Botchamania 287: Roddy Piper at the Gates of Dawn is recommended for all wrestling fans. Even the ones that chant ”We Are Awesome” at themselves.


Heggy’s Egg Shed by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Tooie)

Boss Battle by Jake Kaufman (DuckTales: Remastered)

Darkmoon Caverns by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks To…

Josh Shooter & JXT for the fabulous intro. Cheers fellas!

The Invasion Podcast for the big wad of cash. Cheers fellas!

JKL Network for the Dean Ambrose fan footage. I think they’re the ones that shot it, sorry if this isn’t true.

chris op & WWEHampton for the Owens/Cena footage

wrestlerx and half of Squared Circle for the Bob’s Burgers ending

Codster9 for the Zoidberg ending

and I take full blame for the other endings, including the Snuka one.

Thanks to Alex Ewing for the idea.

  • Christ J

    The Zoidberg ending was good, the Bob and Tina one was better, and the Snuka one was as dark as the League of Gentlemen performing Doctor Strangelove in a cave, at midnight. On Pluto.

  • MPT

    Who’s that guy next to Salty at 2:51? Where’s that video clip from at 10:20? How about those for the first and second endings?

    • Autrach Sejanoz

      The first ending is from The Simpsons (which, apparently, you’ve never watched), and the second ending is from Drawn Together.

    • Cody_Curry

      I’m not telling you, Kappa.

  • Adrian

    Really enjoy that “Bad News” stuff. You should do it on every possible occasion.

  • Gruntt

    Thanks to the comedy styles of Maffew and the assist of Bad News- Er, King Barrett… I’ve got more soda on the floor than I originally had in my mouth.

  • Gustavo

    I will NEVER get tired of the Barrett “Now later on tonight we have a huge main event match, it´s gonna be filled with action and star power, but I´m afraid I´ve got some BAD NEWS!!! You see, in the meantime, we´re gonna make you all suffer through one of the worst matches in WWE history” sequence. It´s just gold whenever it´s used.

  • Booty Tea

    That Snuka ending had me in tears once the theme started, lawls!

  • Little Boogeyman Leg Drop

    That Bob’s Burgers ending has to be one of my all-time favorites.

  • KrustyKryptonite

    the snuka ending… tops. probably the best yet next to the hank hill satan propane.

  • Arasdra Affdss

    what’s the song on the snuka ending?

    • LennyTheTroll

      That’s Snuka’s entrance song.

  • Best4Business

    cool stuff

  • @3:35… how do you fuck that up? HOW DO YOU FUCK THAT UP?!!!!!!!!!

    • tifaxyz

      she probably got legit shook from hitting her head on the mat. which is why models shouldn’t pretend to be athletes.

  • Jeffry Int Veld

    Why did you remove all the video’s from Vimeo? That was my favorite site to watch them. 🙁

  • #heel420

    Can someone up a video of just the bob’s burgers part?

  • RockTheMullet

    Fun fact: The fan Tommaso hit with the chair was Marty DeRosa.

  • TomTS

    Why aren’t you uploading here anymore?

  • tswiftfan

    wheres the new one, 288 and 289 are on youtube, but should be here too in case they get removed.

  • tifaxyz

    Maffew always acts likes the womens’ matches are omg teh worst evar!!! there’s wimmenz in teh ring get back in the kitchen amirite guyz? XD (even tho he’s gay and should know better). omg so edgy. you really showed the status quo.