Roddy Piper has come to WCW to represent nobody but himself and take down Hulk Hogan and The nWo and in this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we take a look at their titanic tussle at “Starrcade 1996”, closing out our analysis of that calendar year.

Featuring; your suggestions for ‘Fake’ gimmicks, our thoughts on ‘NXT: Takeover Respect’, Alistair Cook’s massive innings, the podcast debuts of Ultimo Dragon and Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger, we all gush over Meng, Adams idea for having both a ‘womens’ and ‘divas’ division, Damien Demento and Max Moon get a mention, we argue over Dean Malenko’s crowd reaction, vanilla midgets, Bonnie Tyler in a gas mask, more insane Dusty Rhodes commentary, Mongo cuts a promo baby and Debra’s awful, awful voice.

Plus the answers to the questions; Are concentration and focus the same thing? Who is ‘The Japanese Mercedes’? Who’s joined The nWo now? Was there ever a wrestler connected to bulls? Who is the least likely person to revive the Val Venis gimmick? How out of touch with the current product is Paul? How do you get a managers license? How many belts does Ultimo Dragon need? Who wrestled two falls with a broken neck? What’s Sting been up to? What is Baby Scrivens allergic to? And who’s your man?

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