-Super-No-Advert–New-Intro-Wrestlemania Botchamania-

Hotter than the dry ice on Triple H’s chest and colder than Thatcher, it’s Botchamania 229: Gregory Iron Man 3!

Thanks to…

SkywardCinema for the brand new intro. A few people have sent intros but I’ve avoided using them as I personally dislike WWE’s dull-arse opening. SC’s one made me laugh and it didn’t look like crap, so well done fella!

BillxBillZero, RobViper, Pat Lucey, TheEaglesFan01, Христо Георгиев and a few others for the Misc. Clip Streets of Rage section. Some of these clips have been in my ‘random clip’ folder for months, gaining mould.

Exequiel Camilo Ortega Rubio for Kawada/Van Dam.


Opening by NON (Gunstar Heroes)

David Flair’s Theme by Jim Johnston

The Street of Rage by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage)

Cherrygrove City Tour by Junichi Masuda, Go Inchinose (Pokémon Gold & Silver)

Mission 1 by Michiya Hirasawa, Kazunaka Yamane (Double Dragon II: The Revenge)

Go Go Boco! by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)

Cooperation (Working Together) by Sesame Street

I enjoyed Wrestlemania, Souled Out ’98 is a cracking WCW PPV. Magno was terrible.

  • Awesome as ever, disgraceful that 3rd highest belt [IC] wasn’t even on main show – makes you wonder why they bothered bringing it back
    Funny now that whenever watch anything [Practically 100% TNA] and see/hear a botch I immediately think “That’ll be on Botchmania”
    Sweet new intro btw, uMo 4 Life! 😀

  • Randy

    Okay so I have been a Botchamaniac since the beginning, but I’ve never felt the need to comment till right now. When the Mongo/Magno swerve happened, I marked out hard. Perfection

  • Fatt Hardy

    Best Botchamania in a long time. Also, check the related videos “Cena talks too much” – should definitely use it!

  • zanadude

    Is that…a very young Al Snow?

    • Kblitz

      Nope. That’s a very young RVD that got whooped by Kawada. 2/19/93

  • gnark1ll

    Brilliant episode, so many moments…so just thanks as always Maffew!

    (Mongo/Magno nearly pissed myself)

  • Fart Knockington

    That one was pretty god damned good!

  • MaturedSinner

    These are the real Mania moments.

  • 5:53-6:00 left me breathless… beautiful.

  • randyortonsbackne

    if you are not an immediate fan of maffew after watching the mongo/magno transition, then you don’t know genius when you see it.

  • Jay B

    Don’t miss Big E punching AJ Lee in the chest during his entrance on Raw the night after WM.

  • BollywoodBulkBogan

    I can’t believe Maffew missed it when it sounded like JBL called Orton/Sheamus/Show three gay champions.

  • the mongo/magno part had me creasing. funniest thing ive seen in a while

  • Adam Curry

    Best ending ever! Can’t wait for 230, you can just show Orton/Sheamus from Raw and make that the whole episode.


    LOL that big show powerbomb was the funniest thing i’ve seen I coudlnt stop laughing

  • Louis R


    • MadLife is Jesus

      Man from the future; tell us your secrets.

      • John W

        He meant WM29. He did tell him that after the match.

        • John W

          Not long after the beginning* of the match

  • Mr. McMongo

    Nice to have a new BM! Wait…
    Well, kids, it’s just not WrestleMania until Brock breaks his neck.

  • GetIronic

    You missed Big E’s big splash to break the count during the tag team title match. He didn’t factor in the air time and jumped at a count of 2.5 and landed at a count of 3.5. That was the worst botch of the show…who the hell breaks a count via splash?

  • It Doesn’t Matter

    You can see the Rock tell Cena : ”Yeah, they don’t like you, you son of a bitch”

  • Get me his non-union, Mexican equivilant….LOL.

  • I’m a late convert to Botchamania but I love it. Favorite section is “Everybody talks too much” and the brutality shown to Tazz is wonderful.


    Hi Maffew. I’ve been a botchamaniac since the beginning and I finally made tribute of doing so. I know it’s not much, but I made the mWo logo and the newest Botchamania shirt logos, with the front and back. You guys can check it out if you want.

  • I’m not a bandwagon Nash hater, I do like Nash, but he’s full of shit on that powerbomb. Is he really gonna try to make it show’s fault he couldn’t pick him up?

  • Mickey Mc Finnigan

    last wrestlmania.. after the shield match.. JBL SAID THREE GAY CHAMPIONS

    • Mickey Mc Finnigan

      this needs to be in next bothamania

  • MPT

    What’s Magno?

  • MPT

    Who’s Buddy Rose?

  • MPT

    U.S. Title is worth a whole lot more