The contract reads…SHANE McMahon! Part 3 of the X7 Saga with the last ever WCW Nitro!

Featuring the historic Simulcast, where Vince & Shane McMahon appear on WWF RAW and WCW Nitro at the same time!

FYI Part 4 is the go-home RAW before X7 and Part 5 is WrestleMania X7!

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Special Thanks To:

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Brad @DayDreamFigures for the amazing placecards

Bryan @WCWworldwide for sweet WCW info/photos

Kenny & Harley Wootton @Zeomne for the Bizkitty theme song

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  • Gruntt

    Christ, I never knew Moore and Wang Yang were in WCW.

    • BawlsMahoney

      How old are you? They basically made a name for themselves in WCW. I’m showing my age by even asking hahahha

      • Gruntt

        Well, I knew about almost all of them, just not those two.

  • John Johnston

    The Desire video at the end of the video was brilliant. Must have taken some time and effort…like the Hulk Hogan to Hollywood Hogan Legdrop transition shot was really well done. Awesome job TriMoon!

    • rossthebassist

      the leg drop transition was phenomenal lol. Loved that video.

  • raVen

    very entertaining. it’s funny how wcw has the rep as the worst backstage ever but when you look at what wwe did with fresh new wcw talents and what they are still doing today…..

  • Shake

    Vince popping up out of nowhere and doing something inconsequential needs to be a thing

  • Martin

    WCW was bought for 6 mil, and the had other offers (for more paper), but a former WWE exec was working in aol/tw and brokered the deal

  • Umbro

    Where can I find those Mean Gene interview bloopers? There’s nothing on youtube except for his more classic interviews.

    • Dustin Ball

      you can see some of them on wwe too hot for tv on the wwe network or download the show

  • name name009969

    does someone know from what video game comes the scene at 4:44?

  • Vince botched that promo pretty quickly by saying Raw was being aired on TNN and then TNN – Turner Network Television.

  • fpshooterful

    DAM.. didn’t realized Vince bought WCW for 2million dollars?! Y2J was not joking when he said in this interview that he could even could have bought WCW.