The Irish lads from OSW review WWE Studios’ latest direct-to-DVD bomb starring The Miz, as well as WWE’s BIGGEST failures. Available in HD!

  • The Condemned is an absolutely terrible film. One the worst I have ever paid to see in a theater. I find it baffling that people exist that would call it, “good.”

    • InverseTwo

      These two idiots are raving, obnoxious stupid halfwits who aren’t funny, yet labor for an aggravatingly long 40 minutes under the assumption that laughing at their own unfunny jokes and stumbling awkwardly over tangents to bore you to death with this mess of a review. These guys are throughly unentertaining morons with half a brain between them. Of course they liked The Condemned. They couldn’t make a spark rubbing the two braincells they share together.

      • Botch Cara

        Well if you don’t like it I guess they should just stop doing these. After all, this is all for you mate.

    • MPT

      It is good. Chill out

  • Nolo King

    That was not bad actually, lawls!

  • Tiger Mask V

    Fantastic work from the OSW team yet again. Keep up the good work boys.

  • InverseTwo

    Jesus christ. These idiots are insufferably unfunny, obnoxious f*****g stupid s***bags. Hearing them awkwardly stumble through this incredibly drawn out, overly long, circle jerking 40 minute video (I could only stand 8 minutes of this before I stopped) filled with these effeminate sounding imbeciles drunkenly ramble through this, laughing at their own jokes as if under the delusion they’re funny or interesting, was enough to make me want to slit a kitten’s throat.

    I don’t care what their opinion is on this stupid Marine movie or anything, or their opinion on WWE films. WWE films is a joke and deserves all the mocking it gets, but just listening to these two obnoxious, unfunny losers ramble on about nothing is a far more unpleasant experience than any of these films could ever be.

    But then again, these dribbling mental regressives liked The Condemned, so I think that says more about them than I could.

    Warning to everyone. Don’t watch this video or this “review”. Mark my words, it will make you wish you could just murder these annoying halfwits, or at the very least bore you to death and steal 40 minutes of your life you could be doing
    something better with.

    • So you didn’t care for it?

    • gnollah

      i look forward to these videos. i appreciate the footage they find, the banter they have, the editing that goes into it and finally the history of each feud that they research. actually (if you’re not just trolling), i think it would be great to have your perspective, in the booth as it were, right alongside them doing commentary. you’d make a fantastic bobby heenan!

    • Jose

      Too long; didn’t read.

    • def

      Wrong – Jay and his buddys are ace, even LAW fans

    • Shake

      Holy shit did one of them rape you in prison or something?

      Christ did you have three heart attacks writing that?

  • dennett316

    It wasn’t really a bomb though, it made the top 20 of the DVD and Blu Ray sales charts (12 and 15 respectively) and is the first WWE film in years to do so. It’s budget is estimated at $2-3 million, so it’s likely to make a decent profit based on rentals and sales.

    Also, The Condemned was extremely lame, and had a particularly hypocritical take on movie violence that insulted it’s target audience. It took itself WAY too seriously, had terrible shakey-cam problems and wasted both Austin and Vinnie Jones.

    • dennett316

      Also, yes, these guys are pretty annoying to listen to. The amount of giggling and laughing when they were reading out how much the WWE has lost on various failed ventures was simply obnoxious….they have voices for silent movies, that’s for sure.

  • Tom Bowen

    OSW Review is the shit. You guys are uptight as fuck.

    • dennett316

      Yeah, uptight, don’t have the same tolerances or preferences that you do, those are totally the same thing.