In this Brucie Bonus episode, Jay, V1 and OOC tackle the pinnacle of Sports-Entertainment: the PPV debut of THE YETAY!

Note: This is just on Vimeo until YouTube get the finger out! If you encounter buffering, there’s a download button on Vimeo!

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  • Stephen Smith

    I like these shows but I could do without the constant Simpsons references. There were at least four in this show. Just showing already-funny clips from comedy shows doesn’t make your own thing funnier.

    • DickardDeckard

      Sure it does. 🙂

      • Stephen Smith

        Nah it doesn’t. Parodying stupid wrestling stuff with dramatic clips is the way to go. Just showing or saying Simpsons punchlines is just for the sake of making Simpsons references.

        • kpkulmala

          Oh my god, four Simpsons references in a 1h45min long episode? Can’t even imagine what it was like for you.

          • Stephen Smith

            Multiplied by 46 episodes.

            Plus, four is too many. Cast the net wider, reference other stuff. How small are their reference pools if they keep referring back to the same bloody show?

          • sdfojfdskl

            Just fuck off no one gives a shit!

          • wreerw

            pointing shit out does not make it relevant
            i just wanted to point that out

    • BollywoodBulkBogan

      Old man yells at Simpsons references.

  • evilfangs .

    What are the time frames for OSW videos to appear on Youtube?

  • Lol, funny (but good) review. Keep it up.

  • Hallic0Hicks

    Well good thing there’s a download option cause Vimeo’s player is bollocks.


    Quick correct it’s Mike Buffer, Bruce does UFC

  • Daine

    Yes! Yes! Fecking yes! Bring on Wrestlemania x-7. Best choice

  • ColeYote

    Oh dear god, it’s the sumo truck match.

  • Weeee

    is someone whispering “burn”

  • Shake


    I woke the neighbors