From Caesar’s Parking Lot, OSW review WWE’s most infamous WrestleMania! Featuring Hogan’s black eye, Giant Gonzalez’s nude-suit, and EVERY gimmick of Brutus Beefcake!

  • Liam

    Man, it takes me so long to get round to listening to a two hour vidcast, but these are absolutely brilliant. Big fan of your work, guys. Keep it up

    • oswreview

      Thank you brother brah

  • Rollo

    This is some really good stuff guys!
    Your laughter when you are joking around is making me laugh along with you.

    I have been feeling pretty low lately but this makes me fell a bit better. Thanks!


  • Matthew Kent

    Hi Guys,could you do an OSWreview of the Hogan sex tape? Love your work, keep it up.

    • oswreview

      Ha! What a great idea

  • Nathan Justin Weiser

    Why is this private now? just discovered this cast and now I can’t watch them? thats a bit shite

  • FatBastard

    Dude, why this is private? I wanna see this.