Taking over your computer like TNA invading NXT, it’s Botchamania 307: From Russia With Angelina Love!


Area 3 by Naoki Kodaka (Blaster Master)

Tentacular Circus by Nintendo (Splatoon)

Yoru no Nikusyokujyu by AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane (Contra Hard Corps)

Thanks To…

The New Nation for the fabulous intro

Eric Arvisais for C4

Raymond Wong for the 4 way ladder

Mark Johnston for Hoodslam

Will Crenshaw for abyss table not breaking

Talcondo Rorancum for Kevin Sullivan corpsing

Sexy Is Darius for the shockmaster Styles

Duke Morris for George Carlin. That’s a real WWE advert btw

  • Tobaaarr

    Love the fact that you acknowledge that you don’t have any idea of who’s Dash and who’s Dawson, ’cause I don’t either. That TNA botch will haunt me forever.

  • Ted

    Despite that botch Shelly Martinez is still hot.

    • Lee Dellbridge

      Absolutely and can take a joke – when I mentioned about the finish and couldn’t tna just have redone it she replied with lots of laughter emoji

      • Ted

        Really thats pretty cool, nice that she can laugh at something like that.

      • Catherine Bouey

        She couldn’t do anything but laugh considering it was a mess up on her part. (And whoever thought that ending and match should’ve been shown on TV despite being taped in advance).

  • Smacktalker Skywalker

    Now imagine if Shelly Martinez was booked against Jenna Morasca. That would fill up a whole episode.

  • Glenn Smith

    Best ending ever Monty Python is Life

  • Mr A

    Shelley Martinez can’t wrestle for toffee. But man, she be fine!

  • Wise & Wicked

    Best one in a while, Maffew.

  • Gruntt

    That last ending.
    I know what we’re all thinking.
    Anyone got those exact specs? Like, the measurement of flaccid to hard? No homo, just really, really, really, disturbingly curious.

  • MPT

    Where’s the OMGGGGGGG clip from during Shelley Martinez? Where’s the vid from in the first ending? Is that Stewie’s voice in the second ending? Where’s the Batista’s dick audio from?

    • John Mercon

      The “Oh my Gooooooooood” clip is from Trolls 2 and the second ending is Mr. Burns.

  • MisterForth

    Not sure if this is the same match from the Bret DVD, but has the referee telling Bret and DiBiase to go home been included.

  • Ulfric

    Bah Gawd, that TNA Knockouts match…it was an entire botch.

  • David Coates

    I can’t seem to figure out who or what fucked up during that Jarrett dropkick. Was it too late? Did something happen that I didn’t notice?

    • Placid_Snake

      I think the camera angle covers it but it seems to me like the guy receiving it was too far when he sold the dropkick, making it obvious to the live audience that it didn’t connect despite the guy selling it like it did.

      • David Coates

        Funny, I was at a NXT house show in Portland last weekend and Jordan and Asuka had some dropkicks and kicks that were much farther off on their timing. Still a great show. I kept debating whether to record in case I catch anything for botchamania but I decided to just enjoy the show.

  • Christ J

    Unrelated note: here’s what 8-bit themes sound like when a good composer gets their hands on them


  • Jay Savage

    I actually checked to see if the video was buffering at 13:16.

    Can anyone explain to me the whole corpsing bit? That’s new to me.

    • Ron Ankrah

      Back in 1999 on Nitro, there was this segment where Macho Man angrily confronted Torrie and Gorgeous George. While Mach was yelling, Torrie was laughing and he slapped her back into seriousness. So when any wrestler is laughing in an unintentionally funny moment(corpsing/breaking fourth wall), Macho is sent to slap them back into character!

      • Jay Savage

        Ha! Nice. Thanks!

  • JD Laine

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sHHVjkIHX4, minute 8:07 Jericho: “You will regret it that you came back!” Edge: “No Chris you will regret that I came back [oh wait I effed up]!”
    You need to put this hilarious segment in one of your episodes.

    • Placid_Snake

      Is there something I’m missing? I’m not sure the botch is.

      • JD Laine

        Because the case here is that Chris meant that he wanted to finish Edge’s career while he didn’t say anything about wanting Edge to be back so he couldn’t help it that Edge was back at that time.

  • Placid_Snake

    Well at least it looks like there’s a good atmosphere among the WWE women.

  • Placid_Snake

    Well at least it looks like there’s a good atmosphere among the WWE women.