Your boys are back with the first part of the X7 Saga!

Featuring HALL OF FAMER Drew Carey, The BOY RUMBLE and Kane’s floor mop!

Still working on getting YouTube back, will have an update next week.

mp3/iTunes of this episode in a couple of days 🙂

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  • Jay Hunter’s dishrag

    WHAT BAAAHR were the Dudleys?

  • KrustyKryptonite

    Quality review boys

  • Ziv

    Great review. How has nobody mentioned that Austin shouldn’t even have
    been allowed in the match? The next person up entered the ring before
    him. Either he should’ve have been disallowed or Curtis Axel is actually
    still in the rumble!

    • Scholes 2213

      They change the rules way after the Austin incident.
      Years later Scotty 2 Hotty was the first to be eliminated by this rule.

      • Ziv

        At the ’91 Rumble Macho Man cost Warrior his title match. Macho was supposed to be in the rumble but lost his spot when he never came out because he was likely running away from the Warrior.

        • Scholes 2213

          But he never got in to the ring, so he never entered the match.
          Austin did enter to the ring, that’s why he compited and won

          • Ziv

            Check the tape Austin didn’t make it into the ring. HHH got him before he entered and multiple men entered the ring before Austin eventually made it in.

          • Scholes 2213

            Yes, but as i say, the rules didnt say anything about that, they change them years later.
            I was telling you why the Macho Man situation was different to the Austin situation. Macho Man didnt enter the ring, Austin did.

          • Ziv

            Ok. I don’t see Austin enter the ring until after Billy Gunn, Haku and Rikishi. By rule he should not be allowed in the rumble. I believe the rule was established in ’91 when Macho King no-showed. Monsoon and Henan said he forfeited his spot when he didn’t enter. The moment the next man stepped foot in the ring he was out. Obviously I not gonna convince you nor will you convince me so good day.

          • Scholes 2213

            Hahaha As I said, i think the rule was added after the Rumble that Austin win, but I’m not sure about that. I was just trying to give justification to this case.
            Have a nice day, mate 🙂

          • Guest2018745

            They change and make up/ignore rules as and when they feel like it. 2013 rumble Punk was eliminated by Kane… Who was eliminated. When in a previous Rumble the people eliminated by a previously eliminated Vader (i think, can’t remember) were disallowed and everyone just got back in the ring.

            2015 NXT Rival, match ends by stoppage, title changes hands. NXT next week, “titles change hands by referee stoppage in NXT”. Well no shit, thanks for never telling us before this and starting the match with the usual “by pinfall or submission” and STILL having title matches AFTER this that don’t mention the possibility of “pinfall, submission or referee stoppage”.

  • Mark S.

    Royal Rumble ’01 was decent but not memorable aside from Austin’s third victory. I think Rock should’ve won it, though.

    • Muchawlucha

      But that would leave Austin out of a championship match to win in a villainous fashion in front of his home state.

  • Benji Bazely

    i need that version of acceptable in the 80s 🙁

  • Eric

    Great job, guys! This really takes me back. Just one thing: Bob Uecker actually showed up at two WrestleManias (3 and 4). Sorry to nitpick.

  • Muchawlucha

    RR2001 was a good PPV but the HHH/Angle match was the low point of it given Angle’s role as a third wheel in the McMahon-Hemsley-Stratus dilemma despite being the fuckin’ WWF champion. I think Rock should’ve not only challenged Angle at the Rumble but also beat Angle for it, leaving Austin as the Rumble winner but pause the feud until after No Way Out with Rock defending the title from a rematch vs Angle and Austin ending his feud with Triple H (who tried to take out Austin at the Rumble just because.) That was all McMahon drama crapping over the more mandatory important feuds.