Two words, shit sandwich. It’s Botchamania 277: Yoshi’s Woolly World Wrestling Entertainment!

Thanks To…

MK Mckinnan and Trent Seven for being very polite considering they would have been justified slapping the shit out of me. The match they’re talking about was at CZW Down With the Sickness 2011 against BLK Jeez and Joker. And yes, it was awful. BUT THEY’RE GOOD NOW, GO FOLLOW THEM.

Codster9 for suggesting Randall from Recess because I don’t know anybody called Randall.

Alex Ewing for suggesting that Smash Mouth song.

Brad Smith for the awesome Ed, Edd and Eddy CZW lever.


TOMAHAWKMAN STAGE by Capcom Sound Team (Mega Man 6)

All Star by Smash Mouth (Mario Paint Composer) by phantomtaco132

Bentley Bears It All (Crystal Castles [Atari 2600]) by Anonymous DoD Contestant

Ode To Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven


It’s amazing to see the biggest wrestling company in the world somehow manages to mess up the audio for big events. Fastlane and it’s quiet-arse crowd was bad enough but at Elimination Chamber nearly every spot-call could be heard clear as day, no matter how well the wrestlers tried to hide it. I didn’t put every example in as too much spot-calling in the videos annoys some so I just put the best examples in. Plus the whole point of EVERYONE TALKS TOO MUCH is mocking bad spot-calling, so when the issue is with the mics/the tech guys it doesn’t seem fair. Cena’s got no excuse though.

You may disagree on other teams stopping other teams pin-fall attempts in elimination matches, but it literally makes no sense so I stand by it.

I’ve done the Full Metal Jacket audio before for Homicide in the Steel Asylum match, but it’s too good to use just once.

Kevin Owens vs. John Cena was the highlight of a weird PPV. Raw and WWE PPV are generally great at the minute though.

There was a lot that couldn’t be fit into this video thanks to how messy the IC Title Chamber match ended up being. So it means the next video will be due soon!

Edit: Ah, forgot the fucking RUSEV LOVES ANAL sign. BASTARD.

  • Codster9

    I really enjoy the Star Fox-style commentary.

    • Muchawlucha

      Would that make Cole Slippy, JBL the rabbit and King Falco?

      • Codster9

        “Do a Maggle Roll!”

        • Muchawlucha

          Oh God, I was waiting for that very joke to pop out. Thanks man.

      • The Best there is!

        King is more Peppy while JBL is Falco

  • Man, it amazes me in how bad things in the WWE are… you can hear guys calling out spots while commentators are acting like morons. No wonder I decided to stop watching RAW in September and its PPVs. Thank goodness for ROH.

    • Hitmonchan

      ROH? Lel

      • Ring of Honor….

        • Hitmonchan

          I know what it is. I find it hilarious that whenever WWE’s on the scope of a critic the shooter will make mention of ROH as some sort of superior alternative to WWE. It’s like preferring Sunday football leagues over the Premier.

          • What, you actually like that sports entertainment crap?

          • Muchawlucha

            Only the good parts. I’m giving LU and TNA a chance as well; the latter’s improving. It’s like the AVGN/IrateGamer effect; AVGN mooching money off of his sheep fans to make a horrid “movie” gave Chris Bores a chance to give his say on the “feud”, therefore earning the respect that James lost last year.

            I only said the above statement because more often than not people consider ROH to be the “greatest wrestling promotion in the world because guys like Daniel Bryan and ACH came out of there” which is the most ridiculous overstatement/sentiment of a lifetime.

          • Catherine Bouey

            Especially if they’re insisting that only WWE does something specific even if it’s done in other promotions… Spot Calling.

        • Manic

          So you much prefer the lights going out and shit and Roderick Strong. k. Dudes in ROH call spots too you just can’t hear it. And sometimes you can if the hand cam is close. That is a very stupid reason to cite. And ROH’s commentary isn’t that great either.

          • At least Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino don’t make asses of themselves like JBL and Cole.

  • Álvaro Rodríguez

    Great episode, I hate when spots-calling is too loud, imagine how the youngsters at the first row feel like. Although Cena is fucking awful at keeping it quiet, my gosh he’s loud af

  • MisterForth

    Ziggler also deserves no blame, as like you said, he was trying to save the match.

    • Muchawlucha

      I wouldn’t blame Cena either. At least he ordered Steen all the way to a clean victory.

  • Muchawlucha

    My biggest gripe with the AAA LLWC was that it had to end with the boring rivalry between Mexico and the USA. I actually wanted the Leyendas go against Team Mexico in the final to split the crowd. I also expected a swerve where the Lucha council were the TRUE final bosses to get past to in order to become champions.

    Wishful thinking of my part.

  • Dave Barton

    Maffew botched at 9:53…

    “Night of the awkward TWILT-a-whirl”

  • XelaFury

    Yoshi’s Woolly World Wrestling Entertainment…… I feel so happy right now.

  • Francisco J Rodriguez

    what’s the clip featuring the guitarist getting stuck from?

    • Sewage Rat

      Looks like Spinal Tap

    • This is Spinal Tap. One of the funniest films ever made.

  • El Kickout

    Solar popped out of nowhere and probably we are never going to see him again in AAA

  • ColeYote

    You really should do a special on commentary botches one of these days. Or wrestlers forgetting the match stipulations.

  • Prince Barin

    I dont think that the tyson kid elbow drop would be considered a botch. He was talking to his tag partner about what he was going to do.

    • oldsk

      Gotta agree with you there. I actually like it when tag teams call to each other at it makes more sense. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards to it well and makes it seem more real.

    • Guest

      Calling a spot isn’t considered a botch but if you do it and we can hear you there’s something wrong

  • Gruntt

    I feel so bad for Ziggler, he tried as hard as he could to salvage the match.

    Also, that tag match was a disaster as well, WHO SAVES SOMEONE IN AN ELIMINATION CHAMBER?!

  • Codster9

    Remember when Cena was on Futurama?

  • Catherine Bouey

    “You may disagree on other teams stopping other teams pin-fall attempts
    in elimination matches, but it literally makes no sense so I stand by

    If it’s an elimination style match yep it makes no sense.

  • Catherine Bouey

    “Codster9 for suggesting Randall from Recess because I don’t know anybody called Randall”.

    Other than Randy Orton or as Punk kept calling him “Randall”.

  • Dean Andrews

    This is a boring ‘test’ comment. Just ignore it.

  • MPT

    Elimination Chamber was an amazing PPV. It does make sense for teams stopping other teams’ pinfall attempts because the best strategy is to wear out your opponents through a long period of time by having them fight each other to exhaustion, and then you go in for the win. Same thing for other elimination matches. The IC Title Match was amazing regardless of the fuck-ups.

    • Hassan

      I really hope, for my own sanity, you sir are joking

      • MPT

        Actually no because you had Rollins VS Ambrose, Owens VS Cena, six amazing tag teams duking it out with each other, and a nice IC title match. They could’ve added Stardust instead of Mark Henry, but there are high hopes for the IC title for the first time in a long time; same thing with the tag titles. Plus you had Neville in there.

    • Beige Lunatics

      No, the best strategy is to let everyone else fight while you stand in the corner taunting until you earn a finisher.

  • I loved Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy growing up. How did I not suggest that intro?
    Are you featuring Paige moreso because she mentioned Botchamania in a (unaired) part of a Smackdown promo?

  • JD

    That IC title match was WCW worthy.

    • Dickbutt

      Nah, it needed more RoboCop.

  • bauchmann

    the “I’ll drop an ellbow on him” could well have been not a botch.

    If they (in kayfabe) decide to team with each other in this cruel elimination match, combine forces to eliminate a third, of course he would tell him to drop the third and that he would then ellbow him. He has then the heel/face choice of ellbowing either of the 2 because they will both be on the mat.

    • Senna Asad

      Cesaro and Kidd are on the same team.
      But yeah…Tag-Teams telling each other what they will do is the good kind of spot-calling.

  • Lucas Ash

    To be fair, it made sense for Tyson to call his spot because he’s communicating with his partner

  • Samurai Jock

    Awesome to see that Ziggler is utilizing his Spirit Squad cheerleading skills for the IC Title Elimination Chamber. God that match was horrendous

  • Samurai Jock

    It’s awesome to se that Ziggler is utilizing his Spirit Squad Cheerleading skills in that god-awful IC Elimination Chamber match

  • Placid_Snake

    You know, I never really got what people find so great about Dolph Ziggler as he always seemed very dull to me, but I’ve got to say he’s earned a bit of my respect for being the only one in that match who acted like an actual professional and desperately try to save the match, or at least put together something that could have a proper finish.

    Not sure what the problem is with breaking fall attempts on your partner in an elimination match though. Wouldn’t it make sense to want someone who’s on your side to stay as long as possible so you have someone watching your back? And wouldn’t you rather face someone friendly at the end rather than someone who has no reason to not shatter you in pieces?

    Plus, from a kayfabe point of view, it would be awkward in the locker room after the match if you just let your friend get eliminated. “Hey, by the way, thanks for standing there and watching as I got myself eliminated asshole, glad we’re a team”.

    All in all, seems to me like it’d make a lot LESS sense not to make the save.

    • Doklim

      Except the botches are that they kept saving members of OTHER teams.

  • Each time someone evokes the memory of Jim Ross, J.R. should appear in a cloud of smoke behind that person, stare at the person for a few seconds, then retreat into the cloud.

  • Gunnar Schachtner

    This just goes to show how awesome Ziggler is, and how much he deserves more respect in the business.

  • Jobbergirl1985

    What was the song playing when Tamina was being horrendous…

  • Jeff

    The Spinal Tap bit at the end is brilliant

  • spoderman

    maybe could use these in ur vids (i have no association just think they’re awesome)

  • Drew Davies

    which botchamania had the steel asylum full metal jacket ending?

  • Drew Davies

    can anyone link me to the botchamania ending with homicide and the steel asylum full metal jacket?