No-one reads descriptions so here’s Botchamania 292: Raymansterio Jr. Origins!


Boss Theme (Chiptune Mix) by Rom Di Prisco (Guacamelee!)

Float Islands by Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa (Kirby Super Star)

I Can’t Stand Losing You by Sting & The Police

Escape Theme by T. Sumiyama, N. Nakazato et al (Bucky O’Hare, NES)

Thanks To…

El Ligero & Liam Lazarus for the fabulous intro

Levikeiz for the ADR Simpsons ending

Jamie Cruikshanks for the TOOT TOOT Rock ending

Codster9 for Kane vs. Rollins: Gold Edition


I liked Hell In A Cell. Reigns/Wyatt was decent, the six-man tag match was fun, New Day vs. Dudleys was decent and Lesnar/Undertaker was ridiculous. Owens/Ryback was a waste of time but Charlotte/Nikki made me happy. Utter crap.

The intro to HIAC is from Hellraiser: Bloodline. It’s fairly crap, only the first two films are worth watching and the third is eeeeehhhh.

The audio from Barrett doing the hand gesture is from Bottom Live 2. It’s technically the ‘Dick-head’ gesture rather than the ‘Wanker’ gesture but I couldn’t think of any good ‘Dick-head’ audio. Make your own joke. Oh and that might not be a rude gesture elsewhere in the world, but it is in the UK. So I’ll allow it.

The video game for the CZW intro is Maniac Mansion. It’s one of the bad endings, the game’s not supposed to end with Zandig audio.

There’s four shows worth of footage in the CZW section so they’re getting better. Or the guys doing the recording and editing have stepped their game up, either/or.

And Rollins is injured, which is bad for Rollins and really, really bad for WWE.

  • Ben Parker

    Guess no mention on the Castlevania music(prior to the save the table spot) cause everyone should know it by now? haha

    The pokemon fights are amusing, but nothing will ever come close to Lesnar/Cena or Owens/Cena. Those were just too good…

    and it pains me to say something Cena oriented is good..

    • Ben Parker

      Go figure the very next comment posted after mine is asking exactly what the Castlevania music is haha

  • Bartók Nándor

    Hy, could someone please tell me the name of the music which can be heard from 6:13-6:46

    • Ben Parker

      lol, exactly what I commented on. It’s the daytime music from Castlevania 2 on NES

      • Bartók Nándor

        Thank you very much 🙂

        • pootietang

          The only reason I know it: look up “MC Chris- Simons Quest” on youtube.


    That Charlotte/Nikki match was one of the worst of the year.

    • TruthidyTruth.truth

      It’s a “divas movement”, sadly it’s not going anywhere. the wwe wants to jump in on the feminist bandwagon. The matches don’t have to be good…. because women are equal? lol.

      And as long as Ric Flair is a friend of wwe, and they can capitalize on the mummy of wrestling, Charlotte and her scary manface will get a push. I mean, is her whole character that her father was good?

      • Catherine Bouey

        There is no “feminist bandwagon”.

  • Wow, that Nikki/Charlotte match was bad. In fact, having the refs feed instructions and hearing it is now becoming a problem along with those replays during the matches. WWE is just becoming a fucking trainwreck.

    • PC Ruins America

      Women aren’t good wrestlers. There are maybe 5 good ones ever. Feminism will force them down your throat though because wwe is trying anything they can to help sagging ratings…. kinda mirrors society right now. You don’t need to do things well, you just need to be PC and have diversity.

      Diversity fucking sucks.

      • PC…. well, fuck that shit.

        • Catherine Bouey

          Having women wrestlers has nothing to do with “political correctness” and despite what he believes there’s nothing wrong with diversity.

          • Hey, I have no qualms with women wrestling. I’m just tired of this political correctness bullshit that’s been looming around.

          • Catherine Bouey

            Not being able to say or do specific things in the wrestling business hurts no one.

          • Except those who bust their ass waiting for a break and having to see some red-headed cum-dumpster who is getting a push to win the NXT Women’s Championship when she can’t even wrestle, sell, talk, or do anything right.

          • Catherine Bouey

            What does that have to do with political correctness in wrestling though?

            Also pushing someone who’s either not very skilled or not exactly beloved by fans towards a major title isn’t uncommon phenomena in the sport of wrestling much less WWE.

          • True but considering how hot NXT is, who wouldn’t be upset over some cum-bucket who forgets to kick out as their women’s champ?

          • Catherine Bouey

            I’m guessing people who either don’t watch NXT, Don’t hate Eva Marie, or simply don’t have any intrest in women’s wrestling for reasons.

          • So you don’t have a problem with her winning the NXT women’s title after the fact that women like Bayley, Charlotte, Paige, and Sasha Banks actually gave hope to women who want to make it in the business through hard work? OK, fine then. You’re a cunt.

          • Catherine Bouey

            Yeah because me not referring to her as “talentless cum bucket” is me supporting her “speculative” reign as champion.

            I may be cunt but I’d rather be a chill and knowledgeable cunt who doesn’t get mad at wrestlers they don’t like being rumored to win titles that have no value or importance simply bunch of potential has-been won it before her.

            Like what was the point you were trying to make with your post other than showing how whiny, sexist, & stupid you are?

          • At least I’m not getting fucked by this guy or that guy, or be put into an incest angle with my father.

          • Catherine Bouey

            Presumptions, presumptions, and complaining about angles that never happened?

      • Catherine Bouey

        Women aren’t good wrestlers?………that’s as about as well educated of a comment as saying America won World War 2.

      • who what huh

        There’s at least that many good women’s wrestlers in the company right now, but I guess a guy whining about “PC!1!” is too busy watching Fox News or Alex Jones or something to watch NXT.

  • MPT

    That Charlotte/Nikki match was awesome

  • tony

    that Rollins/Kane Pokemon ending went on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • StarWarsVIITheGonkAwakens

      Kinda like the match… It’s a fucking shame Seth is out for the time being since he literally did everything he could to cover Kane’s lumbering ass that entire time, couldn’t sell for shit and was slower than Andre’s skeleton.

  • Philippe

    I read the descriptions.*sniff*

  • LennyTheTroll

    Say what you want about the Hellraiser movies, but I can listen to Doug Bradley talk all day.

  • Catherine Bouey

    I don’t see Rollins being injured being too bad for Rollins especially since they were booking him like dogshit these last few months. The Heard It Through The Grapevine and Pokemon endings were hilarious though.

  • CydoniaKnight

    The Pokémon battles are awesome…

  • Gruntt

    Is it bad I enjoyed the Dudley Boyz back in their primetime more than now? Sometimes their matches are decent, and sometimes I just switch to another channel for about 15 minutes. The match against TND was alright, but it could have gone smoother. But they did pull one of the best spots of the night during the match.

  • tony

    I laughed REAL REAL hard at that Police clip, WELL done Maffew

  • Hyde

    poke-wrestling xD

  • Approaching 300 and still fucking fresh as ever, great job Maffew. I sure hope Taz approved the clip of him being in this though.

  • Rex Mcolon

    how the fuck does this guy hear the talking.. holy shit even sometimes i rewatch the match and i still dont hear it.. crazy

  • MisterForth

    Given how little Nikki sold during her reign, I have no sympy that her offense was no-sold.
    Love the endings. Hope there’s one of Taker tombstoning Mad Ox.

  • tifaxyz

    Umm most wrestlers rope break the figure four even if they reverse the pressure. not sure if srs or just hates women too much to care.

  • Weirdo

    I simply can`t tell wether taz is black or caucasian, it doesn`t matter,but i`m curious.