Cards on the table, this isn’t a review of the WWE’s latest supershow in our usual match-by-match style. Instead, Adam and Stewart discuss their experiences in Dallas and the week’s festivities while we stick “NXT Takeover: Dallas” on in the background as Paul hadn’t seen it. It’s this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ and for the very first time we spend an entire show discussing modern wrestling as we talk “Wrestlemania 32”!

Featuring; pretty much everything you wanted us to cover, Paul takes over as host, we talk through ice hockey, Wrestlecon, Evolve, the WWE shop, Axcess, Takeover and the 2016 Hall of Fame, Horse-Riding with Mark Henry, Roman Reigns possibly gets booed, Adam does ‘that’ with his hand, Hunstanton Pier, many incorrect pronunciations of various names, everyone loves Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura, snore-gate, plenty of raw booze, Denny’s Bacon Maple Sundae, Bob Backlund takes our e-mail addresses, a stupid mushroom tattoo and Adam finds a new favourite diva.

Plus the answers to the questions; which is better – Mars or Snickers? Was the travel package good value for money? How did Adam like Hooters? Exactly how awesome is American food? Who had the best acceptance speech? Did anyone at all show up to The Ginger Man? How was ‘The Dallas of South-West England’? Did we actually get into “Wrestlemania”? What was the best match of the weekend? What is Paul’s new catchphrase? Did we meet Richard Queree? Do they sell imitation Lemsip in Dallas? How do you compare Zack Sabre Jr to Ronnie O’Sullivan? And was D’Lo Brown there?

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  • gav

    tl;dr. will there be an OSW review like last year? That was great.