YOUR BOYS ARE BACK! Part 2 of the X7 Saga with WWF No Way Out 2001!

Featuring the WHOPPER 3 Stages of Hell match, “Right to Nudity” Stacy Carter, 2 Chyna book reviews and a Brucie Bonus XFL segment!

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Special Thanks To:

Allison Pregler/Obscurus Lupa for the Ad Break Questionarium!

Click here to watch her Thunder in Paradise review, jack!

DayDreamFigures for the amazing action figure title cards

Joe Locastro & Vince Russo for the intro

Trimoon for the titantrons & Wrestling is Awesome segment

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  • Muchawlucha

    The Rocky intro made me realize something. Dwayne is Rocky and Foley is Mickey in the WWE world. Ron Simmons would be Apollo, Triple H would be Ivan Drago, and Austin is an albino Clubber Lang who treated Debra the same way Rocky treated the cows at the meat locker.

    Bart Gunn would be Tommy. I had to make that fucking joke.

  • Muchawlucha

    Also, what’s with the XFL review in the middle of the video?

  • Gruntt

    That Steph/Trish match was just filled with every Diva’s spot

    -Hair pulling
    -Double KO outside the ring
    -Mudhole stomping
    -Angry referee
    And best of all…

    -Hungry bum

    • Gruntt

      Also, conversation of the century goes to Jerry and Jim Ross

      “Did you put that under there?!”
      “Don’t be a dumbass, I didn’t put that under there!”

  • Ben Rankmore

    Great commentary as always. Really enjoyed having the video as well!!

  • Fredrick

    First time watching one of these, absolutely love it.

  • Shake

    First time watching, effin love it.