A BRUCIE BONUS EPISODE! Jay & MAFFEW  take on WrestleMania 31!

Featuring WORZELMANIA, Hunter-Killer Hearst Helmsley and Romany Gypsy Reigns!

If you’ve problems viewing the vid, turn AdBlock & HD off!

Update on Episode 50, No Way Out 2001! OSWreview.com/update-7apr

  • i creamed myself at that better call paul intro

  • Dr. Krieger

    Maffew in another OSW video gave me an erection.

  • Rollo

    Superb! I watched the episode on OSWs page earlier.
    A real masterpiece! I loved it!

  • Zer0FiveSeven

    Love these and I watch them as fast as you guys put them out. Thanks for the content.

  • Saudinho

    better call Paul ahahahahahahahahahaahha

  • Chris Chopkins Hopkins

    The irony is that Andre hated doing battle royals and would often eliminate himself

    • Antonioooo

      Really? I never knew that. Why did he hate battle royals?

  • RaptorFactor

    maffew is the only reason i watched this

  • Justin Leeper

    T. Hawk reference. That was pretty much a damn near perfect analogy.

  • Shake

    That Cena America vid was so awful. It represented random parts of American history, but if you’re gonna play up a Russia v America angle then at least play up their differences rather than random ass pics of old people.

    ”America represents Martin Luther King Jr., Russia would obviously represent the opposite”


  • Grayscale

    You guys should’ve called “Fountain of Youth” R-Truth “R-Youth” instead 😛