OSW review returns with David Arquette’s “Ready to Rumble”, featuring WCW wrestlers Goldberg, Sting, DDP and more! Keep an eye out for JOHN CENA in the background!

Part 2 (April 26th, 2000 episode of Thunder where Arquette wins the WCW title) coming to Botchamania.com next week!

  • crazygeese

    Hey guys – I found a 3-tiered cage match from WCW that happened a few years before Ready to Rumble; with 8 wrestlers fighting Hogan & Savage, and even some white powder crap thrown in the ring. Will the Mega Powers survive? Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEWQSh3YAFk

    • tiredhippo

      That moment when luger hits flair is hilarious…-go to hit macho…macho ducks…luger pauses like he’s stopped in time….then punches flair anyway- botched.

    • oswreview

      Ha! That cage is SO bockety! Thank God they made a new one for R2R. WCW love their multiple rings, double cages, triple cages, tower of doom etc. It’s very impressive looking until the match starts, the wrestlers can barely walk in it and the announcers try figure it out the stips.

  • Fat Pat

    Pure quality guys! Great stuff!

  • JimmyKingMark

    Jimmy King was born with 13 testicles. It was in the extended cut.

  • jsol

    As a kid(around 5) I loved it. And for that reason and the fact that WCW is no longer around I would still probably enjoy it even though I know it is pure shit.

  • James

    An HOUR long review of an hour and a half movie? Too long to watch, would just watch the movie instead!


    Fun fact: David Arquette’s stunt double? Sugar Shane Helms