We get asked a lot of questions about the show, ourselves and wrestling, so we’ve opened up the mailbag and responded. How is the show made? Favourite Simpsons episodes? How many potatoes do we go through in an average taping? Listen to us shoot the shit whilst watching the ’93, ’94 & ’95 Rumble!

This vid is three 1-hour Q&A videos combined together. WWE blocked this in the USA so this is a special patriotic version 🙂 Afterwards there’s a full Battle Royal from 1995 featuring Marty Jannetty, Owen Hart, Sid, Pre-Kane Isaac Yankem DDS and much, much less!

  • Not sure if the boys read the comments here…

    …but, if you do…YES, we in the U.S. DO have some Cadbury’s over here–not the selection that can be found over there…but Dairy Milks and a few others. Mostly, though, they’re known for their Creme Eggs which flood our grocery stores until Easter.

    • oswreview

      That’s good to hear brah. I’ve been to the States a few times and I can’t eat the chocolate. It’s just tastes cheap. Every other food is crazy good though. I bring Flakes and assorted chocolates whenever I visit them!

      • As someone who has been to the UK many times, I hear what you’re saying. I bring back chocolates every time (and many a Tube ride has been chocolate-enhanced).

        If you grew up on Three Muskateers, Milky Ways, 100 Grand, Crunch, Krackle, Kit Kats, York Peppermint Patties, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey’s Special Darks…they’re quick, cheap, easy and comfortable options–but nothing that I’d brag about to the world. (Those are what get stolen from my son’s Halloween haul, at any rate.)

        However, especially true in the time I’ve spent living in Seattle, if you look for chocolate away from the registers…there’s good stuff for those willing to look for it (and spend a little more.)

        The thing that I hate is an awful trend of every fancy chocolate maker thinking that we want either sea salt or spicy hot flavors in our chocolates. Bleh. (Though, your mileage may vary, of course.)

        Maybe I should put a box of examples together and send ’em to you…

      • Paul Rossi

        You guys are hyper entertaining!