Released slower than a taxi driver giving back change, it’s Botchamania 304: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spyder Nate Webb.


Pemo Pemo Kuroto by Morihiko Akiyama, Tokuhiko Uwabo (Columns III: Revenge of Columns)

You’re The Voice by John Farnham

A Small Victory by Faith No More

WWE Hall of Fame theme

Thanks To…

Flying Mike Bird for the fabulous intro

@TheRealClassic, MegaDTSX1 & codaradofor angry crowd footage

@wwebloggerdiva and @davkind76 for the Beachball footage

@dizzodyl11 for the ”if King of the Ring happened in 2016” ending

NoDQdotcom for the Breaking Bad ending

Absolutely loads of you for tweeting and FBing things during Wrestlemania weekend. I spotted most of the stuff myself but appreciate people messaging me stuff whenever something daft happened.


Yeah only two weeks after Wrestlemania! Cough. I got infected with The Black Plague that’s going around Newcastle and did virtually fuck-all for a week apart from listen to Eric The Actor clips on YouTube. It’s all somehow TNA’s fault, despite staying up until 6am for several days for Wrestlemania weekend.

Oh and the Beachball video game is Tekken 3. Not an amazing gag but it’s a fucking beachball.

  • Christ J


    • Christ J

      Sorry, everyone.

  • MPT

    The Shane/Undertaker storyline wasn’t a waste because Shane showed Vince that he was willing to sacrifice himself to make things better, and that impressed him to the point that he gave control over to Shane, so Shane still won.

    • Catherine Bouey

      It’s a waste by virtue of the fact that there was a stipulation made prior to the match that Shane would only get to run things if he won. Yet Shane’s running things in spite of losing?

      And the only thing Vince is getting out of the deal is ratings that haven’t really taken off?

      • MPT

        Shane was willing to even die for an ideal and he jumped off the top of the Cell to hurt Taker, even though he missed. Despite that, he still was willing to fight him and beat him, even though he lost. Despite that, his antics won Vince over to the point that he changed his mind and gave him control of the WWE. It’s called a moral victory, which is stronger than a physical victory.

        • Catherine Bouey

          No it’s called we can’t have Taker job to Shane at Wrestlemania and lose his job as a consequence. So let’s go back on the stip. and let Shane run Raw anyway along with making some NXT call ups because our roster is depleted as fuck due to injuries and having fuck all else to do with anyone not actually injured.

          • MPT

            No it’s called let’s show that a moral victory is better than a physical victory and make things fresh with the roster by bringing in better talent and making better matches.

          • Catherine Bouey

            Yeah while contending with ratings that haven’t really increased since the change and flagging attendance numbers.

          • Pdragon

            That could have worked if that was the actual story being told. Vince wasn’t won over by Shane’s show of heart and determination, he got mad that Shane was “upstaging” him by saying goodbye the next night on Raw so he randomly decided to give him control thinking the show would instantly tank. Then the following weeks Shane was only allowed to keep control due to “overwhelming support on social media”. This has nothing to do with Vince having a change of heart or Shane winning a moral victory, it’s just bad story telling. They wanted to have Shane run Raw, but they wrote themselves into a corner by adding too many stipulations to the match with Undertaker, so they just swept the whole thing under the rug and carried on anyways. I understand what you’re trying to say, but you are making up plot points that don’t actually exist in order to try and make it make sense in your own head, and that’s just not what’s actually going down.

  • Gruntt

    I’ll never understand why WWE even bothers to edit crowd sounds. It’s not going to change the way the audience acts ffs.

    • Catherine Bouey

      Makes it look better on TV.

  • AwelCruiz

    My muting the crowd when Roman is out, it makes it look like they’re sitting on their hands instead of booing. So to WWE, it’s better if the crowd appears to show total apathy towards Roman then an actual emotional response.

  • MisterForth

    It’s Bayley.
    Also, love the Predator reference.
    P.S. Mike Ehrmantraut needs to review RAW.

  • Scott John Harrison

    I knew I had a bit of a hearing problem so I am really glad that Botchamania exists to show me what I missed while watching Wrestlemania.

  • Shake


  • pierrejeanpierre

    AT Stadium was more like EMPTY Stadium eh

  • ohhh that mike line at the end was straight down the middle on point

  • Rebel Coyote

    I was there.There was no one telling where to line up to enter. Everyone just crowd around in large area hoping its the right way to get in. I thought they are about have similar Hillsborough accident which luckily never happen. When I got in I missed Kalisto/Ryback match and divas match was starting that I watched it on the big screen of the concourse.

    I sat in the upper deck where cameras don’t show. Here what the camera did not catch from the upper deck during the main event: part of the crowd trying do the wave; few attempted make “We want Cena!” and “Die Roman Die” chant which gained small traction only die down.

  • Ulfric

    They can mute the crowd how much they want, we all know they do that kind of crap, and we’ll still boo the fuck out of Reigns.

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

    Loving that FNM part…
    I might use that for the next #MisInfotainment

  • SR_fjw98ejf983w

    I love Toy Story part lol

  • El Pinche Hombre

    My god that Toy Story bit. And kudos for Faith No More!

  • Pdragon

    I’m not a bad guy, I’m not a good guy, I AM THE TABLE!

  • Marsden

    Evidently the new Women’s Championship is not the same as the old championship. They don’t have the same lineage.

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

    I did use that FNM song for this new edition of #Misinfotainment. Enjoy!