Even more the same as usual, it’s Botchamania 301: Paul London Calling!


Bubblegloop Swamp by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie)

Staff Roll by Masato Nakamura (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

Battle Win Result by Nintendo (SPLATOON)

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Thanks To…

Dave Meltzer for the fabulous intro. His mates convinced him to do it and he was very polite about it.

Eric Arvisais for C4 Viking

Alquimista Tijuana for el miss el table

i_am_the_don for Abyss table

scimonossuR for ICW clips

teneightep for the WWE2k16 commentary botch

Bodyslam Media Productions for Logan Creed

Paul Earl for Spud cage

SOME GUY for Mickie James

@KGoettsch for the AIW table KO

tri.moon for sending the raw edited footage

Jamez Wood for the blood capsule footage

littlebossman for the Burns Award idea. Actually, a shed-load of people suggested it because there’s so many Simpsons fans but he uploaded a version on Reddit so he gets the rub.

HispterKangaroo for I’M NOT A RAPPER


The ZIGGLER bit at the start is from HBO’s Oz. I’m very happy I could get that scene into the vids. Aside from that, I can think of bugger-all to type here. Oh this was going to be one-long video with Botchamania 300 but then I realised it would fuck up other people uploading these elsewhere due to the 15 minute time-limit on YouTube. Uploading elsewhere is an important part of Botchamania’s success, like tape trading. So fuck it, two videos. That’s why there’s so much misc. indy footage from 2006 in this, been saving it for a special occasion.

  • Gruntt

    The Bo Dallas supahot ending got me.

  • LennyTheTroll

    I’m curious. Maffew, do actually watch these lower level indy shows, or do people send you clips of the fuck ups?

    • Seth Rollins

      A lot of people watch indy shows, some are really fucking good. Because every match everybody is putting A+ effort and everybody is trying to have 5 star match to impress the right people. Not all indy shows are what you see on Botchamania.

  • Exy

    “I’ve been watching Botchamania for…45 years now”

    • Jay Savage

      He said he’s been watching BOTCHES for 45 years now, not Botchamania.

      • Exy

        That’s the gag

        • Jay Savage

          Ohhhh hohooo. I see wut yew did dere now.

  • MPT

    I was there for the Randy Savage guy. Where’s “I’m not a rapper” from?

  • RaphaelDeLaGhetto#PK

    Did you watch Chris Jericho carry that tag team match against New Day on RAW? Jericho is better than ever…AJ Styles ruined that match with his horrible pacing and usual gymnast spots….Jericho saved AJ from being pinned but when Jericho needed the help AJ was nowhere to be seen…AJ was probably gassed from rushing to do all of his spots…I guess AJ just HAD to get his shit in…*rolls eyes*..AJ Styles obviously has a long way to go in the WWE and I don’t blame Jericho for dropping him…Either way I bet AJ is thanking his lucky stars he gets to work a WM match with Chris Jericho…

    • Jay Savage

      Still real to you, isn’t it?

    • Shaun Jones

      lol grow up move on, either enjoy it or dont, and sorry but jericho is slow as fuck these days its only his persona that keeps him going.

  • PKisHere

    It seems like Roman Reigns doesnt wrestle somebody until they beat the Comedy Jobber Dean Ambrose first….Roman Reigns is like a boss in a video game…

    Dean Ambrose REALLY needs to hit the gym and work on his arms….He looks like a teenager (with a receding hairline) in the there with Triple H…

  • PKisHere

    Roman Reigns is just recovering from a couple of lingering injuries…The WWE wants Roman Reigns to be 100% for his WWE Title reign .Roman Reigns is going to headline a lot of WWE events after he beats Tripe H for tbe WWE Title at WM….I can’t wait for The Summer Of Reigns…

  • BobbyBudnick#PK

    The WWE should start a stable similar to The Menagerie (from TNA) and have Sami Zayn be the leader of it…Zayn can be the head carny, Balor can be his demon that crawls around like a moron, Samoa Joe could be the fat guy that is the ‘strongest man in the World’, and Kevin Owens can be the man with three breasts (that’s why he wrestles with his tshirt on)….

  • Grayson

    Why was Triple H slamming that piece of cardboard on the announcer’s table? Oh wait that wasn’t cardboard, it was Roman Reigns…

  • Sosa Chamberlin (Nardwuar)

    am i the only one that heard the little girl say “eww” when Roman bled?lol wtf

  • Dérek Ferreira

    When Steph ran away at the sound of Regal’s theme… It felt cool for some reason. Maybe it’s just me, though.

    • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

      It really fit her prissy demeanor. She was so cute back then.

  • CydoniaKnight

    It’s the second time you include Alexa Bliss’ move. But that’s not a botch… That’s how the move is supposed to be… She does a flip and lands with her knees on the opponent’s belly… Just sayin…

    • Dérek Ferreira

      But she landed with her feet on Cameron’s arm this time. That’s why it’s here. D:

  • Gustavo

    did they really take the time to edit the Steven/William Regal bit, (whatever the hell the objective was) Don´t they have more important matters to attend?

  • PearlScruggs AKA Sheltie

    Steph running JoJo style was cute.

  • RFE .

    Can we get a Garcia mania?

  • FatKraker

    Why would they edit Stephanie’s words at the end of the Austin/Regal match?

  • Stephen Crane

    God, I hope 302 has a reference to Hulk Hogan’s Gawker beatdown.

  • Jay Savage

    I’m not a rapper. I’m not a rapper.

  • Placid_Snake

    With the double pin thing, I was more surprised that they used the exact same spot on NXT. 7 years rule? More like 7 hours rule.

  • Greg

    Youtube does not have a time limit on uploads anymore.

  • Gory

    Leave it to Meltzer to put himself over in the intro 😉

  • shaowebb

    I have a gift for you botchamania. A soundtrack fittingly perfect for all the botches and fails of any particularly long series of screwups. Whether it be a 2 minute match that goes from botch to botch or just a montage of botches from a PPV its perfect.

    In the hall of the mountain king played on otamatones. Behold the sound of fail.


  • tswiftfan

    when is a new one coming? last was was march 13