The video series that is to wrestling what Jeff Jarrett is to gold, it’s Botchamania 305: Super Mario RPG Vice!


SAVE the World by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Red Canyon by Yumiko Kanki (F-Zero)

Boss Battle 1 by Yasunori Mitsuda (Kid Icarus Uprising)

It’s Showtime! by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Boss Theme by Rom Di Prisco (Guacamelee!)

Thanks To…

Mark Andrews for the fabulous intro

Enrique The Superfan for filming the fabulous intro

@CrazyMax46 & @Jocay19for the Lucha clip

Mark Belktron for Luger

Ian Hamilton & Lenny Leonard for pointing out and doing the ”HAI MAFFEW” bit

Andrea Malalana for Dud ending, which I managed to miss when I watched it

Jim Smallman for letting me use the PROGRESS footage

Andy PG for the Super Mario Sluggers clip

Adam Nedeff for the Road Warriors clip

Drew Cordeiro for letting me use the Beyond footage

Codster9 for the Spongebob and Staff of Raw endings


There ended up being too much Raw/Wrestlemania/NXT stuff for one vid so I did another after watching a shed-load of indie/indy stuff. At least it’s good indie/indy.

  • ballz

    love how jbl just says fuck out of no where. best part.

  • Andy Badwool

    To be fair none of the two 3-counts were on the ref. Shoulders were down for the 3 in both instances.

    • Chris Rose

      That’s the thing. Gulak and the other guy botch the finish by being too close to the ropes, so the ref is completely in the dark from that point. In the small package, maybe Gulak had his shoulder up the whole time (it didn’t look like it, maybe from the wide shot it did where it was from the other side) but the ref was on the other side, which happens a lot. If Gulak didn’t make a big deal of it and instead gone with it, and if the ref had also went with it and not give in to pressure, that would’ve been the finish and get a rematch at the next show, perhaps. But no, they keep going. So the second time, I can’t even fathom what the crowd saw, because I saw both of Gulak’s shoulders on the mat clear as daylight (I also saw the other guy’s hand go underneath his left shoulder, don’t know what he was trying to do there) but that second pin was a clear 3-count. It really wasn’t exactly the ref’s fault, more like Drew Gulak doesn’t know how to exaggerate kicking out of a pin.

  • MPT

    Where’s the Cole audio from?

  • Hey Maffew, just a suggestion here. If you’re looking for some game music to use in future Botchamanias, check out the Hotline Miami series for some tunes. I’ll shit my pants if I heard Roller Mobster play during a Roman Reigns match.

  • MisterForth

    The Simpsons reference is gold. Taker’s ending is brilliant.

  • Gruntt

    Damn near pissed myself over Taker’s ending. Took me a few seconds to actually realize what the reference was too.

  • Distemp

    At 11:29 there’s kind of a hot crotch grab.

  • RFE .

    What happened with that divas match?

  • GhosTy

    Unintentional music sync at 1:50

  • Bob Vest

    What happened to the “botchamania archive” section? IOW, after the site change, I am unable to download the episodes.

  • Martin S

    I love how the wrestlers themselves botch two pin-falls and put the blame on the ref as if it’s his fault. I would have absolutely counted to three on both instances myself. Not his fault they don’t know how to kick-out properly.

  • Placid_Snake

    Yeah, I’ve gotta agree with the people who already said that the referee didn’t do anything wrong on those botched endings. The shoulders were down for the entire duration of the count in both cases, with no rope break. What else was he supposed to do but call exactly what was going on? Not his fault that the wrestlers can’t break a pin in time.

    If he did anything wrong, it’s agree to extending the match. He should have stuck with his decision. If the wrestler threw a fit, he could have just explained to the owner that, well, there WAS a three-count. They even have it on tape.

    Honestly it feels like the guy threw the ref under the bus for his own mistakes.