Botchamania 317: Let It BJ Whitmer


The Long Distance of Murder by Yumiko Kanki, Naoto Ishida (F-Zero X)

The Cobra Clutch by Sgt. Slaughter & Camouflage

Bubblegloop Swamp (Interiors) – Banjo-Kazooie by SilvaGunner

Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance! by Yumiko Kanki, Naoto Ishida (F-Zero X)

Cephaloparade by Nintendo (Splatoon)

Thanks To…

WonderingMeow the fabulous intro. He paid me.

Ryan Blackwood & george from macomb for the Russians.

jumpbuttoncm for the Universal intro

pompeydj for the Brooklyn 99 ending

alphaomegasin for suggesting the Boondocks ending on twitter.

stanthedrybear for Night Court HONK HONK


The audio during Zayn talking to himself is from Tropic Thunder

The random anime is Berserk. The original, not the new one.

The facemelter song is Highlander by Lost Horizon. It’s an old meme, like all my jokes.

Botchamania 318: Super Mario BROTHER NERO


Living In America by James Brown

Level 12 The Claw! by Patrick Collins, Randy Newman, Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra and Allister Brimble (Toy Story. Mega Drive)

Green Hill Zone by Masato Nakamura (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Thanks To…

Aron Stevens a.k.a Damien Sandow for the fabulous intro

justin hullinger for the early 90s rave

jason heel walrus for the Orton/Miz ending

Ramsay El-Homossani for the Quad City HONK HONK


er I got nothing

  • MPT

    Botchamania 317

    Who’s the guy covering Renee’s face? Where did you get the tons of sex pic? Where’s the mojo audio from? I’m guessing the Al Snow audio is from the Simpsons.

    Botchamania 318
    Where’s the OMG anime from as well as the idea for the Orton/Miz ending?

    Another idea for the Honk Honk is Nelly’s Hot in Herre; you’ll get it

    • Mr. Postman

      Robbie Coltrane. The Boondocks. The Simpsons. Yes.

      I don’t know. Katy Perry interview meme.

      I get it.

    • Three Fisted Humdinger

      Anime was JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3.

  • Jumbo Shrimp

    John Cena is so fucking annoying.

    • Catherine Bouey

      So is Styles but no one’s throwing him under the bus.

      • Jumbo Shrimp

        Why do you think Styles is annoying?

        • Catherine Bouey

          His promos.

          • Jumbo Shrimp

            He’s aight, not great but I think he is a weak heel anyway.

      • Senor Pene

        turns out he’s a heel so…

        • Catherine Bouey

          Heels can be likeable Styles is decidedly not especially on the microphone.

          • Luke

            Heels aren’t supposed to be likeable darling…

          • Catherine Bouey

            Go watch a Ric Flair, Rock, Austin, CM Punk, Undertaker, Vader, Scott Steiner, Chris Jericho, Kevin Steen, Seth Rollins, Edge, a d Steve Austin match and tell their fans bad guys aren’t supposed to be likeable.

          • spicollidriver

            what kind of logic is that? them having fans doesn’t mean they were *supposed* to be likable at all.

          • Catherine Bouey

            That’s the way popularity works in wrestling dude if a guy gets over enough they can be liked even when playing a heel.

          • spicollidriver

            imo that’s not the same as them deliberately *trying* to get face reactions.

          • Catherine Bouey

            Regardless that’s how things are in this sport.

  • Neville Owens

    Lawler was calling Crews “Creed” lots a few weeks backs on Superstars. It’s such a crazy name choice, like if Cesaro had beeen called Jason Station.

    • Catherine Bouey

      Whose this Jason Station character?

      • Neville Owens

        Well, Cesaro looks a lot like Jason Statham… Station sounds like Station…

        • Catherine Bouey

          Auto correct went Marcus Cor Von on you?

    • spicollidriver

      I think oddly enough (considering it happens in one of these videos, too) a fitting existing example is Dolph Ziggler.

  • LennyOmega

    What happened to Maffew’s Twitter?

  • Nukleon

    Maffew did you delete your fuckin’ twitter?

  • HoShKiNs

    The “wanna be my lover” Yeti ending…no footage of Yeti dry humping Hulk? Shame. However, you made up for it with the Shockmaster ending.

    • spicollidriver

      idk, the Yeti ending felt too “forced” to me. The Rock’s horn however, is glorious.

  • SmellyAssCheeks

    I died at the Night Court ending

    • tony

      yeah that was truly incredible…..deserving of highest praise

      and doesn’t Bull Shannon look a LOT like Corporate Kane?!?!

  • Placid_Snake

    Yay, Damien Sandow! Shame he cut off the beard, though, I thought he really pulled it off. Certainly more so than Brian Kendrick does.

  • GJH

    Had Bobby Roode’s theme in my head all week since NXT… Waiting for the Iron Sheik outro… GLORIOUS

  • Grinder

    That “home run hit into Shockmaster debute” ending killed me. I’m still chuckling while I write this.

    • Luke

      Ditto. Spat my drink

    • Denis Moltine

      I laughed so hard in here… Problem is, 3:30 am right now…. lol

  • Somehow, I can’t see a WWE Night Court without JBL.

  • PervyFatman

    Botchamania 318: Glorious Ending and TM 61 ending where the best! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who understood that joke.

  • Filip Pejic

    Maffew botched Aaron Stevens name in the intro

  • Kevin Burton

    The Rock’s Diesel horn gets me every time they find a way to use it. Every damn time.

  • Skorp

    What rap song was that playing during the Wyatt’s vs new day part?

  • Hunter

    Back and to the left is overused and not that funny

  • Unelith

    Sami Zayn was talking to Little Jimmy! He obviously got drafted alongside R-Truth.

  • MisterForth

    317: Honky Tonk Man must really hate Cole. And the first ending was awesome.
    318: Roo is Glorious. Bryan accidentally spoiled Rusev beating Crews to death in front of @FukItUpTuk and @HornyVaginaMilk. And hat Simpsons ending was hilarious.

  • Jaso

    Sami Zayn was probably talking to the almighty Vacant

  • Sosa Chamberlin(evie pssyfart)

    im surprised PWG is still around after than incident

  • Jim Ross recently said Cena calling his matches in the ring is a lost art. Well he can still be a little bit goddamn quieter about it

  • Skorp

    So no one knew the answer to my question i take it?

    “What rap song was that playing during the Wyatt’s vs new day part?”