have to have a go at performers? Would they also attack the baddie from their favorite TV drama if they saw them in the street?

      • Hitmonchan

        I wish Punk punched a pregnant woman there.

    • Your gay

      “Punk should be punished and so should that fan” lol you sound like a complete fucking fag, oh you Americans are funny.

      • Bycicle

        “You”, “You’re”…Know the difference.

  • Mr. McMahon

    That Prime Time Players promo was laughable. The taller guy was so intense and his little buddy just couldn’t get there, bless his heart for trying.

  • 1 2

    Hey, new Botchamania. My day is officially awesome.

    I feel the Yes! Yes! Yes / No! No! No! switch from Singing in the Rain has ending potential…

  • Bdigitoll

    Hey, where’s the Dailymotion upload??
    I needs mah Botchamania!!!
    Can only access Dailymotion at work, so get it up there, STAT!!

    • Hitmonchan

       Don’t have your knickers in a twist, Maffew already uploaded your request.

  • grievousgeorge

    What’s the botch at 1:33?

    • Sejanoz

       Little kid in the audience flips off Sting.


  • The Ref WMXW

    That wasnt Rybacks fault, it was Abert-Tensi-Trains fault. They got it on Smackdown the previous friday..

  • Kenny

    Gawd I need to remember not to watch these with my kids. My 4 year old thought the couch bit was the best thing ever.

  • Hitmonchan

    Guy at the end before the BM ending looks a lot like a fat Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel aka Sonic.

  • Formypeepsoutthere


  • That couch jumped more for Ryback than Tensai did. 

  • The Anarchist

    Maffew, you’re a genius.

  • Botchamania never fails to put me in a good mood.

  • Andrew Hernandez

    I cared that they bait and switched the women’s match at night of champions. It was pretty stupid of WWE to just wait until the pay per view to take Kaitlyn off, when they could have easily had a rematch between her and Eve Torres beforehand.

    As someone who likes women’s wrestling, I look forward to any chance the women are allowed to showcase their skill.