Ron… Ron… don’t worry about it, we’ve got this great idea for you – how do you look in baby blue? Or a tinfoil helmet? In this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we take a look at some weekly television from both the WWF and WCW in late July 1996.

Featuring; your suggestions for wrestlers birthday presents, the television debut of Farooq Asad – along with a ton of other characters, as we meet The Goon, Freddie Joe Floyd, Glacier, Mike Enos, High Voltage and Super Scrivens for the first time, Jerry Lawler rips on Jake Roberts some more, a ton of guest commentators, Scotty Riggs gets murdered, Bob Backlund is still campaigning in the crowd, Sunny covered in cake and A STEINER SCREWDRIVER!

Plus the answers to the questions; what are the 7 words you can’t say on television? Why does Adam hate Hacksaw Jim Duggan so much? Which is better – Dookie or Smash? What else can Ric Flair do to drive Randy Savage bonkers? What dessert would Adam want to cover Sunny in? What is Billy Gunn doing with his voice? And would Marty Jannetty ascend to main event status if he wore main event pants?

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