Now with 100% less Hulk Hogan, it’s Botchamania 281: Prometheus & Bob Holly


LAUNCHER OCTOPULD STAGE by Setsuo Yamamoto (Mega Man X)

Level 1 Boss by Nathan McCree (Asterix and the Great Rescue)

Credits by Grant Kirkhope (Perfect Dark)

Funny Angry by Kazuo Hanzawa, Jun Irie, Hideki Matsutake (Dynamite Headdy)

The Odd Couple Theme by Neal Hefti

The Poets 1 by Motohiro Kawashima (Streets of Rage 3)

Thanks To…

RoleplayHumor for the Minecraft intro

@TallShowSW and @Brindmeister for pointing out the 2013 graphics. Good eyes, guys.

Pointless as a broken pencil it’s Botchamania 282: CJ Parker & Recreations


Star City by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Storyline by Tommy Tallarico, Donald S. Griffin (Aladdin, Mega Drive)

Stage 03 by David Wise (Beetlejuice, NES)

Thanks To…

The great Beaver Boys for the fabulous intro

Giancarlo Dittamo for the Jake The Snake Porta Potty incident.

That nice guy on twitter whose name I lost for the Summer Rae clip and match.

@thesixthchild for the STELLA ending. He used to type for so go him.

Martin Croser for the now-topically incorrect Havok ending.

eimoyano for Prokane and Prokane accessories

Jermaine de la Motte for the Owens’ Troll

Jonathan Palmer for CHOICES

Tonny Benne for Zoidberg (he suggested it, I made it)

Wrestling Memes for the GOT spoiler fest

  • Gruntt

    Christ, that had to hurt like hell when Nick Gage nearly split himself in half on the stage

  • raVen

    that flairs forehead ending…. just pure genius

  • Rheumi

    The GoT Ending was nice.
    But could also be a bit different: First show Zombie-Cena rising hands. Than the zombies falling down the cliff. With all the wrestler names Cena is was burying. Rusev, Riley, Reeks and so on….;)

    Maybe 4 next Botchamania? 😉

  • Fernando Beast

    Where is JL calling Sasha Banks of Sasha Grey !? that was hilarious

  • HardFartVictory

    figurin paige is fixin to get her own “talks too much” bit

  • Ric Flair’s forehead? I was thinking Charlotte’s period..

  • Bhazor

    “For [Benoit]’s sake”

  • Pavel Vladu

    LOL…the Botchamania 282`s final was epic!!

  • CMManson

    foley knocking himself out hahahaha

  • Catherine Bouey

    More late than a 15 minute overrun of Monday Night Raw it’s Botchamania 281 & 282: I Don’t Have a Good Subtitle :S

  • ColeYote

    Wait, the Kofi/Fandango ref thought *that* was worth a shoot DQ?

    • Placid_Snake

      WWE refs aren’t told the finish and are instructed to referee as if matches were legit. At least for most matches.

  • Amal Iel

    love the E-40 ending.
    Star wars? Nope.
    Yoda? Yup!

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    God dang I love me some Diddy Kong Racing music. Maffew is 23-0 at Wrestmania

  • Allan Sko

    Dear Maffew,

    a) Thank you for what you do. I look forward to each installment
    b) Thanks for changing the Talks Too Much intro back. That other one was wrong
    c) May I respectfully suggest for gag purposes that when Hogan pops up on the Smackdown intro, there is either a big CENSORED bar put over him or, to continue with the WWE canon, blur it out like they do with the WWF logo for old vids.

    Love your work.

  • MPT

    Botchamania 281:

    I didn’t get the milk a cow part; where is it from? Where is the footage
    for the first ending from? I don’t get the random placement of the
    David Flair/Stacy Keibler pic in the second one

    Botchamania 282:

    Didn’t get the HURRR screencap or the second and fifth endings

    • Placid_Snake

      In the actual movie, there is a quick shot of two creepy twin girls. I imagine that the creator of that ending thought it didn’t quite work with the joke and didn’t want to awkwardly cut the footage either so they replaced the shot with a picture of David and Stacy.

  • Shaun

    YAY! The HBK/Taker Talk too much intro is BACK! THANKS MAFFEW!