Our trips over to WCW in the past have perhaps been less than stellar, but in this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’, it’s exactly the opposite – “The Great American Bash 1996” is one of the best all-round PPVs of all time and we discuss it in full!

Featuring; a live birthday present opening, our thoughts on ‘Wrestlemania’, your suggestions for wrestler product placements, our first look at Rey Mysterio Jr., The Steiner Brothers make their long awaited return to the podcast, Kevin Sullivan paints his face, tons of batshit crazy Dusty Rhodes commentary, Adam and Paul play a game and Horsemen take on Footballers!

Plus the answers to the questions; Who exactly is El Gato? What is Scott Hall wearing? Does Dusty hate Tony? Who fluffs their promos? Who’s the best Lord? What is the pop of the night? Who has main event stubble? Which one of us would turn on the others first? And what word best sums up this show?

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