You asked for it. We asked for it. It’s WWF NO MERCY on N64!

  • po

    Um, nobody really asked for this, did they? The videos are objectively some of the worst videos you’ll ever see about anything.

  • Gujy

    Yea I really dislike these videos.

  • derp

    if you do not like them don’t watch them retards

    • po

      Or maybe if we don’t like them and enough people say so then they might get taken off the site.

      Democracy in action, probably don’t use the word retard as an insult either, kind of a cunt thing to do.

      • smh

        If you look at the youtube comments people actually enjoy watching this video. Democracy is a failure and this is the internet let’s keep the internet free of political bull crap. Way to call this poster a cunt but be butt hurt about the term retard. This user used his or her free speech, you kinda come off as a fascist “do not use a offensive term but I’ll use a offensive term in return” kinda hypocritical of you po. The funny thing is you came back to a post you hate to complain typical American bs….