As fun as getting a lift from Jon Jones it’s Botchamania 310: Ernest Miller’s Crossing!


Enemy Approaching by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Magnetic Beats by Ramiro Vaca (Rock’n Roll, C64)

Introduction 3 (Iggy) by Capcom (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future)

Thanks To…

Jimmy Havoc for the fabulous shitting intro. It was his idea and I’m not going to argue.

Pospac for the reverse 3D thing

AJUniverse for Owens USA

Lucha de Titanes for Nube Oscura vs Dr. Calambre

Guy from ZandigFans for Volador vs Flamita

Mark Johnston for Beachslam

#13Edeo13 for the unfortunate table dive

manateebee for the Future Stars of Wrestling

Olibacon for the CZW anime intro. Think it’s Persona.

Brian Myers’ Developmentally Speaking for the Gallows clip.

Eduardo Gonzalez



Let’s All Laugh At The Hardys

The Hardys are wrestling at TNA’s next real PPV and they were apparently left alone to film their own video to hype it. Opinion is split on whether or not it’s supposed to be trying to be one of the worst segments (in terms of production, audio and everything else) in the history of wrestling. One side argues ”it’s so bad they have to be in on it, nobody can make something that bad and not know” and the other argues ”if that’s the case, how the fuck is that supposed to sell tickets?”

Make up your own mind, but I think everyone’s in agreement: It’s a must-see.

Included in the video is the full ”Director’s Cut” (their words, not mind) from TNA’s YouTube, EC3 and other TNA wrestlers’ own parody of it and some silly endings.

Thanks To…

Kenady16, SenorLariato & Wrestling Memes for the endings and suggestions.

Warning: I’m not to be blamed for shouting ”BROTHER NEROOOO” all day after watching this video.

  • TheReverendPuck

    Those last two endings on Botchamania #310, golden!

    • Agreed. So did Asuka kill Nia?

      • TheReverendPuck

        Nia still draws breath.

        • I heard Asuka won. BTW, what about…. allbotcheverything? Is she still around? I haven’t watched WWE programming for more than a year now.

          • Ulfric

            Yep, Asuka won. And luckily I haven’t seen allbotcheverything in quite a while.

  • tony

    when Homer melted backward into the Cornette Face bushes, I LOST it….well done

  • Why would you want to watch grody Canadian animation on top of a steel cage?

  • MPT

    Where’s the clip at 13:58 from?

  • Hepatitis O’Neil

    Lmao at Brie Mode. Well done!!

  • Philippe

    Lol @ EC3’s parody of the Hardy’s vid!

  • No Shelley Martinez? I has a sad.

  • Pearl Evangelist Sheltie

    God I wanna marry Asuka.

  • Diego Tejada Espinal

    That Brie Mode ending killed me..

  • Ulfric

    Dat Brie Mode fatality…it killed me as well

  • Dude McGuy

    Spotting a botch in portugese is just a different level

  • Ted

    That honking rock with sound of da police is genius, I have never seen the Hardy video until now and i have no words on how bad it is and not in it’s bad its good thing its just bad.

    • MisterForth

      I never tire of hearing “WHAT THE HAYL IS WRONG WITH YOU’!

  • Catherine Bouey

    Yay I can see the “let’s laugh at the Hardy’s” video that I couldn’t watch on Maffew’s dailymotion account due to needing a password :p

  • Rollo

    The tune from Rock N Roll is High Times not Magnetic Beats.
    Sweet song anyway. And as allvays, great job Maffew!
    Thank you for the entertinment!

  • T7wog

    Where is Randy Orton?



  • Tex S. Rattlesnake

    Well, the Hardy’s have finally disappeared up their own arses. And what’s with Matt’s voice? Is he deliberately trying to put on the worst accent since Booker T went african?

  • ColeYote

    Kevin Owens is amazing.

  • Does somebody knows the name of the song in the ENDING of Elias and Finn? Thanks!

  • Marsden

    That bit with The Rock is just the gift that keeps on giving.

  • MPT

    Funny thing is that the first parody takes place in Miami because I live here and know what it looks like

  • spicollidriver

    toot toot!

  • Placid_Snake

    Would you count the Dean Ambrose thing as a You Talk Too Much? It seemed pretty in-character.

  • Popo

    The Persona 4 Golden segment tho