Botchamania 340: High Seas Jimmy Havoc

Thanks To…

Bad Bones for the fabulous intro

vanvu23 for the Joshi botch

Leroy Wyten for the clip of himself (he’s OK)

Rafael Cotto for the selfie clip

Kiss Tibi for the weird table balance

Dafnis Javier Martinez for the ring break

Anthony Douglas Sanners for One Man Crew

Alexis Pantazis for the poor guy on the ladder

Pierre Doucet for Matt Cash vs. Warhed

gurtenchlilic for the MASADA table

dave simon mma for Kevin Owens table

gaddocks for Sami Zayn table

Amanda White for the Ventura/Mr. Saito gem of a clip

Justin Hullinger for the Nia Jax Futurama ending

James Martin for NXT and Riley from 2015

Phillip Broadnax Jr. for more JoJo

Chris Fox for Googlebotch II


“K. Rool Duel” (Donkey Kong 64) by ConSoul Big Band

Grass Valley by Rob Hubbard, Matt Furniss, Shaun Hollingworth (Road Rash, SMS)


Bad Bones has done an intro before, but he’s too cool for only one. Clip is from Alien Resurrection.

Thanks to the other fan who brought a HI MAFFEW sign to Smackdown. Shame it was mostly obscured but I saw it and that’s the important thing.

I decided to gut the expansive Botchamania FaceBook DM list so I’m up-to-date. This meant going through a large amount of sent botches, hopefully none have been used before. But if they have, at least they won’t anymore. Right?

Will Ospreay requested the clip of himself fucking up, so if you go HEY MAFFEW YOU FUCKER, go bother him. All wrestlers are mad.

That tables montage is months in the making, like the BMs of old. And then that weird Jerry Lawler thing happened today so there’s even more tableage.

I love that DK64 last boss ska cover.

Pretty sure I haven’t used Dusty adjusting Nikita before. Hope not. If I did, I hope I used different audio so it’s OK.

For every two people who say ”there’s too many endings” there’s eight that say ”yay endings!”

  • peter fletcher

    That Peep Show ending is life.

  • greg quiles

    love the full metal jacket reference. don’t even have the common curiosity to give him a reach around.

  • Guy Incognito

    When did Kalisto’s “Lucha thing” join the intro? And what did it replace?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      Mike Adamle’s Jeff Harvey. Pretty recently.

      • Guy Incognito

        Cool! Any insight as to why?

        • It relates to the fact that Mike Adamle is suffering from dementia or something and he’s been going through for a very long time including the time he was in WWE. Making fun of him is just not cool.

          • Leo Grant

            No one ever made fun of him, just raked him over the coals for his mistakes (unintentional in retrospect).

          • Still, it was wrong on WWE’s part.

          • Leo Grant

            I don’t think they knew what his problems were at the time.

            So while Stephanie McMahon saying she pulled an Adamle does retrospectively look in poor taste. At the time I’m not of the mind she or anyone else knew what his health problems were.

          • Yeah but it wouldn’t surprise me that if they knew and chose to exploit him like that. After all, this is Meekmahan-land.

          • Leo Grant

            Would seem contradictory in light of them taking brain problems and mental health seriously in light of the Chris Benoit incident.

          • Guy Incognito

            I see, thanks. That’s sad to hear! Classy move from Maffew to remove it

        • MaffewOfBotchamania

          Turns out Adamle was suffering from a degenerative brain disease which makes his horrible commentary and talking less amusing.

          • Guy Incognito

            Thank you, that’s such sad news. Good on you for being a classy dude

  • LuisBarrage .

    Fucking anime and Roman Reigns endings. I can see that I didn’t miss fuck all by stoping watching wrestling.

  • Chillum

    A fat shaming joke? That’s lazy dogg.

    • GetinShape

      I bet you’re a fatty.

      • Chillum

        Nah, I just think punching down ain’t that funny.

        • Tbh have you seen him, it’s not down that he’s punching >_>

  • John Smith

    lets keep pushing the “i love black guys” joke even though its clearly not what he said, but then again maybe you just had black guys on the mind and heard what you wanted to hear.

    • Reaganomicz

      Eyes…Guys, whats the difference. Relax, guy.

  • Selfies…. you just made the list of the things that I hate about the 21st Century so far. Thank you whoever hit that asshole with the chair.

    • Emerje Dirigo

      Yep, and the guy checks his drink before he checks his phone. A little surprised he didn’t let go of either one though.

  • Keith Daniel Ritchie

    Are people complaining about too many endings!? The endings are the best part. It’s all good though.

  • tony

    Road Rash II music PLEASE…..gimme some “Tennessee Stage” music while the botches are coming in fast and loose

  • Armando Payne

    What the heck were those sheilas and dundees doing during Gogglebox? Is there a Gogglebox down in the Outback? (I only know the English ones, so seeing Strayan Gogglebox is a wee bit weird.)

    • Lee Dellbridge

      I imagine just like xfactor and other such shite that there are many goggleboxes….i liked that ending though i could watch an hour of grapplebox – tm by the way that is mine.

    • Philippe

      Yes, there’s Googlebox in Australia. The best thing ever on TV.

      • Armando Payne

        My sister agrees. (But British Gogglebox.)

  • Hero Van Wildebeest

    yay endings!

  • yay endings!

  • TheoKrause

    I recently saw ROH’s SuperCard of Honor. There are several botches of Tombstone Piledriver during the opener – Adam Cole vs Marty Scurll. There are ”botchamania” chants after those screw-ups. I believe I didn’t see these botches on Botchamania.

  • Dumbface

    The “I Love Black Guys” sign off is gonna stick, eh? Didnt expect it. Made me choke on my cereal and I am pretty sure a raisin is now in my nasal cavity. Well done!

  • will treadway

    I have been waiting to see that Dusty clip here for awhile. I originally posted it to youtube a couple of years ago. I’ve been trying to share it around as much as I can, just because it’s so fucking ridiculous. Thanks for using it.

  • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

    2:48 – I know it’s a botch, but it’s honestly a better spot than what they probably had planned. I’d like to see the table-slide utilized more often. It looks neat.