Because there’s always too much wrestling here’s another doubler header.

Botchamania 311: Speed II Cruiserweight Classic Control!


Thundersnail by Toby Fox (Undertale)

DK Island Swing – Donkey Kong Country by SiIvaGunner

In-Game BGM by Jonathan Dunn (RoboCop , C64)

Thanks To…

Joey Janela for the fabulous intro. He’s been on every wrestling show in America so he might as well be in this one too.

Jim Smallman’s TUESDAY NIGHT JAW podcast, which you can find on iTunes.

Trewman316 for the Rick James Flair ending

CoolmamX5 for the GET FUCKED suggestion

LukeBC for the Overwatch ending. I don’t play it so I hope it works.

P_Android420 for Cena/AJ

And loads of people for the R.Kelly ignition ending.

Botchamania 312: Hitman Blood Money In The Bank!


Military on the Max-Power by Kazuo Hanzawa (Gunstar Heroes)

Easy Ride by Shinobu Amayake (Stunt Race FX)

Dungeon Theme by Akito Nakatsuka (Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link)

Thanks To…

Lio Rush/Titus’ son for the fabulous intro

Kevin Ford for the Hero/Claudio clip

Kid Cross for ”geno se viande”

WWESaltLakeCity for Deano taking flight

Loads of people for Omega vs. Japanese Table

Loads more other people who suggested the Simpsons/Owens mash-up

FightingAlex for that dance dance game for the Wii

Codster9 for pokefighting

And half of Twitter for the jokes/puns/MS paint jobs for the Roman bit, including Rob_FDavies, midlod, Matthew Murray, SamMcIntosh, Urizen, BeltFanDan, JBarksley and MelissaJNeal. Also Glenn Smith for suggesting the idea in the first place. I already did a similar thing with Cena at One Night Stand so I decided to do one of those endings where I’m half making a point and half as bad as the exploitative jokes I included.

  • Catherine Bouey

    To be fair to R-Truth though he added Goldust and their tag name into his entrance theme so it might as well be called remix addition.

    Also I know it might be too soon but any chance of 313 title referencing Reign’s suspension with your fellow Brits voting to leave the EU as
    Botchamania 313: Roman’s Re-exitπŸ˜—

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      ”To be fair to R-Truth though he added Goldust and their tag name into his entrance theme so it might as well be called remix addition.” urghhh fuck you’re probably right there.

      Shite! Sorry!

      • john

        I would like to extend this apology to R-truth on behalf of Botchamania, they just didn’t get how brilliant a move that was for R-Truth. πŸ˜›

        But seriously, It to me sounds like he DID say “edition.”

        • Placid_Snake

          Yeah, it felt that way to me too, although admittedly R-Truth’s enunciation can be weird at times.

        • Zanon23

          R-Truth is that guy that sounds like he’s saying “I love cake” when he actually wants to say “Fuck you, Kate.”

      • Catherine Bouey

        Basketballs may not hold grudges but gods do make mistakes.

      • Tyler Coleman

        They changed it to ‘edition’ for tonight’s raw. Someone watches Botchamania.

  • tony

    those Pokemon endings are always long and unfunny

    • Christian Carbajosa

      I agree but this one’s great imo, plus it’s been a while. This one includes the ref, the Club, “Yes I can, moron!”, some extra factors. Otherwise yea they’re predictable.

  • Ulfric

    The Reigns ending was the best, especially after having read all of those comments on twitter these days πŸ˜€ #SHAME!

  • BuntaBaws

    Brother Nero! i knew you’d come…

    • MisterForth


  • Hepatitis O’Neil

    I liked the Overwatch ending πŸ™‚

  • A Friend In Need Is A Pest

    LOL the Roman one killed me. SHAME!

  • SheikTheGeek

    That Roman Reigns ending was perfect, lol.

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

    Could someone please insert The Rock’s sound effect into the song “C’mon N Ride It (The Train)*” – I’m that lazy or I can’t find a clear clip of that promo without a big ass watermark.
    *Not to be confused with the Bo Train, The Ho Train or Mass Transit…

  • Chad Boswell

    How about that botch about Lita being a 4-time Divas champion during the Takeover pre-show. She only held the Women’s championship.

  • Zanon23

    The Roman Reigns jokes in the end cracked me up, especially the SHIELD one. Fucking A.

  • Henry Higgins III

    “Controller Disconnected” had me laughing like a drain for far longer than it had any right to.

  • MAN, THAT SHIT IS AWESOME! Two BMs?! Fucking A, Mathew!

  • MPT

    Botchamania 311:

    Where’s the audio from at 2:47 and 5:25? Where’s the Getting Fucked from?

    Botchamania 312:

    Where’s the “Shame” audio from?

  • Gruntt

    For some odd fucking reason, the Super Saiyan theme by Bruce Falcouner played in my head at 11:55 while I was watching episode 311. Cass=Goku confirmed?

    • john

      That is exactly what I thought! XD

  • Stephen Crane

    Jeez Maffew, tell us how you really feel about Roman Reigns.

  • Ashing

    Thanks for the nod!

  • Simon

    I don’t know if you’ll ever run out, but I really hope someone does a continuing compilation of all the Rock’s “hoo hoo”s in the endings

  • Placid_Snake

    So does that mean Roman Reigns is going to blow up Madison Square Garden?

  • Zanon23

    Corey Graves’ faces = priceless.

    Also 100 is 10 times better than 10.

  • Marsden

    Perhaps they should add “this is serious business” to every “send for the man” segment? No?

  • Exy

    Dude man why didn’t you tell me I was in Botchamania?