”Hit that drunk with the jacket on!”


Wrestlemania 13

Tazz (If You Dare) by James A. Johnston

Wrestlemania 14

Billy Gunn (Ass Man) by James A. Johnston

Wrestlemania 15

Blue Meanie (Here We Go) by James A. Johnston

Used the New Age Outlaws shoot before, but then again you’ve likely seen all these clips before. That’s kind of the point, missed by a few people. Maffew still loves you.

Wrestlemania 13 in brief:

Watch Hart vs. Austin and L.O.D./Johnson vs. Nation of Domination.

Wrestlemania 14 in brief:

Watch all of it! Fun show.

Wrestlemania 15 in brief:

Watch Austin/Rock and Butterbean/Gunn

  • Levikeinz

    Awesome! Been waiting for this… FOREVER!… FOREVER!

  • Brian

    “America! UuhhMerica!”

    You forgot to include the clip of Hawk being attacked by a teenage Colt Cabana from his front row seat at WM13.

  • DaveTheMark

    They should have just let Hawk break up that spot, huh?

  • Fuckin’ Terry Funk.

  • hi admin I found a botch on extreme rules 2013 how can I upload it for u so u can upload it in your channel please respond quickly

    • Epilef

      4 years later… no ansewer

  • Josh

    To be honest, the first time I saw Austin/Shawn (which was one of the first matches I watched when I got back into wrestling), I had no clue what that crowd was chanting either. I actually rewinded it 2 or 3 times to try and figure it out but no luck. I actually don’t think I figured it out until you brought it up Maffew.

  • Mike

    Zeek hiel!

  • Herkimer

    For such a sub-par gimmick/push – The Blue Meanie really had some nice music.

  • Really weird, hearing Tazz’s music and not seeing an Oompa-Loompa.

  • Robert

    Could there be a reupload for this