The best series of accidents online since Dixier Carter last logged onto her e-mail account, it’s Botchamania 276: Whore of the The Orient Express!

Thanks To…

Oleg The Usurper for the fabulous intro and tripping over

Xircon Zircon for sending me that Seal cover

sirwombat for the Eden moment I missed

George from Macomb for the crazy lucha dive

Kris Levin for the Mr. Fuji trip

RobViper for Argos

Adam Lash and The Indie Wrestling Archive for the glass match

Shane Kotlyar for Texas Dingo

Ruben for Kingston’s fall

Codster9 for the I Quit ending


Seal – Kiss From a Rose [VRC6 Cover] by Fearofdark

Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) by Joan Jett

Zephyr by AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane (Contra Hard Corps)

Donut Plains by Soyo Oka, Taro Bando (Super Mario Kart)

Silence by Yumiko Kanki (F-Zero)

The Nutsmasher (Parodius DA!) by Anonymous DoD Contestant

  • gblock

    omfg that “Mount Splashmore” ending was perfect!

    • MisterForth

      It was awesome.

  • Fullname J Warrington


    • Mike Johnson

      I see he got his promo skills from the Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer Vocational Institute.

      • Placid_Snake


  • Michael Montana

    Diablo Fuego vs Texas Dingo for feud of the year


    Texas dingo hahahahaahh.. The last part actually was…
    ” am going to kill you fucker” from Diablo but your subtitles made it funnier lol

  • Ricardo Guanipa

    so did anybody else notice the freemason member picture on the left during the intro?

  • MPT

    Where was that lady from the first table from?

  • Vcom7418

    To be fair. Rusev did say he quits on Bulgarian.

    • guest

      To be fair most people in the arena wouldn’t have heard or understood him anyway.

      • Vcom7418

        They didn’t need to. Only referee did. And he screwed up.

    • GiftoftheMagi

      Just prior to the match, he says ‘I Quit’. In English. The rules of the match is to say the exact words “I Quit”, not a variation of it. And I think while there is a direct translation of “I Quit” in Bulgarian, what he said in the match was several phrases including “I gave up, I will crush you” but never “I Quit”. That last bit I do need to recheck though.

  • Joe

    Zephyr by AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane (Contra Hard Corps)

    Where can I find the remix version of this song? It sounds like it was redone.

  • Karma-chan

    You have used Contra Hard Cops a couple of times now. Would you say you’re ……HARD for it, Maffew?

    • Glenn Vaughn

      It gives him an…. Uprising

    • Guest

      You need to stop being a “Dreamer”, or hanging “In The Bar” once you start doing that you need to “Go Straight” to the truth and realize that Maffew’s true love is for another Sega. After that go have yourself a “A Spin On The Bridge” before you find yourself in “In Too Deep” again :V

  • That David Flair match feels like something we’d get out of the fucking WWE today, just replace David Flair, Norman Smiley, and Haku with Curtis Axel, R-Truth and Rusev

  • Gustavo Cardoso Fontanetti

    Good God that Canadian Destroyer ending was awesome!

    However, it reminded me more of that botched move Trevor Murdoch did against Matt Hardy

  • tony

    please, I am begging you, share that Seal cover

    • Guest

      Kiss from a rose :V

  • Gruntt

    I lost it at Texas Dingo

    • Bhazor

      Mexican luchadore promos are frickin’ hardcore. “God himself will weep omnipotent tears and beg for mercy”

      • Guest

        Wouldn’t god’s tears be omnipresent as opposed to omnipotent?

  • Paul S

    That was the best promo since Cactus Jack’s “Uncle Willie.”

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    Texas Dingo just cut the promo of our times…

    • This will definitely be up there with some of the greatest promos ever like the one that Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer did.

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    I was playing Contra 3 the Alien Wars coop with a buddy, and its a bit obscure but that first level boss music, the moment we heard it we both immediately thought it was Botchamania soundtrack worthy. perfect audio for a hectic struggle, as it was intended to be. The show is consistently great Maffew, always trying to get friends to watch your stuff and thanks!

  • CS 22

    11:02 I’m ok!

  • ColeYote

    Wrestling observer, I think we have a new frontrunner for Most Charismatic 2015 with Texas Dingo there.

  • rob

    Can I get a translation on that Patrick Stewart part?

  • UMO_Grunt

    To be fair Maffew the British did discover…../conquer a lot a land especially in Europe if Bulldog wants to be from Manchester or Leeds then damn it who’re are we to argue.

  • UMO_Grunt

    Ref calling spots.

  • UMO_Grunt

    05:22 Is the first time I’ve seen a light tube not be used as a weapon……and not in a CZW match :S

  • Jason R.

    Uncooperative tables always make me smile. They just make everything better.

    Went back to the classic Michaels/’Taker intro for ETTM on this one. Get a cease and desist letter from Disney?

  • Larry B. DuPreez III

    I’m happy to see that D’Lo Brown’s European Champ gimmick had its origins with the British Bulldog

  • zackvanhalen

    Fuck WWE. The BDC is better than anything they’ve done in ten years.

  • Texas Dingo looks like Mango from Saturday Night Live

  • Ben Sailer

    Hey, this is Benjamin Sailer. Who ever that was I fucked up with that killer monkey flip; my bad bro. Also, pretty sure I broke some kids leg on a moonsault (IWA-MS Something O’neil)not a 450 armbar, but that was almost ten years ago, who can recall.

  • Erik Chabek

    I think it would be funny to sync up some botches to the “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” soundtrack…just sounds fitting and i know i’ve never heard it all these years of watching

  • Stylin’ N’ Profilin’ Sheltie

    Someone track Texas Dingo down for a shoot interview.

  • Placid_Snake

    5:59 awesome read. Perfect!

    Let me guess, this guy wanted out of his contract?

  • WojZ

    Maffew what program do you use to put these together? Whatever it is, I know I don’t have it.

  • Dickbutt

    I love those cool wrestlers who just don’t care about the dumb bullshit that happens.

  • Exy

    And I thought I was the only one around who played Parodius DA.