Lucha Underground’s over but let’s cheer ourselves up with Botchamania 284: It Takes a Nation of Domination to Hold Us Back.


Relight my Fire by Shigeki Sako (Outrun 2019)

Cloud Cuckooland by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Tooie)

Thanks To…

The great Pastor William Eaver for the fabulous intro

@Profsomething for the instagram of Barrett falling over in ”Auustraayylia”

@VLPhotography2 for the photos of the briefcase

Rw Jc for the video of the fans getting thrown out

  • vern

    Too Many Cooks ending: 10/10.

    • Bhazor

      By the time the jingle repeated for the third time I had completely lost it.

    • Exy

      It really puts the last 10 years of WWE into perspective.

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    Botch Maffew Botch, Botch Maffew Botch!

  • raVen

    saw the “tahnks for watching” n then saw how much time was left on the time bar and was like wtf??? then the cena/orton vid started and it all made sense

  • Fullname J Warrington

    When I saw the timecode at the beginning of the TMC ending, I was like “alright, here we go..”

  • Catherine Bouey

    Et tu Sabu?

  • MPT

    Where was the audio from for the first, second, and third endings?

    • Joseph Klemm

      1. Blazing Saddles
      2. The Wizard
      3. Donkey Kong 64

  • nick.fury

    Watching stuff on the network and they always edit “Look at the adjective.”

  • Zafizi Zaen

    is that Ricochet behind teddy hart?

    • Marcus Sewell (Colossuskiddx)


    • MisterForth

      Ricochet and JT Dunn from what it looks like.

  • dkinpa

    Too Many Cooks ending was perfect. SO perfect.

  • Bhazor

    Who blows smoke at a cat?

    • Catherine Bouey

      What you’ve never tried blowing on a pussy?

  • Gruntt

    That TMC ending nearly killed me damn it.

  • ColeYote

    “Lucha Underground’s over”

    Wait, what? How is this the first I’m hearing of-
    Oh, the *season* is over. Sorry, I thought you meant the entire promotion.

  • I believe in TheBilleaver.

  • ColeYote

    Oh, it’s not Botchamania unless there’s a hardcore promotion that can barely sell out a front yard.

    Also, TIL Teddy Hart is an asshole to cats.

  • Chewie Armstrong

    I knew there was a reason why Teddy Hart is my least favorite Hart! Somebody call PETA!

  • Matt Valentino

    That Cats high af

  • Andrew M

    Never hated Teddy Hart as much as when i saw him blowing that fucking shit into the cat’s face.. hate people that do that shit

  • Professor Doritos de Fritoslay

    First episode of Botchamania I ALMOST turned off in disgust… Who is that ass who blew smoke into that cats face?

    • Chewie Armstrong

      Teddy Hart. He is the grandson of Stu Hart, and nephew of Bret and Owen Hart.

  • Sosa Chamberlin (Nardwuar)

    two things Teddy Hart loves the most in life…his drugs&kitty.

  • asjknasd

    right when I saw him with that blunt I’m like hes gonna blow smoke in its face.
    Yep was right

  • Zanon

    Am I the only one who misheard the guy singing “Too many cocks” whenever he tried to put some emphasys on the vowel?

    • Zanon

      That and “Too many crooks” when both sang together. She was the only one saying “cooks” clearly.

  • Fred Rumig

    Where is the Hall/HBK shoot from?

  • JerkFace84

    Who’s the asshole that’s torturing the cat?