Harder to get into than a Grant Morrison Batman storyline (if you haven’t watched the previous 216 videos, I suggest you do so now) it’s Botchamania 217: Ryback To The Future!


Round 7, Part 2 (Expander) by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 2)

Welcome to Station Square by Masaru Setsumaru, Jun Senoue (SONIC ADVENTURE)

Re-Animator Theme by Richard Band

Tubthumper by Chumbawumba

Thanks to…

Nick Evans for watching Raw with me

Henry Jack for supplying me with a DVD of Under Siege 2.

Not a lot of music in this one, due to the sheer volume of audio-related mishaps this last fortnight. The ‘bit’ for Tony Kozina was very nearly ”steals from promoters” until I realised how much he looks like the schlep from Suits. And also because I didn’t want Davey Richards or Kyle O’Reilly after me.

Hell in a Cell was better than expected. Big Show vs. Sheamus defied logic and was an exciting, hard-hitting affair between two big, bad dudes. The main event made Ryback look like a man-beast and every match (aside from the Divas, who did try) was at least good. Still didn’t stop a lot of people (grown men with jobs and glasses) getting overly upset at that thing called ”story-telling” that wrestling does from time-to-time and describing the finish to the main event as THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO WRESTLING SINCE TWITTER.

One of the reasons Botchamania has lasted so long is due to my ability to watch it as a fan and want Wrestler X to beat Wrestler Y simply because I like Wrestler X. None of this ”what’s best for business in the long-run” or ”DAS BUY-RATE’/DAS TV RATINGS’ nonsense that ruins the fun. Which is why Lesnar vs. Cena is my Match of The Year because I was literally jumping around the room shouting ”YES BROCK YES” as he thrashed Cena. My favourite didn’t win. Does that mean I’m never going to watch wrestling again? Pffffft yeah, right.

  • Good lord they weren’t kidding when they said the HIAC crowd was dead.

    • Dynamo11

       It really was, which was criminal for Cesaro vs Gabriel as they had the best match of the night!

      •  You heard the crowd (irony). Americans don’t care for Swiss people and South Africans.

        • Not really true, Castagnoli has always managed to get heat in the indies. The problem is that neither of them has much of a character. Cesaro just says words in different languages, which appears to be his entire gimmick, which is a bit lame but it’s something (plus he has the ridiculously hot girlfriend/valet). I’ve never seen anything resembling character development from Justin Gabriel, so it’s not really his fault. They had a very good match, but ultimately WWE didn’t give the audience that much reason to care about either of them in the weeks leading to the event. More worrying is how dead they were for Ryback/Punk, considering the massive build it had.

          • Hitmonchan

             They didn’t sound dead when Ryback dominated Punk and made him crash through the cage walls, nor were they silent when the ref low-blew Ryback and Ryback went into his Goldberg/Ultimate Warrior-like rage and decimated both.

  • Raw is Fun

  • MIdAS

    isn’t the song “tubthumping”?

  • taranaich

    I was sure the Re-Animator bit with Miz would be my favourite, but then the ending killed me.

    Also, I could’ve sworn Test has kicked out of the 3D, but I can’t recall when.

  •  Twitter account hacked by Kurt Angle

  • Punk passed roadblocks and knocked screws looses.

    For some reason I think he’s botching on purpose just to become Botchamania content, although considering he’s from Chicago, maybe he has yet to passed the academic roadblock and needs to tighten those loosed screws on his head before cutting a promo.

  • “One of the reasons Botchamania has lasted so long is due to my ability
    to watch it as a fan and want Wrestler X to beat Wrestler Y simply
    because I like Wrestler X”

    What about Wrestler Z?

  • CleverTrousers

    R.I.P Chumbawumba and Mongo
    This was quite the emotional Botchamania Maffew.
    I’d also like to point out that on the Raw before HIAC in the match between Gabriel and Cesaro, the crowd also chanted “USA”; cue “Look at all those idiots”.

  • grievousgeorge

    It’s Tubthumping. What did JR smoke?

  • MaturedSinner

    I marked out for some Sonic Adventure.

    • i damn near lost my shit when i heard that.  my son has been playing that for days now

  • Aphex17

    chikara’s mature huh? a rocking horse? please….

    • It was probably a comedy match. Not really a fair reflection of the company as a whole.

      • Actually, it IS a fair reflection of the company as a whole. They do goofy shit and have FUN while putting on some of the best wrestling out there. I know that’s an outlawed word among the “smart marks” but screw ’em. Nobody invited them anyway.

    • ”That’s the joke” – Wolfcastle

  • Ryback is the mother of all fuck ups

  • Boy Fem

    George Washington as former US champion! You’re too clever, Maffew.

  • Boy Fem

    JBL seemed ashamed to have made a mistake. Yet another reason why I love him on commentary.
    With the state of WWE’s booking I wouldn’t be surprised if JBL’s back (the myback) walked through Miz and Ziggler. Actually, I’d love to see JBL’s back make Miz’s Christmas terrible.

  • Mr Z

    Nobody kicked out of the Dudley’s 3D in WCW? When were they in WCW? And being WCW tag champs during the invasion doesn’t count.

    • Hitmonchan

       My guess is he meant that no one “FROM” WCW kicked out of the 3D.

  • grievousgeorge

    George Washington is US President NOT Champion

    • Sejanoz

       Click on the thumbnail below for my reply.

      • Sejanoz

         Goddamn broken comment system.

        It was a picture of McBain saying “Dat’s de joke.”

        • “Now for my impression of Woody Allen.”

    • Maffew’s confused since the head of their country is former 3PW intercontinental champ David “Yes, Minister” Cameron.

  • WWE

    Maffew, don’t expect this video to stay up long, YOU KNOW WE COMING FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • We need a “He’s to fat” t-shirt now!

  • ultrascum

    King will be back soon.

    Im glad he is ok, but Ill sure miss JBL and JR on the mics. Especially as JR is rapidly approaching the point where he doesnt give a fuck, and will probably start hilariously shooting on Raw (hes already done it a few times, (loved the ‘let the Mexican guys do this’ GOLD), and JBL just doesnt give a fuck because hes a total hero and has plenty of other stuff to do if WWE let him go in exchange for the recently uninspired King Lawler.

    I feel bad about saying it, but I really wish Lawler would take at least 6 months off so we got a nice Winter of JR/JBL.

    • I think he’s returning too soon anyway, so much travel for a man in his sixties with a heart condition can’t be good. It’s up to him though, obviously.

  • 1 2

    Yay, new Botchamania. Wow, it’s WWE-heavy, but everyone kept fucking up their lines at Hell in a Cell.

    Re: enjoying wrestling – Hell in a Cell’s not the best PPV ever, but I enjoyed the action and I’m not going to get pissy about the ending… Collected tweets from HIAC, Please?

    • I didn’t like the ending. In itself, it wasn’t bad. It protected Ryback, which is what was needed. The problem for me is that two consecutive pay-per-views have now ended with screwy finishes. That’s one of the few aspects of the Attitude Era/Monday Night Wars that I never want to see return. The people saying it will turn them away from wrestling are overreacting massively, but again, that doesn’t mean it can’t be criticised/analysed with a bit of distance and perspective. It was bad booking, in my opinion, but nothing catastrophic so much as just massively disappointing at the time. What was more disappointing, however, was how apathetic the crowd seemed throughout the show and especially at the end. 

      • 1 2

         I’ll comment more on this in the collected tweets thread…

  • Two Chumbawumba tracks in a row, surely it must be Amnesia next.

  • Theios_soulis

    Thanks for the “Danger Zone” part Maff, i was really expecting it. I actually screamed it while watching the PPV.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Grant Morrison is like having the Joker write a Batman story.  I’m along for the ride but hell if I know what in blue blazer is going on.

  • BubbahMaster

    This video was just uploaded, 3MB entrance video (fucking kill me now!) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l37MSnPnro&feature=g-all-u – comments are disabled so it’s up to all of us to go dislike it, that is all, athankyou!

  • Awakened8

    What, oh what, is the music during the intro quote section for BM? I keep trying to trying to find it, but to no avail…

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