Botchamania 342: The Kane Mutiny!


Toccata by Alex Yoder (Crawl)

Scuttle Town by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

It’s Oh So Quiet by Björk

Thanks To…

The Avalanche Robert Dreissker for the fabulous intro

Arthur for the RIW match

Harry for the bad lucha

TeeHaitchGee for whateverthefuck

HandlebarOXD for ROW table

Jonathan King for the bad tables

Mister Ooh-La-La for The Table They Couldn’t Kill

craigslistescrt for the GWF footage

lots of people for the pre-aired Smackdown Live stuff that ended up online due to it being filmed in the UK and airing a while later.

Shane Kotlyar for Razor Marone

Jaromir Moravec for the bad announcer

Pro Wrestling Resurgence for Jason Roberts vs. The Ring Steps

Twitter for Bray Wyatt running

real_mastaz for the Mortal Kombat ending that made me spit water


stanthedrybear for Honk You Tonight

  • ballz

    ohh well i wet myself on the bryan and luger match it was like brock lesnar facing himself. love it and i know soon we have to pay for these so name your price.

  • greg quiles

    where do i send stuff and money 2. to support such a worthy cause of human life. botchamania needs to have merchandise and hats made i am the table. how much does this guy weigh shirts and jeezus mugs.

  • The Jerry edit was the best thing!

  • MPT

    Where’s the Oh No audio from @ 1:02? Nothing wrong with chanting CM Punk

  • Zanon23

    Okay that Honk you tonight ending was fantastic.

    • jimmeh

      When the song started, I knew where the honk was coming. But that second Rock sample, fuck.

    • tony

      I desperately want a full-length Honk You Tonight

  • TokenCommenter

    oh my god that mortal kombat ending. jesus christ. I almost broke my laptop screen from laughing

  • That INXS honk ending is classic. The Luger match is hilarious. Luger is actually a good worker but that motherfucker he was facing was shit.

  • ReinEngel


    Not even a minute into the actual show and I’m already dying.

  • Crab_Botherer

    Oh I miss Eddie so much. That pedo mustache he had was amazing.

  • Steen King Kevin

    I did not know I wanted Rhyno to powerbomb Maryse through a table this badly. Thanks Maffew!

  • motorheadbanger

    INXS and Strowman endings got me. Didn’t see either coming. Great endings all around. Keep up the great work!!

  • All of the Shantae!

  • HurricaneRyder

    At the moment Owens came out with the infobox saying thats he defeatet Jericho at Backlash, the PPV didn’t even aired, because it was 5 days before Backlash