YOUR BOYS Jay Hunter & MAFFEW runs down the thrills, chills, spills and…pills? from Survivor Series & RAW afterwards! It’s a BRUCIE BONUS OSW review!

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  • Flash Wilkins

    “Talent Isn’t sexually transmitted.” Even if it was, Nikki Bella would still be shite!

  • Tyson botched the “#SurvivorSeries” hashtag by missing a “v”.

    • Gustavo

      And what about his selfie with Fox and NoamiĀ“s asses on the background? lol I think I would have done that if I were at ringside too

  • Stephen Smith

    Maffew and Jay! The dream team!

    I was in stitches at Maffew’s Alien Ant Farm reference. I owned their first (uhh … second?) album and can confirm they had more than one good song. But not many.

  • oswreview

    Tri.Moon made our Ambrose/Pillman titantron! Catch it here:

  • rocksault

    This was so funny I couldn’t stop listening, even though I had other things to do… awesome.