• Tweeting about TNA Turning Point 2012, so if you don’t want it spoiled…DON’T GO ON TWITTER IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU MUPPET. (Some British Fans complained about me tweeting about the previous TNA PPV because it’s shown on Challenge TV a few days later. Twitter is a newsfeed, I apologise for nothing.)

  • Magnus vs Joe to start off. I think they’ve been feuding longer than they were teaming. Not complaining, they deliver better than Papa Johns

  • Three man commentating team, I approve. Todd does all the work, Tazz gets a few token lines and Tenay does…er…

  • I haven’t checked anywhere, but I’m sure this is the image everybody has screenshot’d from Turning Point:

  • Boo/Tara vs. Eric/ODB works because Young and Miss Titty are ”well over” as they say in Blighty.

  • Boo gets kicked in the dick. Current match rating: *****

  • Young wins with the Banana Hammock American Flag Speedo Elbow Drop.

  • There was nothing bad about Joey Ryan vs. RVD and I popped for the commentators calling Ryan’s neckbreaker the Moustache Ride, but like Angle/Devon it was a set-up match for bigger things. Sadly that means Matt Morgan.

  • Doc vs. Joseph Park. Doc is ”an enforcer for some of the most powerful men in this business!” Power Uti?

  • The former Festus vs. the former Abyss. THE BATTLE OF THE FAKE KANES.

  • Doc needs a new name. So weird hearing Hemme trying to make it sound dramatic and it coming out as ”Doooocccc!”

  • Two Reasons To Watch TNA (Kaz & Daniels) take on Hernandez and Chavo ”Related to Eddy” Von Erich.

  • Daniels’ finger-tape makes it look like he’s constantly flipping the bird.

  • Chavo’s the only one with hair. Proof that hair restoration treatment worked.

  • Kaz & Daniels bust out Gangam Style. Whatever makes them happy.

  • Chavo hits the Three Amigos. Which in his case is ”Eddy, Eddy and Eddy.”

  • Eddy ”Chavo” Von Erich and The Other Mexican On The Roster retain. Bah. (Apparently Hernandez isn’t Mexican. To paraphase Booker T ”Well, he LOOKS Mexican.”)

  • OH MY GOD, AJ Styles’ haircut looks like something from Blackadder Series 1. (Adam Wilson replied ”I’m led to believe his views on homosexuality are also from that era.”)

  • Styles/Storm/Roode was fun. Beer Money moves were resurrected! *wears cowboy hat, drinks beer* (The result means Styles isn’t allowed a World title shot until BFG next year.  I wonder what Styles is going to now, other than feud with Daniels.)

  • I like the Devon storyline so far, it’s always nice when a heel turn is justified. TNA *did* release him/not hire him when he was TV champ so he was right, they don’t have his back.

  • Amazing that Devon is saying the exact same lines as he did in ECW. ”Don’t take this ass-whipping personally!” ”Shut the hell up!” etc. (He’s got a dramatic voice though, which is presumably why he’s been given so much mic time. WITHout further aDO)

  • Devon works on Angle’s neck, due to ”his well-documented past injuries”. Well shit, using that logic Devon can go after any part of Angle.

  • Got to wonder why Angle even bothers with the Triple Germans anymore. Crowd doesn’t react for any of them and they never get the pin. (The effort outweighs the result.)

  • Crowd is dead for Devon/Angle. Devon doesn’t have a varied enough moveset. He does three variations of a powerbomb/spinebuster in this match. They know it’s all filler for Bully/Devon anyway.

  • Angle makes Devon tap out of nowhere, crowd chants ”Eric Bischoff’ at Aces and Eights. ANYBODY BUT BISCHOFF, PLEASE.

  • Aries misses a kick on Jeff Hardy and Taz does his best to defend it. It goes as well as you’d expect.

  • Hardy is bumping like a man who should be on drugs if he isn’t already.

  • Hardy vs. Aries blew away expectations. BAH GAWD WHAT A MATCH.

  • Highlight being Aries activating the switch that operates the belt lift, so Hardy actually had a reason to get the Scorpio-sized ladder for a change.

  • Lies, highlight was clearly both men falling off one ladder onto another horizontal ladder, where they recovered and Hardy killed Aries with the Twist of Hate to finish.

  • Overall: TNA Turning Point 2012 was a bucket-full of good. If it was a drink, it would be Orange-Flavour Rockstar.

  • Ponshite

    put styles in a suit, and it’s a laurinatis.

    • mrchopper

      What if it actually IS Laurinaitis? Some crazy-assed Looper shit right there. 

      • Kyle Warne

        any coment refrencing Looper is a winning coment

  • Josh Hobbs

    The finish was incredible for Aries/Hardy. Fucking Twist of Fate ON A LADDER, that’s already ON THE TOP ROPE. WHAT!?

  • Really like the tag team title match (the real one), the n’1 contender and the main event.

    Turning point 2012>>>>>>hell in a cell 2012

  • Farmerjoel_

    Did anyone hear Aries shout at Jeff when raising the belts. “Fuck you! You ain’t getting those fucking belts!” Or something similar?

    •  yeah,  that was great

    • ultrascum

       When he was operating the ‘Belt Crane’?

  • what the fuck does DOC stand for

    • Kyle Warne

       Directer of Chaos

      • Dirty_Dave_Delaney

        He’s definitely changed a lot since Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs!!! 

    • Nolo King

      Dicks or cocks, you know, like the ones you like to suck, lawls!

  • Codster9

    A.J. “Styles” has a Styles Clash of his own.  HOW IRONIC!

    • reyenir

      Styles Crash

      • PlanBFromOuterSpace

         That’s the Japanese name for the move.

  • Aiii

    A motorcycle-gang stable and you still hope Bischoff is not the person behind it? That’s cute.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Kurt Angle had many classic matches with Eddie Guerrero.  He has also wrestled Kerwin White .

    • MANnY


  • That’s like six good PPVs for TNA this year. That has to be a record. Good for them.

  • Dougal M.

    Anybody but Bischoff? Even Brooke?

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

      Oh, come on!  Brooke had a confrontation with Aces and Eights, so how could…ummmmm…nevermind, if she’s been with them the whole time, that would be about par for the course…

  • grievousgeorge

    It’s Chavo Guerrerro and who’s Power Uti? I’ll Chant Eric Bischoff 24/7

    • Sejanoz

       Power Uti is (was?) a Nigerian wrestler. Mick Foley had a few stories about him in his first autobiography, Have A Nice Day!

  • ultrascum

    Turns out Boo is actually quite good at playing his part.

    Good on him. He might even be worthy of being called his own name, if I could remember what it is.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Borash face is priceless, and unlike Cornette face, still employed.

  • wut da hale

    Did anybody notice the belts get raised before Aries got the switch and did it? It was in the earlier part of the match and the crowd was saying you screwed Jeff. Jeff was on the ladder and Aries was near the ring, so who the hell raised the belts? I smell a conspiracy…

  • Maddbusiness_07

    Exactly what I thought, “Aries is dead.” lol (At the highlight of the night)

  • Georgia

    How have you ONLY JUST noticed that about Daniels’ glove (it’s not tape, or at least not usually, it’s a glove with the middle finger cut off.) He uses it in crowd confrontations- showing the whole back of the hand, fingers extended, ‘Do you know what this is? This means THIS *flips bird with other hand*’ 

  • 1 2

    Yup, don’t really watch TNA, but I still enjoy Maffew’s PPV tweets. Laughing now.

  • Nitta

    I want Gallows to come out and say, “I wear a muscle shirt now, muscle shirts are cool.”