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  • pik_3000


    Seth Rollins did G@y s0ftcore p0rn look up Tyler Black cyberfights for proof.

  • pik_3000

    I think the WWE misused Big Vito….He shouldve had at least one run with the WWE Title… He was great on the mic, great worker,he had a great attitude, and would do anything asked of him…He proved himself as an up and coming star in ECW and WCW but the WWE dropped the ball with him, BIG TIME…I think Vito could’ve been like a modern day Bruno Sammartino and could’ve really gotten over with the Italian crowds, especially in New York.. Vito deserved a shot to headline Madison Square Garden but the WWE stole that moment from him and instead of giving him his moment they made him work through some horrible concussions…..Makes me sick when I see the WWE misuse and mistreat a world class athlete like Big Vito..

  • pik_3000

    Roman Reigns is the best wrestler in the WWE, besides Cena..He has the tools to carry the company for the next ten years but Vince needs to let Roman be himself..He seems like a very charismatic and witty person that can hold his own in interviews…Vince needs to give Roman Reigns the green light to be himself and start building the Roman Empire in the WWE

    Roman Reigns winning the Superstar Of The Year was a great move by the WWE. Roman Reigns tore the house down all year with fantastic matches and he has NEVER lost a one on one match cleanly. I think this is going to be the first of at least 5 Superstar Of The Year awards for Reigns because the Roman Empire will reign supreme in the WWE for years to come.

  • Travis Howell

    *sigh* fucking hate vimeo…